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People saying what their first name is or not online

Someone asked on a forum why some people feel free to tell her their first name and others don’t feel comfortable. She also mentioned some she has been talking to for a while she still doesn’t know their first name and doesn’t understand the secretive behind it and it’s not like the first name will give out their location or where they live. 517 more words

Resourse: Bipolar forum

My first forum was DeviantArt – don’t do that. When I was first diagnosed with bipolar, I found PsychForums.com.

Includes a wide list of forums and sub forums.   207 more words


The case of the disappearing comments!

I love receiving your comments. THANK YOU!

They’re extremely valuable and often more thought provoking than my original post! And I appreciate all who give time to share their thoughts here. 312 more words

Internet Forums Are How Old?

Remember floppy disks? Beepers? Friendster? Most technology eventually goes to tech heaven as it is replaced by newer technology that better serves its customers. Forums, however, seem to have had remarkable staying power. 18 more words

Britain denounced for defending Israel in international forums (VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!!)

Palestinian and European officials on Monday slammed the UK’s apparent readiness to defy international consensus and stand up for Israel, accusing London of aligning with Jerusalem to garner favor with the incoming Trump administration. 1,079 more words

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Museum as an active agent for civic engagement

by Shabnam Shermatova (MA, 2016)

The Museum Studies Program at the University of San Francisco and my internships at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) and The Contemporary Jewish Museum (The CJM) have given me an opportunity to explore museums as sites for civic engagement and come up with a personal moniker for such a museum: ‘Commuseum’. 768 more words

USF Museum Studies

Family Reunited – Australia Immigration

My Brothers are the only Family  and Unfortunately for some reasons they moved to Australia. I tried for so many years to Relocate there with them but My Profile and Financial position were not satisfying the Requirements of Australian Permanent Residency Visa Program. 81 more words

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