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Inspiration: Let Pickled Okra be Your Reminder

There are two things about this object that I found intriguing. First, the color of the contents. They are a beautiful amber with highlights of green and gold. 435 more words

A Year Of Inspiration

Make YOURSELF the Motivation

Last week I notified my students on my part time job that the middle of September will be my last day with them. Since we got off to a rocky start, I didn’t expect the reaction nor the response. 173 more words


What does mental growth feel like?

Failure. Success. Late nights. Early mornings. Stress. Frustration. Joy. The list goes on and on. 

Mental strength will take you farther than physical strength. We all reach the pinnacle of our physical strength. 172 more words

How Online Learning Gives Every Student a Chance to Succeed

One thing I came to appreciate during my time at Ashford University was the level playing field provided to every student. No one is at a disadvantage within the online classroom. 327 more words


Your Job Search To-Do List

Today Ashford University’s Forward Thinking blog published an article I wrote about staying positive and productive during the job search. This advice comes from the University’s… 393 more words


Curiosity may have killed the cat

The trouble with ‘this is how it’s done’ is it might not have worked or it works for a few but not all.

Often it works only for the people who tell us that’s how the world should be. 145 more words