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Jambalaya 6&7: Two Thoughts for Your Crown...


Our opinions are two sides of the same coin
Neither of us knows who is in the writ and in the wrong
Till the money is spent… 45 more words


Flowing Success

Day after day there is a lot of products that we often see, some we have had opportunities to feel and touch, some we have had opportunities to try either on our skins, or tried fitting them on in terms of clothes. 222 more words

Forward Thinking

I'm a Loser (In a Good Way)

I lose things all the time: my keys, my wallet, my phone… my sanity. That being said, those things I’m usually able to recover. There are things lost that simply can’t be regained. 887 more words


Acknowledging all facets, dimensions & orientations of being..by www.secretgardenmaster.com

Acknowledging all facets, dimensions & orientations of being, a forward thinking successful man in the world of today. Ask yourself;
What is it that I know, that if I used it, I would be more of what I require? 21 more words


When All Else Fails - A Poem

When all else fails,


When the dawn is

too bright to cope.

When the nights

are too dull to excite.

When life just

breathes boredom. 19 more words


How You Can Overcome Change and Challenges

Life sometimes throws us challenges, curve balls that test our mettle. Our regular pattern of motion becomes disturbed and we feel as if we don’t have control. 180 more words

Outlook, Philanthropy And Emotion

Staying on top of the game by www.secretgarednmaster.com

In this world of staying on top of the game. It can often be difficult for us as men to take or make the time to resource & focus on our own big picture. 60 more words