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Forza Hasanuddin Masih Perkasa

Forza Hasanuddin sudah menyarangkan 21 gol ke jala lawan.
oleh Matthew Kevin J.

Babak I :

Masih teringat 10 gol yang setengahnya dicetak Viga? Hal itu terulang kembali. 214 more words


Nintendo's Next Console

The buzz is starting to build around just whatever Nintendo’s NX platform is. It’s a funny thing, anticipating the unknown, but it’s special because these sorts of things don’t happen all the time in our lives. 283 more words


Virginia International Raceway coming to Forza Motorsport 6 with the Porsche Expansion Pack

Listed on Amazon.com earlier today, a digital code for the upcoming Forza Motorsport 6 Porsche Expansion Pack appears to have surfaced; a hefty premium DLC package that will retail for… 201 more words


Exclusive video: Forza Motorsport 4 car audio capture

Ever wondered how the roaring sound of car engines you hear in-game are recorded and transferred there in the first place? As part of our behind-the-scenes tour of developer Turn 10 Studios, we saw first-hand just how it’s done for incoming Xbox 360 racer Forza Motorsport 4.  269 more words


Forza 150 ternyatahhhh.....

Yupsss Honda memang nggak mau keusik penguasaannya di segmen matik tanah air. Kehadiran Yamaha Nmax memang secara fakta harfiah pasti akan memakan pasar PCX dengan guammmpang banget. 115 more words


Forza Hasanuddin Hancurkan Bonjol FC

Kemenangan telak atas Bonjol FC menjadikan Forza Hasanuddin sebagai pemuncak klasemen sementara.
oleh Matthew Kevin J.

Babak I :

Mengawali babak pertama, kedua tim tampak saling berhati-hati menjaga pertahanannya masing-masing. 245 more words


The thrill of speed at home.

We’ve all had the dream of owning a very fast, very expensive car and driving at ludicrous speeds on a winding or open road some where in the world. 1,454 more words