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An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 5 P1

“Courage Beaute”




With the above words and the above images, I start my narration for the day. Those words were spoken to me as I ran this morning by a commuter. 525 more words


And win those games within the game

The line of scrimmage is one of the greatest classrooms invented to prepare you for the game of life.

Each snap – a test.

And every play  – a potentially different subject matter. 560 more words

An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 4 P1

Hurray: today is the last full day of the conference… Tomorrow is a half day of wrap ups, official closing and farewell lunch… And then am free to roam around till my flight back home at 7 pm Saturday… I will survive and hopefully thrive… 442 more words


An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 3

What’s Up

Well, all may not be so good today work/conference wise, but at least I have a good food budget for today thanks to the strenous exercise which I did this am. 824 more words


Be A Player, Not A Fan!

I recall a story that was told to me by an elderly man. He said that when fans go to see their favorite football team play but then leave early because their team is getting beat badly, they demonstrate weak will power, and a non-caring attitude. 65 more words

An Area Girl in Abidjan Day 2

I woke up on my second day in Abidjan on a left note to put it simple. I didn’t only feel over fed by none other than myself – (out of politeness to Pape my… 536 more words

Marie's Garden

Will Power

The human being is not just superior to all of God’s creations of earth, vegetation and animals; There is a wide chasm between them. We have an everlasting will power to achieve, and to do and to build. 114 more words