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Not my own, not my forever

I tell myself so many times every day that you are not my own.  That you belong to someone else.  That I shouldn’t get so attached.  473 more words

Frustrated at the Process

So things looked good on N’s side, the workers agreed, the agency she lives in agrees and her guardian ad litum agrees I am a good match. 725 more words


Round and round we go

I feel like my life is a merry-go-round.  I go around this circle of thinking things will begin to slow down, to get less hectic.  And maybe in some distant, unseen future they will, but for now each almost-lull develops into a new onslaught of activity.  176 more words

Waiting and hoping part 2

“Did you know I have a copy of your home study? I have to be honest when we looked at your home study we both thought-oh my God this is the perfect family for N.” 651 more words


I Have Nothing New to Share

Yesterday, I spring cleaned hard core from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and then collapsed on the couch and watched Netflix, barely moving for two hours until I hauled my ass to bed at 10 p.m. 345 more words

My Life

Another Rainy Day

It was raining yesterday when the white DCFS van pulled into the driveway. It all felt so strangely familiar as I took hold of two toddlers … only this time, instead of being met with scared, blank eyes, that sweet toddler boy saw me and a big smile lit up his face. 559 more words


My Advisor, my Mentor, my Friend

When I asked my friend Nyima for some words of wisdom for living a good life, she replied:

Have courage.

See the humor

Be useful. 534 more words