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Sorry Pebble Fans, No New Smartwatch For You

Fitbit’s imminent deal to buy smartwatch maker Pebble will result in the cancellation of Pebble’s last few devices, the Time 2 and Pebble Core.

Fitbit’s acquisition is focused on Pebble’s software, not hardware, and the leading fitness band maker doesn’t intend to keep selling Pebble smartwatches, … 335 more words


Apple Says the iPhones Catching Fire in China Are Probably Not Its Fault

Apple said external factors were the likely cause of iPhone 6 battery fires detailed in a Chinese consumer protection report that featured widely in state media earlier this week and created a buzz on social media. 354 more words


Verizon's Wireless TV And Internet Service Coming To Small Towns Soon

Verizon is getting close to its first large scale trials of a high-speed wireless video service to compete with cable television.

The company will roll out the service, which is based on the upcoming 5G wireless standard, in several small towns by the end of March, CEO Lowell McAdam said on Tuesday. 351 more words


AT&T CEO Confident Regulatory Problems Will Melt Away

AT&T’s regulatory problems are melting away as the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump draws near.

The Federal Communications Commission alleged last month that AT&T violated net neutrality rules by allowing its mobile customers to watch its online video services without counting that consumption against monthly data allowances, a practice known as “zero rating.” And Trump… 323 more words


Former Minister of Finance Ngozi Okonjo Iweala pictured with the Holy Father, Pope Francis and Fortune 500 CEOs, discussing globalization and inequality at the Vatican.

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Intel Will Act as Tester and Test Subject in 5G Wireless Trial

Intel has been testing its 5G wireless gear internally and with a few partners this year, but it’s about to take on a new role in an Austin office. 420 more words


Why Big Phone Companies Are Excited for the Trump Presidency

There’s a growing sense of almost euphoria in the telecommunications industry as the incoming Donald Trump administration appears likely to be considerably more friendly to mergers and acquisitions. 488 more words