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IBM takes on tough task of deploying containers across clouds

The tech world is enamored of containers, new technology exemplified by fast-rising startup Docker that packages up applications in a resource-efficient and portable way. The advantage for businesses is that containers can run applications on less hardware and those applications can pull data from many sources. 613 more words


Billion dollar question: What gives with EMC?

The future of storage kingpin EMC and its federation of related companies is unclear to anyone except (perhaps) those in the EMC, VMware, and Elliott Management executive suites. 573 more words


La nueva versión ha sido diseñada con una interfaz de aspecto más moderno limpio.

La nueva versión ha sido diseñada con una interfaz de aspecto más moderno limpio. Agiliza y actualiza muchas tareas esenciales de CRM, por lo que es más rápido y más fácil de visualizar datos importantes, como qué tan lejos está de sus metas de ventas mensuales y las tareas más importantes para ayudar a llegar allí. 591 more words

As natural gas replaces coal, U.S. utilities invest big in the future

One of the largest companies that owns utilities in the U.S., Southern Company, announced a big deal this week that highlights just how aggressively power firms are looking to boost their natural gas power resources at the expense of the declining coal industry. 527 more words


Ex-Microsoft exec Burgum may run for governor of North Dakota

Doug Burgum, the Microsoft exec who led that company’s business applications push, may run for governor of his home state of North Dakota, according to a… 219 more words


Office 2016 coming next month according to leaked document

The big update to Microsoft Office will debut in September, at least according to a leaked company document picked up by Winfuture.de and subsequently by several other… 195 more words


With $55 million more, Grand Rounds aims to make health care more efficient

Owen Tripp is sitting in my Midtown Manhattan office and patiently listening to me ramble on about how difficult—no, analog—it is to see my local dentist, which last month involved a phone call, an in-person visit, a “clipboard from hell” (as he calls it), and a snail-mail invoice received weeks later. 876 more words