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Super critical CO2 power cycle with zero Carbon emission – a possibility.

There is likely to be a dramatic change in energy landscape with introduction of super critical CO2 power cycle. It not only increases the power efficiency, reduces the foot print considerably, utilizes part of CO2 emission internally in the form of super critical fluid and open a new path to eliminate Carbon emission completely (zero Carbon emission). 418 more words

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By Christopher B. Daly

One month into the Trump era, the number of new jobs in coal mining remains steady, at zero.

Now comes word that… 75 more words

1 out of 50 new jobs in the United States came from the solar industry last year

❝ The number of jobs created to make, sell and install solar panels in the U.S. grew at a record pace last year, and grew much faster than the overall American economy, which is welcome news for the solar industry in the face of policy uncertainty.

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Trump Ends Oil Extraction Rule

One of the things that the mainstream press have done is focus on Trump’s outlandish statements, particularly his empirical statements. For example at his press conference today Donald Trump said that… 813 more words
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Warmists promote death to Africa?! ‘It’s time for Africa to reject current development model based on fossil fuels’

Africa’s climate crisis will escalate, unless leaders and private sectors, commit to actions that ensure no new fossil fuel developments will take place on the continent.Most African economies rely on agriculture and the region is already prone to serious droughts and floods that change the lives of many women, men and children across the continent.…

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Renewables Won’t Work – Even If Climate Claims are True

By Eric Worrall – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

Imagine for a moment that all the wild claims of climate driven future weather disasters will occur as predicted. 385 more words

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Fossil fuels are not welcome in this UBC investment fund

The University of British Columbia will exclude fossil fuel companies from its low-carbon investment fund, a move being applauded by a campus group that has been pushing for divestment. 157 more words