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Owls, Part 3: Giant Fossil Owls and Chickcharney

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We all know that Twitter can be somewhat of a cesspool of ‘splainers, sealions, and a haven for creeps in your DMs. 1,410 more words

Fossil finding!

Time for something different! Today, we headed out of Hull to the ‘dinosaur coast’ to look for fossils. The weather was warm, the day clear and so off we went. 136 more words


An Ancient Case of Paget’s Disease

A new study has identified a potential case of Paget’s disease in the bones of a 298 million year old lizard-like animal. The results come from a study of two fused tail vertebrae recovered from a fossilised cave system in Richards Spur, Oklahoma, USA. 659 more words


Dinosaur-age microfossils uncover Australia’s Late Jurassic Inland Sea

New evidence uncovered by researchers at the University of Adelaide suggests the ancient seas in Central Australia were briefly covered by sea water as far back as the Late Jurassic (Image Source: NOVA ScienceNow) 653 more words


WOW…can I just say WOW !?!? I have never in my life been to a crystal show that is SO massive, it was just unreal! The “main” complex where the show was held was divided between 5 buildings, both inside and out, along with 4 local hotels hosting hundreds of vendors both inside and outside! 

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'Staring at me:' Oldest known spider ancestor found in Burgess Shale

Correction: This article previously reported that the Burgess Shale is located in Alberta. It’s located in Yoho National Park in British Columbia. 

British Columbia’s famed Burgess Shale has yielded another ground-breaking fossil find — this time the oldest known ancestor of today’s spiders and scorpions. 217 more words


On the trail of Neandertals!

In 2012, a team of French researchers began systematic excavation of a known Neandertal site in the coastal community of Le Rozel.  The site had been studied previously and known primarily as an occupation, a place where the remains of a hearth, stone tools, and animal bones had been excavated.  751 more words

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