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Decolonizing Environmentalism: Fossil Fuels, Slavery, and White Supremacy

By Dr. Herukhuti

When I hear the word “fossil,” I think of elementary school trips to the American Museum of Natural History. Seeing displays of dinosaur bones and other remnants from the period when… 541 more words


Criminal Exxon: Climate Change Denial

Roger’s note: Marx said that capitalism isn’t viable because it is unable to sustain a livable society.  Nothing is more true today.  The political leaders of the nations of the world got together in Paris and outlined a plan to halt climate change.   284 more words


Green light for fracking

The first fracking scheme in five years has been approved by councillors in Yorkshire despite vociferous protest from environmental campaigners and local residents.

British company, Third Energy, has won the right to extract shale gas near the North York Moors national park. 190 more words

Clean Not Green

Clean Not Green

Generating alternative energy, using solar cells, requires the fossil-fueled extraction of minerals and the fossil-fueled manufacture of solar panels, that are made using rare earth minerals, and that produce highly toxic materials. 64 more words

What if fossil fuel disappeared tomorrow?

Some of the more extreme climate and fossil fuel activists want all fossil fuel extraction to crease almost immediately – see Protest blockade and backlash… 905 more words


Gates Foundation dumps all of its BP stock

Photo/Rich Talk

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation sold off its $187 million stake in the oil giant BP sometime between September and December of 2015, according to a recent filing to the U.S.

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