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This is not the garden yet, but
a beginning, seventeen years worth
work submitted to wills and whims of
climate. Mid-April and the ground
only now in view, shawls of snow… 185 more words


Come on Stage 4: When I think of the Prize, I am very prepared to pay the Price

My spiritual journey reached its climax in stage three. Stage four may seem the longest to fast from food in a stretch ie 28 days, but I am very good to go. 473 more words

Marie's Garden


It takes a great deal of bravery to face certain life events. These challenges can come in many forms and will test the courage of any individual to their very limits. 309 more words

Self Help

What is my Secret or rather Style???

I haven’t been out rightly asked this question – at least not yet, in as much as my spiritual journey cum purification is concerned. Indeed, nothing intriguing to find out about it all if fasting for 70 days (especially from food lol) were not involved in any way. 754 more words

Marie's Garden

A Tetris Fantasy

The most dependable distraction known to humanity is Tetris.  The game is timeless!  It is one of the most potent digital addictions of all time.  1,069 more words


Bubble Up (The Key to Survival)

Guys…teaching is HARD!

And this time of year, it can be very tempting to give up.  To call it quits.  To search for greener pastures. 552 more words

A grrrreeat video on defense...

I saw this gem a while back and really loved it. I think what’s taught here is so extremely fundamental and vital to defense in basketball, I thought it was only right to share it. 238 more words