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My Cousin Finny, Smartphones and Drive-Ins

Yes, I’m getting older and it’s true that there was a drive-in theater not far from where I grew up and we did go a few times, but the heyday of the drive-in, the symbol of the baby-boomer’s car-centric teenage culture, was long over. 1,074 more words


The Funger Games

Forza Horizon

Having bought the latest NFS game a few months back I had some reservations about Horizon. The frustration levels I reached as I worked my way through NFS turned the game into a drawn out slog as I battled through the artificially difficult game. 640 more words

The Funger Games

Selling Niche - Used Stuffed Or Plush Toys

bitcoin tumblerHave you recently fallen to widow status because of your spouse’s gaming habits? Is he more concerned with his Forza 3 car setup tool your children’s behavior at college? 509 more words

Bitcoin Laundry

Forza 3 added the clutch to its gameplay, Shifting it up a notch!

Before Forza 3 I could only dream of using a clutch in a driving game. In my younger years of playing Forza 2 my friends and I would always talking about wanting a game that uses a clutch. 446 more words

Forza Horizon - the verdict.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t live up to expectations.  The demo was a disappointment and the final game wasn’t any better.  This game seems like the ultimate combination on paper but it doesn’t deliver in execution.  220 more words


Finally Forza

So I’ve finally gotten around to playing Forza 3. I know it’s the previous generation, but that’s what my budget supports right now.

I didn’t have an Xbox360 when this came out and by the time I got one, my driving time was taken up with GT 5 on the PS3. 38 more words