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My First Post (Fracking)

Hello my name is Paul and as you have probably gathered this is the first post on my new blog “my human view” I hope to give my opinion and look at many subjects but today i focus on the environment, in particular Fracking or to give it  its proper name “Hydraulic fracturing” a process that entails highly pressurized water and sand being pumped into the ground so as to fracture the rocks deep below and allow gas, petroleum etc, to be extracted.Hydraulic fracturing has become very controversial in the United Kingdom, though some would like it to be allowed on a large scale here as it has been in the United States as yet it has not been any where near on such a scale. 512 more words

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Crude Attempts

“Petty legal filings. Diversionary ballot measures. Counting abstentions as no votes. These are just some of the tactics U.S. oil companies used this spring to quash efforts by investors to win the right to nominate climate experts for board seats.” ( 41 more words

Breaking: Spectra Expands Compressor Station and Pipeline

Today we learned some unsettling news: Spectra Energy is starting a new pipeline project, Access Northeast. Plans for this pipeline have been in the works since February. 208 more words

Government Subsidies for Fossil Fuels, Renewable Energy

In response to my piece: Government Subsidies for the Energy Industry in the U.S., senior energy analyst Glenn Doty makes these points which I’ve greatly abbreviated; I encourage readers to click on the link and read the whole enchilada. 293 more words

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Role of Government in Migrating to Clean Energy

I was delighted with the discussion pursuant to my piece on moral philosophy and energy policy. I note that most comments support my beliefs that a) young minds should be exposed to man’s great questions, b) we all do, in fact, share a set of duties and responsibilities, and c) the way in which we generate and consume energy figures prominently here, as the externalities of burning fossil fuels are causing a considerable number of harmful effects – both to us here on Earth now, and to future generations. 350 more words

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Energy Policy: Taking a Stand Against Fossil Fuels

I recently instructed the U.S. (as if it takes my instructions) to tell the world:

America as a country, and a heck of an impressive one at that, is proving its moral goodness by phasing out fossil fuels at the maximum practical pace.   307 more words

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