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Neandertals Continue to Surprise in the South of France

New research on a cave in southwestern France is once again highlighting how advanced Neandertals really were. We already knew Neandertals were able to fashion sophisticated stone tools, use fire, and bury their dead. 898 more words

Author Todd Charles Wood

Dinos of Canada stamps Stampede into Canada Post Outlets

They say bad news comes in threes. That may be so, but good news can come in threes, too. Especially if you’re a dinosaur fan. 614 more words


Science behind......Fossils

When I was five years old my aunt took me to the Natural History Museum in London. I vividly remember walking through the doors and looking up at the huge Diplodocus skeleton (which had imaginatively been named Dippy). 1,319 more words

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Trip to Southerndown Beach

I recently went on a trip to Southerndown for a day of drawing and fossil hunting.
whilst there I found that many of the rocks along the beach were very weak and would easily crumble and break when picked up, I noticed that even the larger rocks that had falled from the cliffs would sort of merge together, fitting nicely as if they were selected and places like a cobbled street. 17 more words


Swift Footed Mystery

I was reviewing a children’s nonfiction graphic novel on dinosaurs-First Second Press’s Science Comics (love the concept!) Dinosaurs: Fossils and Feathers. It was more about the discovery and scientists than dinosaurs themselves. 410 more words

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Alchemy: Amber



fossilized tree resin washed up on ocean shore

the greeks say it was “formed of the sun”

soul of the tiger

teething help… 22 more words


She Sells Sea Shells

Today is the birthday of Mary Anning, who was born in 1799. She lived in Lyme Regis and collected fossils from the cliffs there. Mary made several significant finds including the first two plesiosaur skeletons and the first pterosaur to be found outside of Germany. 911 more words

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