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"Mathematical Mix" - An Arduino-based RFID Reader Game

For my final project for Physical Computing, I decided to experiment with an RFID reader. For the game concept, I went with something very similar to the concept I pitched for… 146 more words


Free useful software for everyone.

Free as in beer, not free as in freedom – though some of it is both. I didn’t put trialware there, or things that require you to pay, to get certain features. 64 more words


Mixed Emotions

Mirroring the weather—cloudy with rain then changing to sunshine then back to cloudy—yesterday was a day of mixed emotions.

I went to Pier 9 to get pics of the arrival of the Japan Coast Guard training ship Kojima. 173 more words

Single-Country Journals Are Finnished

| Nicolai Foss |

There once was a Swedish Journal of Economics. And, of course, once there were lots of journals in languages other than English. 123 more words

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