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Are you 'sure' you want your relative to work for BigWind?

I don’t know about you, but I work to earn money, period. Most people try to earn the most money they can, in order to provide for their family, and they will change jobs if they can earn more somewhere else. 586 more words

Sweden's Electric Road

Once again, Sweden is ahead of the curve, as it tests two versions of an electric road. The idea is to move away from fossil fuels and creative a more sustainable energy future. 370 more words

The Indian Subcontinent Again Sets Record Temperatures

“As the planet warms it can be expected that there will be more severe heat waves and they will become hotter, more frequent, last longer, and occur in more varied places.” 952 more words

Climate Change

The world is quietly turning to nuclear energy 

If you want actual “clean energy” that is reliable, look no further than nuclear energy. 261 more words