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I've been relegated to here


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American heroes from August’s terror train attack in France has been stabbed

One of the American heroes from August’s terror train attack in France was stabbed during a street fight Thursday morning.

Spencer Stone was attacked…

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Ok Christians answer this:

They say Jesus will come back and will save the good ones for eternal life, no pain, no tears, but…

When they created paradise with Adam and Eve was… 31 more words


This is to YOU

Every time YOU come here

You will see ME

As long as you hate ME, I will remain here for YOU to see me

I broke MY heart, when I broke YOURS… 28 more words


You know you are in love...

when even their flaws are perfect….

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The Boy and His Battle.

The boy was down, on the canvas lights out almost.
Then he heard someone in the crowd yell.
Oi get up you fucking cunt..

It was that moment, that very… 30 more words


Anyone notice Facebook is slow?

Or is it just me? I can log in but not do much else. Super slow all day.

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