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I. Is. Treasure. Daddy. 

Our dog does this adorable thing when you are petting her. The moment you stop, she makes these precious noises and takes her nose and tries to lift your hand. 518 more words


The First Hours of Respite

Ever wonder what the first hours of respite are like for foster care?  This evening we welcomed three brothers aged 14, 13, and 9 to stay with us over the weekend while their foster dad is out of town.   475 more words

Almost 3 Years...

On March 28th, it’ll be 3 years since Mary has joined our family and stolen our hearts.  It’s been just over two years that Mary has been the greatest big sister anyone could ask for.   293 more words

Love ain't always an open door!

*Downs coffee like a shot & throws hands in the air* FINALLY!

After talking with four people from DFCS and CASA, we have an answer! 370 more words


When you see our kids...

When you see our children…You may see their excitement to get a cookie. Or their adventurous hearts as they play outside. You love their bright smile and the way they run up and hug you. 803 more words


Giving Without Expectation

This week has been one of those parenting weeks that just feels like too much. A suspension from school, another almost suspension, stealing, bad and dangerous choices, and a whole lot of lying…all of these being their own separate incidences. 686 more words


Not Giving Up 

Not giving up on things in life is really easy when they don’t require much of you. For instance, persevering and continuing to make reading a part of my life is not hard because I absolutely love doing it. 676 more words