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Home used to be my refuge, my safe space. Home held fond memories and comfort.

But I’ve come to realize that home really is where the heart is, not simply where childhood ran its course. 90 more words

Mental Disorder

On Forwards and Cyberpunk

Many Forwards, Introductions, and Continueds, are stuffy. They do one of two things, typically. Either they don’t address the topic of the work that follows thoroughly enough, or else they reveal far too much, depriving the reader of an otherwise exciting exploration into the text. 273 more words


Another Step

I view all my actions as steps,

Steps toward something,

Something somewhere,

Not always known,

But ahead.

I have a tendency to watch where my feet go, 218 more words


Haiku #84

The light of sunset
Recalls more than the fruit here
Waves moving forward


When Tyrants Die

Every moment felt eternal, every wound was fatal, every slight, a social crisis. The town was so small, but it was the whole world. Moods and opinions trumped logic. 50 more words

Key to the Highway 

My car is on a boat and heading across the Atlantic (I ordered this vehicle while on an “upswing” many weeks ago).

Oh my – I can’t conceive that “now” me would do it – I have never bought myself a new car – not ever in my life – this is it – it was allotted for and agreed on….and on the way. 399 more words


A Poem - Journey Forward

Moving through space, through shadows and light

Faces are familiar while becoming faint moments of the past

I turn and face south, the sun in my eyes of where I have been… 110 more words