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Farcicological Dig

“All this nonsense is a substitute for a simple proposition: stop digging. There is only one form of carbon capture and storage that is scientifically proven, and which can be deployed immediately: leaving fossil fuels in the ground.” ( 36 more words

Global air pollution is worse than you ever thought it was

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The World Health Organization — which has previously found that indoor and outdoor air pollution killed a shocking 7 million people globally in 2012 — released a new analysis Tuesday underscoring the extent of the risk, which seems to grow worse and worse the more we learn about how damaging tiny airborne particles can be to our health.

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The duty to be energy efficient

In the battle between those participating in the greatest scientific scam ever, and those who oppose it, an important issue is being totally ignored.

Supporters of human-caused global warming are raking in cash from government subsidies and enjoying political influence beyond their wildest dreams. 288 more words

World's Largest Companies: 2016 vs 2006

Next time you feel a little downhearted about the fight for a healthier environment, the struggle to beat back climate change – take a look at this graphic. 13 more words


Costa Rica has produced 100% renewable electricity for 76 days straight -- and still counting

Arturo Sotillo

❝ Costa Rica is well known for its lush rainforests, astounding volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and diverse wildlife. The country also has a reputation for actively focusing on climate change initiatives and can now boast the title of running on 100% renewable energy for 76 straight days – and counting.

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Meet the Deniers Club -- clouding the climate change debate

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❝ August tied July as the hottest month on record, according to NASA data released this past week. This year we’ve seen half a dozen thousand-year floods, along with epic droughts.

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Why I Deny Big Climate Alarmism

By Walter Donway – Re-Blogged From Savvy Street

What leads an objective non-scientist, examining the arguments, to reject “global warming,” a.k.a., “Big Climate alarmism”?

A couple weeks ago, my wife and I had dinner with a long-time friend of hers and her boyfriend. 3,722 more words

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