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About a week ago, I was asked whether I was willing to help promote a forum game called eRegime by Dawaldo, who is one of the site founders and active user. 387 more words

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Percentage/Differential Best Worsts

1st “capitalisation”
2nd “dividend”
3rd “stock exchange”
4th “stock market”
5th “futures”
6th “Dow Jones”
7th “IPO”
8th “stocks”
9th “pop culture”
10th “Comic-Con”
11th “share holder” 1,034 more words


Traditional Overall Fullsies

1st “dividend”
2nd “stocks”
3rd “IPO”
4th “futures”
5th “equity”
6th “stock exchange”
7th “stock market”
8th “pop culture”
9th “investment”
10th “Dow Jones”
11th “company” 1,001 more words


Traditional/Differential Fullsies

1st “stock exchange”
2nd “IPO”
3rd “stocks”
4th “stock market”
5th “pop culture”
6th “Dow Jones”
7th “investment”
8th “Comic-Con”
9th “pleasure”
10th “NASDAQ”
11th “investor” 973 more words