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Obama to Unveil Tougher Climate Plan With His Legacy in Mind

WASHINGTON — In the strongest action ever taken in the United States to combat climate change, President Obama will unveil on Monday a set of environmental regulations devised to sharply cut planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from the nation’s power plants and ultimately transform America’s electricity industry. 1,293 more words
Climate Change

Will Greece Look to the Sun God?

Yes, the Greek people are going through difficult times. There are scenes of pensioners queuing at cash machines to withdraw part of their monthly pensions. And there is also a significant need for… 342 more words


Feudal Fuel in Fossilized Lands

Profile :  Sachin W Bonde / Feudal Fuel in Fossilized Lands/  Sushma Sabnis

In a world where the human population and its unforgiving dependency on fossil fuel consumption tips the balance of the world’s natural resources, artist and printmaker Sachin W Bonde brings forth a critique which fuels the minds of the viewer, with his drawings, prints and installations..a profile by Sushma Sabnis.. 1,718 more words

Sushma Sabnis

Norway's Green Power from Solar, Wind and Hydropower Could Augment Electricity Across Europe

Norway: Engineers aim to use surplus power from wind and sun to boost European electricity supplies and slash fossil fuel

The Nore I hydropower plant operates at an installed capacity of 206 MW (Statkraft/Flickr) 710 more words

New Energy Outlook 2015


By 2040, the world's power-generating capacity mix will have transformed: from today's system composed of two-thirds fossil fuels to one with 56% from zero-emission energy sources. 520 more words

Alternative Energy


Energy has come to retain a very important and prominent place in the development of any country or region. Indeed, energy is fundamental to the fulfilment of basic individual and community needs such as lighting, transportation, provision of water, food, health and education. 509 more words