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The imagination of Peace

The world is full of grief, there is no one in our today’s world that is much focused on things that matter, humanity has turned cold and the world has turned colder. 101 more words

Forward Thinking

The Rhythm of Success

There are times we have been told that we are never meant to progress beyond the achievements of our races, I personally grew up in a family that was educated but not to the level of University, it is However that as I grew up I decided that I was going to be better than what my family barrier was, I was not the most intelligent person in my family, my own father would make an example of the most un-academically achieving person as myself. 55 more words

Forward Thinking

It's All Alchemy to Me

Anytime you think of the word alchemy, I’m sure you think of adventures of the philosopher’s stone and the ability to turn lead into gold. Maybe you’re bit of a nerd like I am and also think of Full Metal Alchemist which involve humonculi and the little girl turned into a Chimera. 195 more words


Have a clear vision

Today I am going to talk to you today about a system that you use every day. I am going to talk to you about using your windshield. 742 more words


Thinking Ahead: Why it Might Save Us

After reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, the idea of thinking of the bigger picture has become a very prominent one.  This book greatly discusses the problem with being unable to look past the present time and realize what decisions will do to us in the future, especially in terms of the environment.  361 more words

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