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CentOS - Really a Step Brother of Fedora?

For all those who do not know much about the terms, let me write the meanings :

Red Hat – The company that has a big market on Linux Based Enterprise OS. 504 more words


Mozilla Stumbling in Jaipur

I got to Jaipur Stumbling trip which was majorly sponsored by Mozilla. Here is a full detail about our journey. Our main motive was to collect at least 10k reports for the upcoming Mozilla Stumbler Project. 888 more words


The first Ubuntu bug - a salute for Ubuntu from me

I was just browsing bugs on launchpad for “Ubuntu” and found their first bug. The title of the bug itself says their spirit about Open Source. 255 more words


Why Linux Distro's Are More Secured Than Any Other Operation Systems

Linux is an open source operating system where everyone can read the entire codes but still it is considered more secure as compared to the other operating systems. 791 more words


How can open source projects deliver high quality software without dedicated testers?

I recently received the following email from a WatirMelon reader Kiran, and was about to reply with my answer when instead I asked to reply via a blog post as I think it’s an interesting topic. 640 more words