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A Dance of Grace

I have so many things I could write about my youngest. But many of those things she won’t understand until she’s older. The imperfect parent I am. 1,886 more words

Disapearing People: Abandonment Fears in Adoption

“Where are you going? Why are you leaving? Where is Nana? NANA?! WHERE ARE YOU???” This was Carl’s reaction when my mother walked around a corner. 1,102 more words


Starting Fires For Self-Esteem

He views himself through a distorted lens, as if he were always looking into a fun house mirror. Carl’s sense of self is based on a past history that won’t let go of him. 936 more words


Humans of Foster Care Series - Post #2

As I walk into the hospital, I shoot up a quick prayer, asking for God’s blessing on this new little child I’m bringing home.  The social worker walks quickly towards me, red-faced, rubbing her hair back tighter into her bun.   539 more words


Humans of Foster Care Series- Post #1

This post was shared on the popular page “Humans of Foster Care” about 12 hours ago.  Since then, it has been liked, shared, and commented on over 8,000 times and viewed over a quarter of a million times.  

397 more words

"Mad Dog Face": Adventures in My Daughter's Emotional Rollercoaster

There is a small girl with a big helmet on the lacrosse field, running through plays, sobbing uncontrollably. I’ve just made it to Lacrosse practice and my husband is coaching. 487 more words


Scratched and Dented

“Well, for one thing, I don’t like that. You know what that usually means?”

I could only imagine what he was about to say, and I offered no answer to extend the conversation. 1,037 more words

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