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Thoughts on Upcoming Big-Budget Movies in 2016

Recently, after stumbling my way through a series of Indiewire articles, I happened upon an external link to “Ethan Anderton’s 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2016”  377 more words

Detoxing A Facebook Addict

Welcome to Living in Sophrosyne. This writing adventure has been a year in the making and it means so much that you have chosen to join me on this journey to discovering my true self and my happiness. 473 more words


Discipline is Your Friend

A recurring theme in the book of Proverbs is slothfulness and its negative outcomes. Another word for slothfulness is laziness. I will use laziness instead of slothful because it is a word that we are more familiar with. 500 more words

Forward Thinking

Fresh success

There are times when we often rely on other people so we can enjoy the best of our lives. It’s not so easy when the people we often rely on as enchors of our success become incompetent then our success too become increasingly incompetent, fresh success is about relying on oneself, renewing ideas that you may have put away and retouching them, that I call fresh success you and I can have it and everything in us can make our success story the best to tell to the world. 8 more words

Forward Thinking


Dealing with cancer at work is difficult, tiring, and really hard to deal with at times. Today, my boss commented on my outfit, said I looked very nice (new blouse), I said thank you. 211 more words

Bad Boss

Hired not Fired

One thing I’ve realised is that ‘job security’ is a myth. Once someone has the ability to fire you… it is not secure no matter how much you earn. 107 more words

Creating a Legacy

Create and build something that can be passed down to generations, that they too can build on and pass down… leave them a legacy… not a debt (Proverbs 13:22) #mood #mindset #forwardthinking #inspirational #legacy