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We can no longer turn our nose to an industry

I sat quietly, removed from the rest. I didn’t fit in. I didn’t know if I had any ability to fit in; I don’t speak the same language. 824 more words

Very Much Appreciated!

After a few rough weeks, it was wonderful to be allowed to tag along with Captain Enos on the Horizon Reliance job. There is nothing like being out on the water. 59 more words

The secret reason for Jobs/Employment

Listening to a recent NPR episode on automation, a thought came to mind.

How will people earn money once all the jobs are automated?

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3 am shenanigans at a large waterfall

Get hydrated

Bigtime foss

Bag ladies

3pm awakening to a lot of tourists. A pretty rad spot to camp and begin a hike none-the-less

...through The Lens

FLOCK Diaries - Krakow, 2016

tldr ; FLOCK 2016 took place in Krakow, Poland and I was lucky to be a part of it. During the conference, I met many awesome and inspiring folks from the Fedora community including those I have interacted with on IRC, gave my first talk, organized the CommOps workshop and attended many other wonderful talks and workshops which motivated me to further contribute to Fedora – all while enjoying the nightlife of Krakow ! 2,477 more words


Open Source Licensing

Open Source Licensing

FOSS is intellectual property and therefore is an asset that should be protected. The owner of the FOSS has a right to decide and control how it can be used by other developers and the public, in general. 1,172 more words



The walk behind waterfall