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Pokémon Go Shatters Apple App Store Record

The phenomenon that is Pokémon Go just keeps on going.

The popular mobile game brought in more downloads during its first week of release on the Apple App store than all other apps during their first week released on the store, Apple said Friday, confirming a… 464 more words


Verizon Is Cracking Down on Subscribers Using Too Much Mobile Data

Verizon Communications is kicking a tiny group of wireless subscribers off a discontinued unlimited data plan because they used too much data.

The carrier specified that fewer than 1% of its wireless customers remain on unlimited plans, which were discontinued for new customers in 2011. 280 more words


How AT&T Is Trying to Convince Wall Street Its Wireless Business Is Healthy

AT&T CFO John Stephens has a challenge for one of the most basic assumptions about the wireless business on Wall Street.

The simple assumption that most analysts use goes something like this: a monthly subscriber who gets billed regularly is better than a prepaid subscriber who has to pay up front every month. 647 more words


How Google Is Trying to Make Maps More Informative

Google wants to improve the accuracy and breadth of the information on Google Maps about things like restaurants and shops.

The Internet giant announced on Thursday that it added new options for suggesting edits to business and landmark entries when people search for places via Google Search as well as for adding new locations when people use the Google Maps app on Android or iOS. 234 more words


GM Faces Up to $550 Million Charge to Fix Future Takata Airbags

If U.S. safety regulators require General Motors to recall another 4.3 million of its vehicles to replace Takata airbag inflators,the company could lose $550 million, according to a quarterly report filed on Thursday. 422 more words


FCC Delays Review of Verizon Deal That Is Critical to Fast Wireless Plans

The Federal Communications Commission could be throwing a wrench in Verizon Communications’ strategy for offering super-fast upcoming 5G wireless service in the next few years. 485 more words


PayPal And Visa Make Nice

PayPal and Visa, longtime frenemies, looked more like friends on Thursday afternoon after announcing a new partnership.

The deal calls for PayPal to start sharing data with Visa about transactions that are funded using Visa cards. 476 more words