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Proud African - bias society.

In the African society, men have always been favoured and celebrated as the ultimate sex. So therefore being the only apparent heirs to successes and fortune; to being leaders of everything to the extent that women could only gain chance to possess anything close to wealth, pride or glory by being a wife to them. 140 more words

Ingenuity and resourcefulness

“Risk brings out the ingenuity and resourcefulness which ensure success.”
Robert Rawls

“There are men climbing around in the top of your tree!” Darla reported with excitement when I answered the front door that morning.   547 more words

Grace and Guidance

It’s been a surreal week of reading through Fortitude’s galley (early e-version of the book.) One hundred forty days until it’s out in the world! 156 more words


Review - Fortitude (Season 1)

Fortitude is a crime thriller, sci-fi drama, and it is a surprisingly good show despite the weird mixture of genres.

The show follows the lives of the residents of the fictional Arctic town of Fortitude, after a shocking crime takes place, and how the residents are dealing with the event. 153 more words


Oh my African Traffic: If it's not the cars, it's the cows

You see the new life I chose to return to? Inshort, let me not even start winning. Those cows are herded to the far end of the main street in my neighbourhood where there’s a slaughter house. 116 more words

Marie's Garden


My head swung, something with sweat splatters across my face and I collapse against the ropes,
There must be something I can do to win this- I run back to be choked at the throat. 162 more words