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Stomata in Fossil and Recent Conifers

Fine Details of Some Fossil and Recent Conifer Leaf Cuticles

Boulter M. C. (xxxx)

M. C. Boulter, North East London Polytechnic, London, UK

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Because I studied abroad in Scotland during my college days, folks keep asking me if I was going back to Edinburgh to reunite with some faculty members or friends I’d met in 2013. 245 more words


Let's dive into some real Science!

Science works by experiments. It watches how things behave. Every scientific statement in the long run, however complicated it looks, really means something like, “I pointed the telescope to such and such a part of the sky at 2:20 A.M.

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Dinosaur quarries of Hastings

For over two hundred years, dinosaur bones and other fossils have been found along the beach to the east of Hastings, between Rock-a-Nore and Pett, but by far the most spectacular specimens were collected from local quarries in the nineteenth century. 3,096 more words


Mary Anning - by Oscar Roch (Age 10)

This amazing article about the life of Mary Anning, was written by Oscar Roch who is just TEN years old, for a school project. It is his own work, with just books and guides to help obtain facts. 2,790 more words


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday started a beautiful day so our plans to show our friends Pepe1, Rosa and Alex -newish in town- some of the lesser known areas around Carmelo was possible. 925 more words

Bush Stories And Anecdotes


The eggs of the common jellybird are prized more than those of a stork, ptarmigan or even the elusive sweater-wearing snoot pigeon. You’d think that these eggs would be valued for their culinary value, but they’re practically inedible (more of a collector’s item). 214 more words