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The genre effect....

An observation has occurred to me of late while scrolling through the library of games on my Xbox One, My list of genres appears to have dwindled… 289 more words


CA! Radio E3 2017: Microsoft

CA! Radio E3 2017: Microsoft (06/19/2017)
♪We finally come to the exciting conclusion of our E3 Conference rundown. A lot was riding on Microsoft this year but did the Xbox brand deliver?♪ Download & iTunes


2016 Best games

2016 brought us many games that will make us talk about them in 20 years and say “Look how Overwatch handled their charatchers so magnificant” or “Do you remember Uncharted 4 beautiful story” therefore i thought i make a list to show some of my favorite games of 2016. 725 more words


Why Always The Hate?

I was watching some YouTube videos the other day, and it is shocking the amount of hate that comes in the way of comments. Rather than accept that people have an opinion and that’s what makes humanity diverse and a good race able to adapt and get along. 455 more words


Volevo essere forte / Eleutheria

Eleutheria in greco antico significa “libertà”.

Non ho la minima idea di come tutto sia iniziato, e tanto meno di come sia finito. Solo di una cosa ho la massima certezza: non volevo essere magra, quello lo sono sempre stata.  1,385 more words


Forza Fans Tear Turn 10 a New Asshole After Pre-Order Announcement

So unless you permanently live under a rock and cling to your Pentium III running Windows 98 as if it’s some sort of metaphorical children’s blanket or teddy bear, obviously you know that E3 2017 is in full swing, and Turn 10 Studios have taken the wraps off of… 1,223 more words

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