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Mom 1 Defiant Teen 0

OK please understand I am laughing as I type this because of the absurdity of all of it. Yes it is all true, I swear so hopefully you can laugh too. 820 more words


All The Things I Control

After any major behavior episode at my house has been fully resolved and the children are calm and the issues have been discussed, I need 30 minutes or so to be alone. 666 more words

Foster Parenting

My New Heroes

Have you ever wished you could be a hero?  It takes a lot to be one!

It takes sacrifice.

It takes self-denial.

It takes commitment. 849 more words


Great escape at the Great Escape

 OK disclaimer, I took the above photo from the Lake George Visitor page but yep that is where we went this weekend. Little Man was thrilled that he was tall enough to ride the one ride he wanted to ride, the Boomerang. 687 more words


The Hand of a Duchess

I’m sitting in a Starbucks writing (#stereotype).  As I watch my oldest daughter working behind the bar I really want to take a picture of her, but know that will lead to the ‘really mom’ look.  1,316 more words

Lessons Learned

Getting to the Other Side 

The chickens cross the road for lots of reasons.

It was unusually warm for late May. As I stole time in the garden on a Sunday morning, I could nearly feel the seeds taking root beneath the soil. 1,110 more words

Foster Parenting