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I wonder why ...

I wonder why only India should be free-for-all, no rules country…..

Yesterday all TV channels were crying hoarse about Mr. Mahesh Sharma’s comment that women tourists should not wear skirts… the Big Bindi brigade, fake liberals, Presstitutes, fossilized women who were once considered journalists (!!), and the rich and famous all chewed up Mr. 591 more words

Disturbed Ramblings

Neanderthals and Giant's Bones

A Strange Skeleton

The bones revealed a human of “extraordinary form,” he concluded. It was January 1857, and Hermann Schaaffhausen had just viewed a fossilized skeleton that was unlike anything he had ever seen. 755 more words


3D Bone Scans of Australopithecus "Lucy" Now Available Online

Lucy is over 3 million years old but she looks only 900,000 thanks to this one weird trick. Just kidding. Lucy is a famous collection of bone fossils of an Australopithecus, and earlier this week… 75 more words

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Mineral Madness at the Tellus Museum

I recently went to the Tellus Museum in Cartersville, Ga. It was a wonderful experience and I took a ton of great reference photos for my artwork. 512 more words


3D-print your own bones from everyone's favorite fossil, Lucy

Admit it: You’ve always wanted your very own Australopithecus. Unfortunately, they’re extinct — but the best known representation of our 3-million-year-old ancestor, the famous fossil Lucy, is now more accessible than ever. 353 more words


How One of the World's Oldest Human Ancestors Died

The world’s best-known human ancestor fossil—widely known as Lucy—likely died following a fall from a tree, according to new research.

Scientists behind the study, published in the journal… 215 more words

Jurassic Fossils is now LIVE on Indiegogo

The Dinosaurs are all that we fear and truly a story that never ends as we learn more about them through the advances of modern science. 299 more words

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