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Memorial Day Musings

Let’s give thought to the often over-looked wars that had American casualties, like the Spanish-American War.

Even before they officially left, numerous soldiers—mostly volunteers—died in Florida at the campgrounds they gathered in before shipping off to Cuba. 169 more words


Cardinal Moral Virtues - Part 3 of 3

Father Geiermann continues his discussion of the moral virtues by elaborating upon the cardinal virtues of temperance and fortitude.

Temperance is the virtue which moderates our desires according to right reason. 354 more words



Fortitude Courage

And all else

That equates to


In spite of

In pursuit of

To reach one’s

Lord please

Bless me

With all I need… 8 more words


Trailer to My recently Published Memoir - Battered, Tattered, But Not Shattered...

Inviting you all to watch the trailer to my memoir. The book launch is in less than.30 minutes on Facebook. Looking forward in anticipation. I feel the spirit moving over and in me: I am Happy and too Blessed to be Stressed:

Marie's Garden

Be Still

When I first began this blog, I did so with much determination. With plans. With a vision. I wanted – more so, I yearned – to write. 243 more words


Cardinal Moral Virtues - Part 1 of 3

St. Bonaventure teaches: “Let prudence guide your reason, let fortitude govern your temper, let temperance govern your desires, and let justice rule all your actions.” Father Geiermann writes: “All the moral virtues are subordinated to the four principal ones which are called cardinal. 342 more words


Emotional Bodybuilding.

I listen to NPR quite a lot. I have it on in the background a lot of the time. Mostly, it’s company, and I am rather fond of classical music. 404 more words

Life Musings