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We have a temporary forum finally!

Check out https://muut.com/streetpsychiatryforum/#!/ for our forum.  We’re finally getting closer toward our goal as the StreetPsych HUB.  We’ll be using this as we tranisition our site to incorporate a forum format.


Why lucid dreaming is bad and no one should do it...

Dreams are ‘training grounds’ and ‘scenario-scapes’ where we learn important lessons so we will not have to learn them in our waking lives. Think about some of the things you experience in dreams… horrifying, deadly, dangerous. 92 more words


Pareidolia report!

Just saw a creepy babydoll face on the bathroom floor…

That’s what I don’t get about pareidolia. Why is it so specific? 

Why did I perceive it as a babydoll face and not just a regular baby, albeit creepy? 83 more words


So many millennial dudes do nothing but bitch about having to work...

They’re so fucking annoying.

Their attitudes are piss poor sorry as fuck.

No ambition having pieces of shit.

Maybe if you had AMBITION or PASSION or some kind of FUCKING GOAL, you’d have something to PURSUE or THINK ABOUT besides how much you hate having to go to work at your air conditioned job where you can somehow find the time to use your smart phone and bitch to me about working. 71 more words


Meeting my Best Internet-Friend in Person for the First Time (a.k.a friendship knows no distance)

Many of us have made friends with people we’ve never met in person, thanks to the magic that is the internet. Sometimes, we hold them as close (or closer than) the friends that we see in person on a daily basis. 1,310 more words


Dunno much about topography

I’m currently deep into Ovid’s Fasti, possibly the world’s favourite Latin poet’s least popular poem. The Fasti is Ovid’s poetic version of the Roman calendar, originally designed to consist of twelve books corresponding to the twelve months. 2,165 more words