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Safe Spaces Provide Refuge from Triggers

By: Jack Mallery

It’s 2016, and many things that were allowed in previous years are no longer safe and okay to say to others. Gendered insults and racial slurs are not tolerated in our communities anymore. 796 more words


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Gunn should not report weighted GPA

Written by Jenna Marvet

Most upperclassmen have done it: looked longingly at a Naviance graph of a dream school, their GPA just two-tenths below the average. 524 more words


Schools should provide free condoms to students

Written by Carolyn Kuimelis

School is a place for emotional as well as academic learning, and schools should take steps to open up the conversation about sexual health to ensure that their students are equipped with the knowledge and means to practice life-long skills such as safe sex. 648 more words


Whitewashing in Hollywood Harms Youth

By Jack Mallery

In 2015, the drama and romance film “Aloha” sparked outrage for its casting choices, raising questions about equality for acting jobs in Hollywood. 950 more words


Sanders offers most comprehensive education plan

Written by Kaya van der Horst

Turn on any news channel and it is guaranteed that something about the presidential race will be covered. Although Republicans Donald Trump and Ted Cruz constantly receive airtime, they aren’t saying anything substantial—at least regarding their education policies. 578 more words