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How to See a New Future

Do you ever see ahead or receive ideas that are futuristic? Several great minds told us how we need this type of seeing for making a new paradigm, or the shift that so many are speaking of. 804 more words


What's the point?


  1. What are your highest values? Honesty and sincerity towards others and from others, leadership powered by creativity, and being dependable.
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Philosophy Vs. Opinion


During my third semester at Central Michigan University, I had the opportunity to take a Moral Philosophy course with my Leadership Advancement Scholar Cohort. In this course we discussed multiple philosophies that ranged from the legalization of drugs, abortion, homosexual rights, war and terrorism, hooking up, torture and many others. 412 more words


A letter to a High School Soccer player...

Looking back from an alumni perspective, high school sports is something you should cherish forever. At times, you want to just go home and take a nap, but don’t. 432 more words


Harry and the Battered Cow - PHL 118L Reflection

On the first day of class, we talked about a man named Harry who beat up a cow.

It’s definitely as strange as it sounds… But that’s the point. 900 more words

Consider Others


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“Words are, of course the most powerful drug used by mankind.” — Rudyard Kipling

Forward Thinking