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The Roundup: Ancient Bird Wings, Alex Jones, and Obama Can't Win

99 Million Year old  Wings: Getting fossilized is lucky so when paleontologists come across a specimen encapsulated in stone or (in the case of two recently discovered wings) trapped in amber, they get pretty darn excited. 333 more words

Biological Evolution

Rain Man [Alternative]

I taste you on the air, Rain Man.
Are you caught behind the mountain?
The pale daughter of the sun, Rain Man,
stalks behind the storm. 183 more words


072116: Returning Home

Back from my trip to Vermont – the show looks good and will be up for a while. My studio, on the other hand, was a bit of a mess – something that always happens when preparing for a show. 288 more words


How to Have an (Authentic) Paleontology Dig

It was during a visit to the Natural History museum that I got the idea to have a Paleontology Dig.  We had already excavated cookies, but this time I wanted to make it as true to life as possible.   832 more words


Mew vs. Arceus: Why Evolution is a Fact in Our World and the Pokémon World (10th Post Special)

“It is said to have emerged from an egg in a place where there was nothing, then shaped the world.” – Arceus entry, Pokémon Platinum Version… 5,543 more words


Critter of the Week: Pliosaurus

Meet Tigger. This big guy is always ready to flash a big, toothy smile, especially at mealtime.

Tigger sure has a big appetite.  He’ll eat anything that fits in that giant mouth of his.   660 more words

Progress Posts

Database of Quaternary Fossils from Sahul Now Available

Now available: a database of fossils from Sahul. Specifically: Quaternary, non-human, vertebrates. “This, the FosSahul database, includes 9,302 fossil records from 363 deposits, for a total of 478 species within 215 genera, of which 27 are from extinct and extant megafaunal species (2,559 records). 73 more words

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