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There's a Chicken in My Car: October Baseball and Other Rarities

She wanted to know what she should bake; she was taking suggestions via Facebook.  My friend Chrissy is a self-proclaimed therapeutic baker.  She’s also a foster mom.   730 more words

Foster Parenting

Signing up

After much hemming and hawing, we made the decision.  We’re starting the licensing process to become foster parents in case his cousin’s infant is taken from her at birth.   2,948 more words


Stay thy Hand!

What would happen if someone slapped your wife? Your daughter? Think about that. How does one react to that? I was taught to protect and defend the honor of women, and that it was my particular duty to defend those close to me – wife, daughter, mother, sister. 561 more words


The Pains of the Foster Care Families: the Long Road to Adoption

There are really good parents, who actually want these children, and gave them that sense of stability, and yet, the adoption priorities goes to the people from abroad, why is that, huh??? 745 more words


Technology and Trauma: Adventures in Finding a Middle Ground.

I wholeheartedly want to get rid of the iPad. I am ready to throw the thing away and be done with it. My husband loves his technology, but the children simply cannot handle it. 710 more words


Child Free by Choice (with kids)

Recently a popular article on the benefits of being child free has been recirculating among in my social network. I liked it and began to comment that  1,073 more words

Foster Parenting

The 14 Reasons My Kid Refused to Nap Today

  1. His shoes were on.
  2. His shoes weren’t on.
  3. His hair hurt.
  4. What if he gets a cavity in his teeth while he’s asleep?
  5. The dogs weren’t napping (they were).
  6. 104 more words
Foster Parenting