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The Energy Revolution

As a species we have made incredible leaps through the centuries. However, energy has been one of the neglected issues in global development. Although our discovery of fossil fuels ran our industrial engine conveniently, it also kept emptying out the planet’s core. 947 more words

Solar Industry

Cities in the age of the Anthropocene: Climate change agents and the potential for mitigation


Pincetl, S. 2017. Anthropocene, on-line 18 August 2017.


DOI: 10.1016/j.ancene.2017.08.001


Cities are human creations where many of the emissions causing climate change originate. 1,139 more words

Climate Change


Bumper to bumper
the traffic coiled around Cleveland’s east side,
tail lights in the darkness
provided an illusion of a unified being,
undulating around the city, 24 more words

Current Events

Civic Responsibility 3 - Environment

Continuing to think about the Quaker queries we are considering regarding civic responsibility (Civic Responsibility and Civic Responsibility 2), I earlier wrote about peace vigils and marches.  1,097 more words

Puerto Rico: Rebuilding Sustainably

“Building sustainably in Puerto Rico can take many different forms.”

By Linn Smith

October 19, 2017—Even though Puerto Rico is going through a devastating time after the hurricane, it is essential that we not only meet the current needs of the people, but also think about its future….rebuilding sustainably. 717 more words

Climate Change

Bjorn Lomborg on World energy mix

I am reposting here a post by Bjørn Lomborg in his fb wall early today. Thanks for this great piece, Bjorn.

The world is mostly run on fossil fuels (81.4%). 335 more words