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Secret Santa by Hunt for Design

Christmas is again upon us and we barely noticed. Well, the streets are all lit up and the shop windows are dazzling with all you need to buy, so there is a hint around there. 178 more words


How to Dine like a Gentleman or a Lady on your Remote Archaeological Expedition

In late 2014 a colleague and I went to a lecture at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, England on what can only be called “How to live like a gentleman whilst exploring the remotest corners of the world.” The talk was by the archivist from Fortnum and Mason’s, the elite London store catering to the culinary needs and wishes of aristocrats, gentlemen, and ladies the world over. 278 more words


The London Kitchen: The "Old Smoke", with Mum

As of a month ago, I reside in 2011’s “Foodie Capital of the World” and while my culinary experiences have been many, varied, and delicious, I have been dreadfully remiss in documenting them. 2,525 more words

By Caitlin

Halloween at Fortnum & Mason 2015

We paid a quick visit to Fortnum & Mason’s Piccadilly store today to check the 2015 Halloween range and to get a sneak peak of our… 126 more words


The day I met 'the nose'

Anyone who is a fragrance lover will know Master Perfumer, Roja Dove. In fact, his name was first mentioned to me in 2000 when I worked for Calvin Klein, I knew some of the Guerlain girls and they were due to meet him, of course they were tres excited and they told me all about his work at Guerlain. 594 more words

A Spot of Afternoon Tea

Tea is a simple thing really. Add hot water to dried leaves, let it steep for a while and there you have it. Yet independent cultures have built ceremonies and occupations around the idea and practice of consuming said refreshment, countries fought wars over it, and transporting it helped establish important and coveted positions among trading nations. 986 more words