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Aftermath, Day 143

28 January

Walking by the playroom was the hardest part. Even though we had sent almost all of the toys and many of the books with Baby B when he left, there were still so many reminders in that little space. 596 more words


Where We're At Now

I struggle to write this follow up post because where we’re at now, well… sucks. I can say with full confidence, however, that despite it all (“it all” = the truly challenging bits and bouts) I would not undo any of it. 746 more words


Goodbye, Day 135

20 January

What began as pick-up-Baby-B-and-keep-him-overnight-at-least on Labor Day 2016 became plan-to-have-Baby-B-until-December, and eventually plan-to-have-Baby-B-until-June. Until a Wednesday evening in January when there would be no more plans; just… 1,010 more words


This is pure joy in foster care.

Guest post as part of our National Adoption Month series: Post by Sarah Harmeyer


Pure joy.

There are moments like that in foster care. Moments your heart bursts with love and fullness. 460 more words

November National Adoption Month

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place and circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break – 1,203 more words

Some Last (Written) Thoughts About Bill by John E. Stack

Bill has been out of our house for a little over six months and our lives are so vastly different now that we only have one child.  757 more words


Support: Fuel For The Journey

Recently, I was part of a conversation with several families on the foster/adoption journey. All mentioned the thing that discouraged them the most was a feeling that they were in this alone. 548 more words

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