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Father's Day

First, let’s get it out: “Happy Father’s Day!” to all fathers out there!

I’m sure there are a lot of adjectives to describe our dads. And since we all know those by heart, I don’t really need to lay it all out for everybody else. 602 more words


Father Forward...

I have come to the not surprising conclusion that I am just like my father. More precisely I am just like my memory of my father. 589 more words


stay put

About the best way to stay put is look forward to being backward.



Baby takes two steps,
Squats forward, tilts to balance,
And takes a few more


There’s always a before
Before the baby was born
Before the marriage
Before someone passed
Before the divorce

How about after
Does anyone focus on the after… 290 more words

God's Timing

I have always wanted to blog, or have had an interest in pursuing a career in entertainment if you will. To be honest, I am not completely sure why. 1,096 more words



I absolutely love seeing reading as a way to learn because who would think that it can happen until it finally DO. To be truthful I have experience many uplifting moments throughout my life that has convinced when I was at my lowest making a comeback is not just “wishful thinking” but my actual REALITY. 92 more words

Another Outlook