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Fog, lifting.

I can see the weather from here:

the fog lifting

before your eyes

your mouth paused in surprise

you thought me gone

you thought we… 36 more words


Perception is NOT reality.

This year has been one of growth on growth on GROWTH. I used to think that I knew myself pretty well but after being stripped of every coping mechanism I used to protect myself (thank you Jesus), I was left with a girl I had shrunk down and shoved under a rug. 864 more words


It's Forward That Counts.

I’m going to keep pushing through today. When the going gets tough, we can see the best version of ourselves.

My Baby

My child has a small face and a head full of hair that reflects the dingy tube lights of the orphanage. Her capacity to love someone so foreign scares me and yet it is this quality that brought me closer to her like a moth to a flame.



The Solitary Mistique

The lady of darkness and mystery walks the streets, classroom and corridors alone. She is such a perfect mystery, the kind of enigma that I don’t want to solve neither be attached to. 206 more words

New in Blue: Grant Townsend

If someone tells you about the hardest-working, highest-character college basketball player, they’re probably talking about Grant Townsend.

After transferring into Bloomingdale High in the Tampa area for his last two years of high school, Townsend led his team with… 245 more words

UNC Asheville

The (Erotic) Girl on the Train

Inspiration this week was drawn from the strangest events, perhaps even the most insignificant but meaningful ones. But despite the titling I can confirm that the erotic girl on the train was definitely not something I enjoyed. 782 more words