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Forward Thinking with Jamie Weir

At semester turn around I had a great opportunity to connect with WRDSB teacher Jamie Reaburn-Weir.  After some conversation about student voice, choice and assessment strategies, she kindly agreed to capture the conversation for wider sharing. 34 more words

21st Century Learning

The App of Success

A lot of times we loose focus as entrepreneurs, we end up mistaking competition to confusion. A lot of us today have great ways and ideas to make it to the bigger stage than what we are now. 120 more words

Forward Thinking


Jahkoy – artist and songwriter from Toronto, signed to Refill Gang Entertainment, another artist you should keep an eye on. He released ‘Forward thinking’ 2014, featuring tracks as ‘Poison’, ‘Everything’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Heart Smile’. 35 more words


Dynamic Success

Most small ideas are often thrown away, and most small ideas are regarded as just not the thing. A lot of us have missed big opportunities in life because of thinking small about ourselves, a small idea has to be written down as a big provision of a big idea, notice that how many great small ideas do you think in possibly a day? 97 more words

Forward Thinking

Floating Success

It’s hard to understand why most of us try very hard to reach levels to which we thrive to reach, may I say to someone today success is based on an individual floating in as much as they can in whatever they are good at doing, remember success is much found in you as an individual. 72 more words

Forward Thinking

Straight Success

Life sometimes makes you feel so empty and you feel like every little thing you try to do never turns right, I’ve been there myself I know the feeling, infact I do get the feeling from time to time. 123 more words

Forward Thinking

Clairvoyant Squirrels

Squirrels hide their nuts.

what a prescient idea.

wish I’d thought of that


Nature & animal behavior have a lot to teach us about managing our futures.