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Pondering on Suffering


Life is Dukkha (Suffering).

 — The First Noble Truth in Buddhism.

Whenever you are suffering greatly and are unsure of your ability to make it through, consider recalling the worst moment you’ve ever personally endured within your life experience. 747 more words

Jersey | The Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels were built by slave labour during the German occupation of the Channel Islands in the Second World War.  Originally built as fortifications for Hitler’s plan to turn the Islands into an ‘impregnable fortress’, orders came in 1943 to turn the tunnels into an underground hospital (at this point in the war, the German High Command believed that an Allied assault on the French coast was imminent).  426 more words


The Fearless

 Blessed are those
who’ve been to hell and back
-barefoot, they traverse hot coals
and still stay on track
Blessed are those
who’ve been purified by fire…

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No Pressure

King Ahab was evil, more than any king of Israel before him. I’m sure that Naboth knew this when Ahab asked him to give him his vineyard (1 Kgs 21:2). 123 more words

Daily 100

Quote - Fortitude

I love this little Johnny Jump Up Viola. Every year a plant or two of this variety springs up within the confines of a crack in my front stoop. 39 more words


On This Day

February 2018 marked my Blogoversary – ten years of blogging. I recognise that I wasn’t very good in early days, but it still might be fun to look back over the years … 29 more words


Embracing Alternative Therapies and Their Role in Addiction Recovery

Engaging in addiction recovery may be the most important challenge you ever undertake. It’s vital to use the best tools available to you. Alternative methods can help you achieve success. 763 more words

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