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Paddle Forward

Sometimes, on a Sunday morning I am in that mood when I’m sitting behind my computer, cup of coffee on one side of me & a sunny garden view in front of me reflecting on things. 560 more words

it's time!

Gold, for the right reasons. Ernie + Bert, breaking a few hearts!


The Power of Dreams

Anyone can puncture people’s dreams and tell them they’re unrealistic, but it takes an unusual person to know the value of planning big, shooting high, and keeping the upward look. 70 more words

Back In The Tack!

About 10 days ago I decided to get back on Oh So, and so far it’s been going better than I expected. The surgeon didn’t exactly say no, he just wanted me walking 100% first and asked if I could wait until the end of August. 1,034 more words

Oh So

The Art of Moving on...

No this isn’t break up advice, I’m just going to say that right now. You could potentially correlate it to that but I’m not making any promises. 872 more words

Forward Thinking

As an IT professional and working in the industry for the past 18 years, the one thing I have always become accustomed to has been change. 984 more words



I haven’t sat down to write in almost 10 years.

I’m not really sure about it. Anytime I’ve tried to share my thoughts on my experiences, I feel as if I’m being judged. 83 more words