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Gut Checking Guilt

Sticks and stones may break bones, says the familiar playground rhyme. While words may never hurt, (that’s a lie) guilt can gut punch event the strongest individual. 494 more words

Foster Care

Through three sets of eyes part 3


In total my grandma had 15 children. They don’t all have the same dad though. They are split into two groups. The oldest consisting of three females and two males and the second group consisting of four females and fives males. 1,087 more words

Through three sets of eyes part 2

Foster Mum

It was the 11th March 1987; I received a telephone call from a social worker called Jill. I had worked with her before. Jill was inquiring to see if I had space foe two children; a brother and sister whose mum had gone into hospital due to breaking her leg for a second time. 904 more words

When the system works: An OBU student's journey through foster care

By Jacob Factor, Features Editor   (Photo by Jacob Factor/The Bison)

There are plenty of stories of kids getting “lost in the system”: ones who stay in… 1,532 more words

Jacob Factor

On Being a Mom & Other Vulnerable Things

I have a tender heart. I’m sensitive. I feel deeply. I love deeply. I’m passionate. If I hurt, I huuuurrrrttt. If I’m happy, I’m way happy. 975 more words