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The Spark Leadership Experience

On September 16, 2016 I walked into the Leadership Institute on Central Michigan University’s campus. I had registered for Spark Leadership, and I had no idea what was in store for me for the rest of the day. 469 more words

Higher Education Ethics: Graduation Rates Versus Diversity

Two-year and four-year college institutions may have different layouts in regards to student goals, operations, and staffing. However, if one thing is the same, it is the idea that for college students today, the dream to graduate “on-time,” or within two to four years depending on the program, is not held entirely true in society today. 922 more words

Consider Others

Leadership Safari 2016

August 20th through August 24th I attended an event called Leadership Safari. Leadership Safari is offered to Central Michigan Universities incoming freshman and transfer students. I didn’t know about the life changing experience I was signing up for, I just wanted to move in 5 days early and get out of my parents house and start my first year of college. 320 more words

Forward Thinking

Mentor/Mentee Bonding at Eagle Village

Since the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program’s birth, Eagle Village has been the destination for retreat weekend. Members of the freshman and sophomore class have the opportunity to go away for the weekend to work on strengthening their bond with one another, and enhance their leadership skills.  494 more words


Mosquitos Unite! (A Safari Experience)

“What team are they?”

“Spicy feet?”

“Team Bigfoot?”

“Oregano Feet?”

Good guesses, but no. We were on team “Mesquite(as in the spice… Pronounced mus-keet)-Toe.”

Team Mosquito. 505 more words


Mental Health Treatment on College Campuses

Tyler Kingkade of the Huffington Post writes that from 2009 all the way through 2015, reports of mental health concerns have been on the rise for college students in regards to anxiety, depression, and social anxiety. 687 more words

Consider Others

Mentor/Mentee Retreat

Coming into the school year all my other cohort members were talking about their relationships with their mentors and how they were so great and everything; however, I did not have that experience right from the beginning with mine.  289 more words