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Fossil fuel volcano

I’m reading Light of the Stars “Alien Worlds and the Fate of the Earth” — Adam Frank.

I’m about halfway through and so far Frank has supplied mostly background in his attempt, I’m assuming, to present various models — based on our solar system’s mechanics and planetary variations — to determine the probability of exo-civilizations, in the galaxy and the cosmos in general. 356 more words


Stop Line 3

This will be the 4th and final day of PUC meetings to make the final decision on Line 3 (June 18, 19, 26, and 27).  Please see the  93 more words


Freeze, Reduce or Eliminate CAFÉ Fuel Standards

By Paul Driessen – Re-Blogged From http://www.WattsUpWithThat.com

Too many small, lightweight cars cause too many deaths and injuries to justify tighter mpg rule

A 2002 National Academy of Sciences study estimated that automotive mileage standards had helped cause as many as 2,600 extra fatalities in 1993 – at a relatively lenient standard of 27.5 miles per gallon. 1,507 more words


Fossil fuel subsidy reforms: we know why, the question is how

A new book, “Fossil Fuel Subsidy Reforms: A Guide to Economic and Political Complexity (Routledge), explores the complex economics and politics of fossil fuel subsidies, and distils key principles for designing and implementing of effective reforms. 802 more words

World Bank Group

Climate Crime Scene Protest at The Open University

The campaign calling on The Open University (OU) to divest from fossil fuel companies, Fossil Free OU, protested with like-minded people and groups at the Walton Hall Campus in Milton Keynes a couple of weeks ago to coincide with a meeting by The OU Council. 536 more words

Climate Change, Carbon Dioxide and Energy Poverty in Poor Countries

Does Carbon Dioxide cause climate change or is it a weapon against development of energy systems in underdeveloped countries?

Advocates say climate change is caused by anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2).  1,115 more words


Top Ten Countries with the Most Installed Solar Power

I just saw this data online about installed solar around the world and plotted it out.

China is well ahead with total installed Solar, followed by Japan, Germany and USA, which are all about the same! 129 more words

Renewable Energy