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Just For Fun

Talk about the worst way to go out: 99 million year old daddy longs legs caught in the act… kinda. That has got to be insanely embarrassing; first, you end up as a fossil and second, you never get to do anything before the act of fossilization. Damn, that seriously sucks.

And Now For Something Completely Different

Coccoliths – tiny fossils with immense paleontological importance

Microfossils, such as foraminifera, diatoms, ostracods and conodonts, are usually studied using a magnifying glass or under a stereo-microscope. However, nannofossils, such as coccoliths – with sizes measured in micrometres – are way beyond the resolving power of these optical tools. 1,512 more words


Stones, and Skirts

Where to begin?  I’m pretty sure I remember these scenes out of order.  Perhaps the train traveled to the mall, but maybe the escalator in the mall traveled to the train.  1,033 more words


Summer Memories…

Sometimes, when we are in the midst of winter, I like to remember some of the lovely places we have visited in past summers.
Mandy James, author of A Stitch in Time and Cross stitch, talking about her upcoming new book, which is based in Tintagel, Cornwall, a place with so many happy memories for us, triggered this off. 290 more words

Life As An Author

Announcing the Taung Child to the World

Dart and his Taung Baby

Raymond Dart and his Taung child fossil are well known in the history of paleoanthropology. The story goes: the fossil came from a limestone quarry near the town of Taungs, South Africa. 530 more words

History Of Science

Meet The Daddy Longlegs With The 99-Million-Year-Old Fossilized Erection

Millions of years ago, a daddy longlegs finally made it to adulthood. Free of the confines of puberty, his spiderhood burst forth, ready to procreate. And then he was suddenly covered in tree sap and frozen into that position for all eternity, because nature is hilariously cruel. 176 more words