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Best Place in London for Afternoon Tea

I’ve been a little bit off my regular posting schedule because we were in Europe for the past couple of weeks. But, since we got the chance to visit six countries on our trip, lots of new posts will be coming soon!  469 more words


Britain’s oldest tea merchants

I’m probably biased but I see tea as a growing worldwide market. You have new players like Australian brand T2 bringing a modern vibe to the industry, merchants steeped in tradition like Twinings or everyday brands like Yorkshire Tea. 1,115 more words


Friendly company, team lunch and free fancy things

Lots of housemates in the kitchen. And I told them about BOW.

A team lunch for Anthony’s birthday. It was a nice bonding experience.

Free Fortnum and Mason bits. 8 more words

Happy New Year from Paris

France is the only country that I know of that does not send Christmas cards as a rule but instead sends New Year’s cards.  We have the whole month of January to get the cards out.   1,065 more words


Fortnum and Mason and Harrods

Whilst in London I wanted to do a small amount of Christmas shopping, mainly just fancy chocolate!

Fortnum and Mason

So after dinner we headed to Fortnum and Mason for a wander around.  263 more words


Adieu, not Good-Bye

Heidi and I worked our way through the first and second floors of F&M (remember, what Americans call the first floor is the ground floor, and so on). 691 more words


Seeing, Really Seeing

Am I a bad, shallow person to enjoy places like Liberty so thoroughly?  Only the one percent can actually buy anything there, right?  True, although I did buy some nail varnish, as they call nail polish in Britain.  660 more words