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Wind Power to Dominate Power Sector Growth

BEIJING, 18 October 2016. The Global Wind Energy Council released its biennial Global Wind Energy Outlook today, outlining scenarios where wind could supply 20% of global electricity by 2030. 429 more words

Paris Agreement

Tomorrow is National Bioenergy Day

What is bioenergy? It is a power or heat source that recently has been ‘alive’ (bio).  Not solar, not from the wind, not created from combustion of fossil fuels (that were ‘alive’ years ago….). 277 more words

Electric. Trains.

You can hear plans for baning fossil fueled cars in next 10-20 years in EU. How many electric cars in Serbia?

— Igor V. (@codeic) …

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Student activists occupy Centennial Common to protest fossil fuel investment

Back in April, I wrote an article for Woof Magazine explaining the continuing controversy over fossil fuel divestment at Northeastern University. That would be a good bit of background reading for this post.   435 more words

Class Assignments

Massive Catholic divestment from fossil fuels

Climate Solidarity Prayer March in ManilaAP/Aaron Favila

❝ If you care deeply about humanity and its role on this planet, climate change represents a significant, existential threat.

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California’s 'Renewable' Energy Grid on Verge of Crisis 

We have warned you about this for years.  Our grid was not designed to handle intermittent energy. Australia has the most recent example of this failure and the damage it can cause to the consumers, but Europe has seen glimpses of this problem, also.   457 more words

Protesting While Brown

Some might call this protesting, others call it rioting. We’ll be neutral and call it what it is: civil unrest.

This week, we’re focusing on the disparities in the media coverage of Americans who take to the streets to voice their opinions. 461 more words