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‘Nothing fishy’: Canadian owners of ancient fossils repatriated to China deny any wrongdoing

Wendy Sloboda insists there is “nothing fishy” about a purchase she made on eBay of a 250 million-year-old marine reptile fossil from China.

“Everything was above board,” Sloboda, who lives in Warner, Alta., and has a reputation as a “legendary” dinosaur fossil hunter, said this week. 1,068 more words


Fossil leaves and stomata suggest global warming

Human Existence Is At Risk: Fossil Leaves Indicate The Destiny

A famous biogeochemist, David Beerling of the University of Sheffield in the UK helped to develop “fossil leaf gas exchange technique”. 291 more words


Ancient Humans

Science has been finding accumulating evidence that ancient species of humans interbred. Surprisingly, at least in some respects, the discoveries confirm some long held Seventh-day Adventist perspectives on the evolution of mankind. 2,364 more words


My Domain

This is my domain. Its a large basement room in a hideous 1970s building on a college campus. When the basement floor is empty and dark in the earliest of mornings, its easy to imagine the credits of a horror movie start rolling. 185 more words



At the moment the man from the Natural History Museum handed him fossilized dinosaur poop to hold, I think I heard his brain explode.

Prehistoric Animals: A series of illustrations by David Roland

I bought this set of postcards when I was a kid in the 1970s. I can’t remember exactly where I bought them, but it was probably Manchester Museum. 76 more words