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Praise him in the Hallway! 

I listened carefully as the pediatrician articulated exactly what my thoughts had been for a few weeks concerning our son Owen. Incredulously I realized that my fears were justified and needed to be addressed for his protection. 354 more words

O. M. G.

That brings me to another topic entirely…kids love to ask questions and sometimes it’s hard to think of the right answer. You find yourself defining words and explaining things you never thought you would ever need to know. 546 more words

Foster Parenting

My family 

No matter how tough things got, I always reminded myself that God was in all of this somewhere. He knew what the future held and he knew why he had chosen us. 328 more words

Foster Parenting

You Mean I Can Say No?

When I initially thought about foster care, I had a very specific idea of what I thought that meant. You get called at 2AM, with anything from an abandoned infant to a runaway teen, and you say yes. 932 more words

Second Edition

Have you had a chance to read He Remembers the Barren, yet?

If not, catch up on what’s new in the revised and extended second edition by listening to these recent interviews on Worldwide KFUO’s Faith ‘n’ Family show: 20 more words


Good People Doing Good Things - Mohamed Bzeek

“I am not an angel. I am not a hero. It’s just what we are supposed to do as a human being.”

Three weeks ago I wrote about the couple, … 1,401 more words

Good People Doing Good Things

The truth

The truth is that fostering and adoption comes with a great deal of joy and laughter, but mixed all in those emotions are feelings of heartbreak, anger, guilt, and fear. 463 more words

Foster Parenting