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The Shelter In The Storm

Natural disasters present overwhelming challenges that seem insurmountable. They shatter lives and cause great economic distress for families reeling from one setback after another. Sometimes we’re spared the calamity and we return to business as usual. 418 more words


What the CUSS is an Echidna?

I left my parents at the car in the Barnes parking lot and bolted. I ran up to the third floor and walk into room 308 noticing the door decorations all over. 777 more words

Central Michigan University

One More Thing I Found Out About Myself: My Leadership Style

It’s only a month into my freshman year at Central Michigan University and I’m already learning new things about myself.

As a Leadership Advancement Scholar, I am required to attend an event called the Spark Leadership Conference where, like many conferences, we listened to a speaker, had some discussions, and participated in team activities. 435 more words

The Spark Leadership Experience

On September 16, 2016 I walked into the Leadership Institute on Central Michigan University’s campus. I had registered for Spark Leadership, and I had no idea what was in store for me for the rest of the day. 469 more words

Higher Education Ethics: Graduation Rates Versus Diversity

Two-year and four-year college institutions may have different layouts in regards to student goals, operations, and staffing. However, if one thing is the same, it is the idea that for college students today, the dream to graduate “on-time,” or within two to four years depending on the program, is not held entirely true in society today. 922 more words

Consider Others

Leadership Safari 2016

August 20th through August 24th I attended an event called Leadership Safari. Leadership Safari is offered to Central Michigan Universities incoming freshman and transfer students. 356 more words

Risk Taking

Mentor/Mentee Bonding at Eagle Village

Since the Leadership Advancement Scholarship program’s birth, Eagle Village has been the destination for retreat weekend. Members of the freshman and sophomore class have the opportunity to go away for the weekend to work on strengthening their bond with one another, and enhance their leadership skills.  494 more words