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Your Friday Update: How Much Energy Is Enough?

This is less an update and more a concern.

Much of the conversation about renewable energy revolves around the assumption that our energy needs as a society are somehow fixed. 271 more words

Climate Solutions

And then we discovered thermodynamics

Energy, matter, space and time came into existence in the Big Bang 13.5 billion years ago. 10 billion years later biological organisms started to appear. 70,000 years ago one of those organisms, man started to organise in structures, called cultures and history began. 327 more words


Coal, Clean? Smoke & Mirrors I Say

Coal has always been a dirty substance both when mined and burned. When burned it releases soot (the visible stuff) and gases into the air that can hang around literally choking the life out of an area, not to mention what falls out of the air coating everything in a fine dust. 942 more words

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EI – January 26, 2016 – by I.B. Underwahder, Corporate Reporter

Leaked emails are hinting at funeral plans being made for Chesapeake Energy (CHK).

The once second largest producer of natural gas and the 12th… 277 more words

Should Vermont divest?

Should Vermont divest? A recent study argues that Vermont’s state pension funds have given up $77 million in gains due to investments in fossil fuels. Gov. 54 more words


Clawmate Change

“We know emissions cause climate change. Until recently, assigning specific blame – establishing whose fault it is – wasn’t possible. But science is racing towards sure ways to clarify ‘whodunnit’ – and to what extent they did it.” ( 33 more words