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Osirez Music And Free Culture

I’ve been tinkering with music for awhile now and have had people ask quite a few times how do they get or can they use it.   499 more words


LLVM을 이용한 JIT 코드 개발 정리

현재 작업 중인 Tokamak (가제) 프로젝트서 사용될 LLVM JIT 코드 몇 가지를 작성해보았다. Rust로 작업하고 있기 때문에 llvm-alt 라는 바인딩 라이브러리를 fork해서 작업을 진행했다. fork 한 이유는 버그와 미구현 API 때문인데 maintenance가 기존에 리포트된 버그도 수정 안되길래 아예 fork 해버렸다. 90 more words


Learning from Anup's MozFest Experience

(Image Courtesy: wiki.mozilla.org)

My journey in Mozilla has been quite awesome and interesting till now. I’ve come to learn a lot of things, met like-minded people, shared ideas with them, gave talks which helped a lot in improving upon my skills as an organizer, leader, speaker, programmer and what not! 933 more words

Verslag week 47

Hoi allemaal!

Hier is die weer het week verslag van week 47, wat volgens mij best een doorsnee week was.

Maandag begon ik 8:30 met de academieraad LED waarbij het jaarplan van de academie werd besproken. 327 more words


Liberated Software Defined

What does “Liberated Software” mean you may ask? In fact, it’s really nothing but a funny joke over the words “Free Software” and “Open Source Software” 621 more words


Hike to Glymur

Today, I went on a trip with Fjallisnigillinn to hike up Glymur, the second highest waterfall in Iceland at 198m. It was the highest waterfall for years, but recently a higher one has been find at 200m, though there is much debate about this. 892 more words

Study Abroad

First Fedora Bug Report

GPG Issue
After generating my gpg key on Fedora 23 I ran in to an issue using the key to sign my email. When I went to Evolution to select the key it was not in the list. 149 more words