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The Art of Looking Forward

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The blue boy tripped, fell flat on his face, and scattered all his gold rings.

Mr Sonic T. Hedgehog groaned as he rubbed his bruised nose, and watched as his hard earned bling flashed out of existence. 207 more words



Leadership– the action of leading a group of people or an organization. The state or position of being a leader.

So there is a definition of leadership for you. 186 more words



Activity 1.4

I found this activity a bit hard to understand, because of the design and layout of the text, I think having long paragraphs with no white space harder to read, then having a two column layout as well, This made it harder to intemperate what ATKearney was trying to explain in the article. 99 more words

Year One

Slow and Steady

I’ve had Thomas for just about three months now, and we’re slowly making progress in his re-training.

He’s proven to be very willing, but also a little weary of new things, so we’ve had to be creative in introducing him to jumping and just going slow. 871 more words

Oh So

Leadership With a Chance of Potatoes (pt 2)

After we were done with Jalen Rose, we drove to Quicken Loans to have a presentation along with pizza (YAS)! We had a presentation on why we should apply for an internship at Quicken Loans for the upcoming Summer. 815 more words

Central Michigan University

Leadership with a Chance of Facilitating (pt 1)

Detroit is one of those cities you think of and instantly start talking trash about. You talk about how much poverty Detroit is in, or you talk about the danger of being in a city like Detroit. 739 more words

Central Michigan University

10 ways to have a happy meeting

Many of us belong to a group that ‘meets’.
A PTA, a sports group, a committee, a knitting group and goodness even a family.

Here is a friendly, short list of ways to have a happy meeting or group: 831 more words