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When we began

For starters, I want you to know I believe in Radical honesty. I am not going to sugar coat my life, and probably I am going to offend a few people in the process, so before hand, I am sorry to hurt your feelings, this is my life as I see it. 1,601 more words

Special-Needs Parenting


Foster care and adopting a child {or children} from foster care, will not be easy. I’ve never done things the easy way. Not ever.  So I’m game. 362 more words


Patrick D'Amelio: A Dad at Heart

Patrick D’Amelio knew what he wanted to be.

“At the most basic human level I understood in my heart that I wanted to be a dad,” D’Amelio said. 797 more words


Pride class #5

Oh boy.  What a night.  I don’t even know where to start.  I suppose the best place to begin, in the interest of preserving the true course of this process, is the fact that KC and I almost didn’t make it to class.  861 more words

Foster Care

Getting what you want- but not how you wanted it...

I’m Pregnant!

I’m still not sure the exclamation point seems authentic.  I am not excited to be pregnant.  I am trying to get there tho…  706 more words


Its Like a Rubix Cube

The Journey of Adoption through the Foster care system is a little like solving the Rubix cube.  Its challenging in all sorts of ways. Each block, no matter the color is another equation of the adoption journey. 129 more words


The Boys' Room

I never got to show you guys the kid’s finished rooms!

If you remember from previous pictures, originally we had this room set up with one bed….then when we got the call that we were going to have a sibling set that consisted of a girl and two boys, we did some quick changes in the matter of days. 98 more words