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The pressure of sound

Ok, I won’t say much about EM and the myths and misdirection regarding low frequency waves (since I’m sure to get opposing views on this, based on… 30 more words


Teetering on the edge of joining soon

seeing ive posted more than the previous time, i may be on the iminent brink of joining. been constantly observing, getting the feel of the forum. 32 more words


Black is the new white

love the color changer. nice black background. easier on my eyes. now what this forum needs is lime green, yellow and purple colors

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This forum's rank

23.00% /down 30%

5.00% /up 8%

is this a good thing?

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Puerto Ricos debt more than 4 times as much as Detroit. Americas "Greece"?

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No good news on

there isnt any good news worth posting. think ive got posters block

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Space lizards

Seriously, why do some people get so incredibly upset when you point out the evils of man and their inability to account for it?

I’ve been in a few… 30 more words