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Calm amidst the Christmas blitz...

Holidays approaching
and anxious stress is encroaching
on what should be a joyful time.
I've scheduled time for wrapping and baking,
shipping and cardmaking, 
and yet 
and yet it feels like clouds are rolling in,
like parties and travels and
my throbbing mind 
in a tailspin. 29 more words

Snow Armor...

Winter is pending,
I wish it away,
Its cold isolation
Its penchant to stay.
It's driving unnerved
Alone in the gale,
It's icing and swerved,
Windswept and pale. 98 more words

Forward, from here...

I am in that "I-Don't-Care,
It's-OK" stage.
Maybe that is a good place to be.
Surely it is better than
Pining and lonely,
Better than:
"How do I re-trace my steps?"
"How do I remake my life?"
Divorce is equal parts
picking up the pieces and
cuts like a knife. 23 more words

Essential Dating Info. ...

I imagine we might get along

If all the things you told me were true,

If the sincerity in my heart

Was met by a sincere you. 129 more words


For My Child, in the aftermath...

I never thought, I never


that such a situation could ever arise,

and therein lies the problem.

I stayed for you;

it seemed there might be caring and gratitude, too. 102 more words


“We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are” (Part 2 of 2)

This is a continuation on my journey forward in 2014. Part 1 can be found here.

When we left off, our intrepid heroine had just found a new full-time job which she loved, thus fulfilling her vision of “Forward,” her  348 more words


4 Steps for How To Change the World by Your Donation

I believe that donations have power to change our world. Although most people may not agree with my idea, we, the Japanese people, should have experience of donations. 1,300 more words