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is it time? no, it's fear, every time

I have loved the holidays. It’s been reason enough for me to coddle my inner introvert until she grins from warmth. I am champion at “introverting”! 374 more words


Change of Scenery

Sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to inspire the words to flow from your fingertips. I started this blog almost 2 years ago. 232 more words

Following Your Path


There are multiple different ways to learn about leadership. Sure, we can learn about all the different theories, sure, and they are helpful. However, one of the best ways to learn about leadership is to learn about those who have put those theories into practice. 421 more words


LDR 200L

This three hour class, required for LAS protocol, is unlike any class I’ve ever taken before. The challenges I’ve faced there have not been as simple as trying to complete my homework on time or speaking in front of a class of about 45 students. 270 more words


Mentee to Mentor

As a member of LAS, each person receives a “mentor.” This person guides you through your first year of college, answers any questions you have, and is basically just a shoulder to lean on when you need one. 362 more words


LDR200L Reflection

As a requirement for the LAS scholarship, everyone in the cohort is required to take LDR200L. This course met on Wednesday afternoons from 4-7. This course taught us about different leadership theories, how to create a useful powerpoint presentation, and how to facilitate a workshop. 282 more words


LDR 200 Reflection

This was the second leadership class taken with my cohort as part of protocol and this class was basically like LDR 100 2.0. This class took a more in depth look into leadership and took more interest in the philosophical, theoretical, and the foundations of leadership. 524 more words

Leadership Development