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Still Figuring Out Who I Want To Be When I Grow Up

In many ways, I believe this is the main lesson I was meant to take away from my 30s. So many things that I once considered ‘concrete’ aspects of my life have either dissolved, been turned upside down or I am simply seeing them with wiser eyes & evaluating their worth differently now. 67 more words


The Sand Pit

I have tripped and fallen many times in my life – usually because I’m not paying attention. Couldn’t even tell you how many times I hit a crack on the sidewalk and it launches me forward *shakes head.* But there was one time that I had a glorious fall. 968 more words


Day 133: Secure

9:00 PM

I am struggling, patterns and negative tendencies are emerging from past relationships that I have tried to learn from and not repeat. While I desperately want to protect myself from getting hurt, to stop myself from caring about another person and minimize how vulnerable I make myself, I am incapable. 317 more words


Blessed Beyond Measure

Hey guys!!  How have you all been!?  I hope life has been treating you all well!!

I just had to come tell you guys about life recently.   732 more words