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A supplication of Spring . . .

You can hardly spy the snow now
blending in with the soggy soil
and mashed grasses
of Spring,
but it is there if you look, 101 more words


Questions of love: boxing.

can’t you accept me as I am?

love me anyway?

you want me in a box
be this do that
don’t tell me anything… 64 more words


For my friends in London . . .

We were there, that very spot
walking, walking
carefree and happy.
The green arches over
the river
the history rising as backdrop,
proud and beautiful; 92 more words


My Irish Eyes . . .

My Irish eyes are trying
to smile.
I don’t suppose you care but
I remember those green days
of corned beef and cabbage… 96 more words


Let there be light.

I don’t know much
for certain.
I imagine
looks down
or over
and thinks:

“that one…enough
of the tests for awhile,
enough pushing her… 123 more words


mourning in winter

Take the path that is cleared, or
trampled snow?
I am not sure where either go
the general direction

stalks of bushes protruding… 38 more words


Sharing happiness . . .


Sharing happiness
seems like a wonderful thing,
why not share
what is overflowing?
she who has caught
your bleakness and pain
proud in that place… 78 more words