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Thinking Ahead: Why it Might Save Us

After reading Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, the idea of thinking of the bigger picture has become a very prominent one.  This book greatly discusses the problem with being unable to look past the present time and realize what decisions will do to us in the future, especially in terms of the environment.  361 more words

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It was a pleasure to meet the CEO of HempCo Charles Holmes. I was blown away when I found out all the amazing features of hemp… 132 more words


Joss Whedon Integrity: Pass It On

Writer, Graham Winfrey, has recently noted in an article for Indiewire titled, “Joss Whedon Calls ‘Age of Ultron’ His ‘Miserable Failure’” that director Joss Whedon does not think particularly highly of his latest addition to Marvel’s universe according to statements he made at the Tribeca Film Festival. 245 more words

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Secular or Religious; Read Multiple Sources

Secular or Religious; Read Multiple Sources

Lets begin with The Toronto Star is a Liberal propaganda page. In all fairness right?

I swear the Star only takes the odd shot at… 1,103 more words


trust your struggle

Trust your struggle.

Trust your struggle, because without struggle, there is no grit against which softness can mellow, no darkness upon which light can shine, no marker for something more extraordinary. 115 more words


Strategic Partnerships and Investments

At Singularity Ventures we believe that we can make a difference in the world through strategic partnerships and investments.

By aligning with private investors and public entities we will bridge the gap between funding and the necessary steps required to tackle anything. 72 more words