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All of my family will readily agree that patience is not a virtue I possess.  Former bosses have rightly suggested that I am ready, fire, aim. 1,064 more words

Foster Parenting

Why did you become a foster parent?

Today over at “A Mother on the Road Less Traveled,” I share the story of how I decided to become a foster parent, a tale that I can trace back to middle school. 22 more words


Why Foster Parent? Lots of Reasons... Here's where it started for us!

See that geeky girl in the first row, second from left? Permed and bespeckled, wearing a too-short dress even though everyone else was wearing cool blue jeans? 540 more words

Impressing (or Terrifying?) the Kiddos by Installing a Package of Bees

This is my third year installing a new package of bees. I have hopes that I’ve sufficiently learned from the failures of the first and… 488 more words


The enemy doesn't want me to write

If I had to go through last week again, I think I’d pass.
I had the most difficult two days with my foster son that I’ve ever had, dropped Riley off first thing Monday morning to go on his 8th grade class trip and then planned what I would do for AJ’s 16th birthday this week. 605 more words

The Ersatz Mother

I could be writing about the glorious Saturday I spent in the garden, where transplanted broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and Swiss chard and cut up more sod to lay down weed paper. 484 more words

Family & Pets

It's Not Really All About Bill by John E. Stack

Bill came into foster care two-years and nine plus months ago.  Bill was a micro-preemie weighing less than two pounds at birth.  We met him at two months and he weighed a little over four pounds.  810 more words