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Association of Recreation Event Professionals

The Registered Student Organization that I am still a part of is the Association of Recreation and Event Professionals.  This year I have made an extra effort to get to know more people within my major and I have done just that.  200 more words

Team Work

the shoe-deposit borrowing system

Sir Year 7: “Can I please borrow a set of headphones?”

Me: “Sure. Please give me a shoe.”

Sir Year 7: “A what?!”

Me: “A shoe.” 138 more words


Lead Team Reflection - Diversity, Inclusion, and Service

This year I was a member of the DIS Lead Team for a second year in a row. Although I still struggled sometimes to find value in my lead team experience, I felt like this still young lead team developed and is growing closer and closer every year to figuring out how we can make the most meaning out of our energy, and give ourselves something worth putting out energy into. 197 more words

Personal Growth

Student Philosophers

My second year in the Student Philosophers at CMU proved to be just as rewarding as the first. We talked about all sorts of topics and I truly felt like my worldview was tested many times by fellow students or visiting professors. 226 more words

Personal Growth

COM 461L

One of the other LAS protocol classes that I got to take this past year was COM 461L – Communication in Leadership. While I may not have learned too much new information in the class (most of the theories I learned in LRD 200), I gained the ability to use the information I had learned and apply it to my own leadership style (additionally, I had the PLEASURE of meeting Dr. 282 more words


PHL 118L

During the Fall 2017 semester, myself and most of my LAS cohort took PHL 118L – Moral Problems. During this class we learned about different moral theories (as well as like-case examples), argued in support or against different moral problems in society as a class, and wrote papers defending or refuting different moral problems that we were passionate about. 251 more words


Special Events LEAD team

This year i was placed on the special events LEAD team. I truly enjoyed being on this LEAD team because we were given a lot of creative freedom to plan whatever events that we wanted how ever we want to. 108 more words