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*I'll Beat you 'til you're Singing about a Daisy Girl~*

Let me just Step Right In ;3
I got things to Invent
I’m an Innovator baby
Change the world
Fortune 500 before you kissed a girl. 471 more words

Music Lover

What's in your wallet (that you aren't telling us about)?

Capital One is ranked 91 on Fortune 100’s best companies to work for list. I actually applied for a position at this company. I was intrigued by the fact that they are in the banking industry, but they do not have a banking culture. 321 more words

Prompt 5- Great Places Great Things?

Petronas @ Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia came across as a very organised country, the roads impeccable, there was order in the system and I guess it’s a lot to do with how the citizens conduct themselves. 463 more words



America would never develop the moral conscious to pay any kind of reparations to the population of slave descendants. But the argument that the call for it somehow echoes a “dependency”; or the criticism that: “America owes us nothing….” is foolish. 467 more words