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Review: Fortitude (S2 E5/10), Thursday 23rd February, Sky Atlantic

There’s a common sci-fi trope whereby the protagonists are somehow trapped in a limited area with something trying to get them – think Alien, or Village of the Damned, or Under the Dome. 718 more words


Poetry-Thing Thursday: Burdened Shoulders

The figure of an adult,
and the mind of a child:
what a pitiful waste.
What an unfortunate slight.

To have been born with a silver spoon, 133 more words


Good morning, all. It’s Wednesday and time for another weekly quote. With the new diagnosis of Syringomyelia from my neurologist, I’ve been focusing extra hard on staying strong and positive, because I’m hard-headed like that. 31 more words

Weekly Quote

Fortitude, a bird blue

In the branches of despair
Kites of damning thoughts get stuck
And so carefully in your
Chest pockets you must tuck
Fortitude a bird blue… 11 more words

How do you start your day?

Research has shown that the busiest, most successful leaders in the world don’t dive straight into work; they begin with a self-care routine to get themselves grounded. 198 more words


Review: Fortitude (S2 E4/10), Thursday 16th February, Sky Atlantic

Fortitude is a pretty grim place to live. The work is hard, the cold could kill you in minutes, and if the forces of nature aren’t enough, the local inhabitants seem to be determined to bump each other off. 596 more words

British Crime Drama

Listen to your body and nurture it to spare you some...

Dear World,

Last week I returned from work one day and suddenly felt overwhelmingly tired. The kind of tiredness I felt was far from my normal. 404 more words

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