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Gran Turismo Sport Review

Nearly four years into the Playstation 4’s life cycle, Sony’s premiere racing simulator has drifted onto the console. And Although Gran Turismo Sport has refined the looks and feel of racing, a lack of content and a shift to an always online model has made the latest installment of this storied franchise something I’d rather return to the garage… 379 more words


Random hoppers always tend to be chaotic, but I feel like some well meaning drivers bring the punishment on themselves.

RANT WARNING; This post ended up being longer than I anticipated.

I can't feel as sorry for someone who gets on the bad end of the crash or who gets bumped around if they're not helping themselves, the biggest example I can think of is people taking power cars on tracks meant for handling. 433 more words


Gran Turismo Sport in progress

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Right now, I’d love to be delivering a definitive verdict on GT Sport. However due to the vast majority of the game requiring always-online connectivity and its servers being down over a large part of the weekend, this review is a work in progress. 331 more words


How Forza Horizon 3 Helps Me Cope With My Anxiety

By Cole Henry

First off, I’m not a very good driver in real life. In fact, there are few things I hate doing more than driving. 748 more words

The Pursuit of Perfection: Or why I love the F1 series

I don’t usually gravitate towards racing games,  and yet the Formula 1 series is one I repeatedly go back to. I wasn’t entirely sure why that was, but after playing some Forza Horizon 2, I think I’ve figured it out. 592 more words


Why is Forza 7 such a mess?

Litterally every game has no issues running on my system. Even older games like the older gta's are running without a problem. Why on earth does Turn10 have all these issues, when no other developer has them? 224 more words


A Night on Blizzard Mountain, and Other Useless Information

Welcome to MojoFiction’s compendium of the top 10 stories you won’t find on Reddit (or wherever young people hang out on the internet because we’re cool like they are). 445 more words