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Russian Video Translation

On the EU forums, Babykim has translated a video done by the Russian YouTuber getfun that involves the new version of the British cruisers, since they were changed from DD-like ships with smoke and good HE shells. 313 more words


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September 12, 2016 at 01:16AM
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English(!) Q&A - 20/09/16

In what I find to be a hilarious turn of events, there’s a new Q&A in English, done by none other than Sub_Octavian – yes, the same dev who usually does the… 2,615 more words


Ethereum Acts Bullish?

Is Ether acting bullish? It seems so, as the coin has recently climbed over $1 over the past few hours of trading, where it is now above $14 USD in some markets. 36 more words

Coin Trading

Russian Q&A - 19/09/16

Babykim has also translated some of the regular RU forums Q&A, which isn’t as informative as the other interviews and stuff we’ve seen lately but it’s still good, of course. 242 more words


Russian Interview Translation

Babykim has translated an interview with Daniil Volkov, presented on Wargaming FM, which of course isn’t translated officially into English for what I’m sure are only the best of reasons. 288 more words


Introducing The Late Night Session forums!

For a while now we’ve had some discussions here about creating more opportunities for people to get together and discuss their gaming interests. We often miss a lot of cool stuff on the site due to time constraints but that shouldn’t stop anyone else from talking about it and it’d be nice if we are able to help facilitate it. 123 more words