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Inside China's Motherlode of Ancient Monsters

Junchang Lü and friend (Photo: Richard Conniff)

by Richard Conniff/Smithsonian Magazine

Not long ago in northeastern China, I found myself being driven in a Mercedes Benz SUV down a winding country road, trailed by a small motorcade of local dignitaries, past flat-roofed brick farmhouses and fields full of corn stubble. 2,382 more words


Book review: Rock Explorer series, two titles by Claudia Martin

Martin, Claudia. Fossils. (Rock Explorer series). QEB/Quarto Publishing, 2018. $26.65. ISBN 9781682973264. 24 pages. Ages 6-9. P7 Q8

Not only can fossils tell us about the past, they are fun to find and there are so many types. 302 more words

Book Reviews

Tuesday Musings.

To begin this blog post, I’ll borrow a line from a favorite John Denver song:  “some days are diamonds, some days are stones” …

You can liken diamonds versus stones to life in general, or the weather. 675 more words

Joggins fossil cliffs- UNESCO WHS

I think I may have broken the law today.  I trespassed. I stepped over the chain barrier that said DO NOT ENTER, and proceed onward to a wooden path that was also blocked by boards nailed across the entrance. 844 more words


Geologic Column

One of the most frequently touted evidences for evolution is the geologic column.  Evolutionary science textbooks routinely tout this construction as evidence for evolution. This article will focus in the geologic column and attempt to clarify what it is, and whether it is evidence for evolution or not. 804 more words

The Science

A year of yes: My day at the Edelman Fossil Park with paleontologist Ken Lacovara

It filled my heart with joy to see kids actively engaged in science and hunting for fossils at Rowan University’s Edelman Fossil Park yesterday. It is such a special place, unique in the world for the scientific history it holds. 86 more words