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TNT Dinar Activeboard

TNT Dinar Activeboard – The TNT forum The TNT Dinar Activeboard has information that TNT Tony has posted about the news he has regarding the Iraqi dinar and the global currency reset. 26 more words


[forums] jesus, give me the strength to cast forth these wretched water spots

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – Our Father, which art in heaven, give me the strength to remove these ghastly water spots from this plate… For they make an otherwise completely clean dish kind of sketchy! 14 more words


Mark Meersman - PIF Topshelf - NDA - Dinar Dong Private Exchange

Discussion With PIF Topshelf- Mark Meersman – NDA Vietnamese Dong Originally posted http://globalcurrencyreset.net/nda-vietnamese-dong-mark-meersman/ Here is an old softball interview from 2011 with Mark http://www.softballcenter.com/mark-meersman/ As some of you know, I spoke privately with… 6 more words


[forums] i'm going to talk to you about stephen curry for the next 30 minutes

AKRON, OHIO – Buckle the fuck up. Here we go, bitches. Sit down, relax, and prepare for a monologue on Steph Curry. GOD! HE’S SO GOOD! 35 more words


[forums] god as my witness, one day someone will circle my face in an old photograph

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA – I will devote my entire life so someone can use a red pen to circle my face in an old group photo! 28 more words


Social Media Overview

What is Social Media?
Social Media are interactions among people in which they create, share / exchange information and ideas in virtual communities sharing the following characteristics: 352 more words
Social Media

Why Aren't I Better?

I read forums for PTSD occasionally but rarely participate. The effort required to describe my situation is overwhelming, even though it is no better nor worse than anyone else s history. 65 more words