Cirque Du Soleil Co-Founder In Custody In Tahiti Over Alleged Cannabis Cultivation

Canadian entrepreneur Guy Laliberté, founder of the Cirque du Soleil circus company, has been taken into custody in French Polynesia over claims of cannabis cultivation, his company said Wednesday. 350 more words


Setting up environment to work on Fortran code in Windows

I have been writing Fortran code for more than 3 years, and most of the time I write my code on our laboratory’s cluster, which is a Linux computer. 344 more words


History of Compilers.

The study of history is important because it allows one to make more sense of the current world. Same applies to Computer Science. If you know history of computers you’ll go deeper in the world of computers. 771 more words

Compiler Design

Like Miracle Grow For Your Garden

In the last post I did about the Vegetables testing framework I developed, I talked about how much of a success it had been. Now I’ve cranked it up to 11. 517 more words


Installing Fortran Compiler for Visual Studio 2017

Fortran has come a long way than we had studied in high-school in 19xx. Its now fully supported within Microsoft visual studio. To install Fortran with VS IDE support, ensure the followings: 164 more words


Fortran C binding test to primesieve


…it might be best to connect this to primesieve with Fortran’s ISO_C_BINDING module

Guess what – it was time to do that. 758 more words


Tales from the Help Desk: The NaN Trap Part III

Part I

Part II

Per Boss R’s suggestion, I insert print statements for the variable name and default_data attributes in setup_one_field that will dump the values into separate logs and make the debugging process a bit easier. 285 more words