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His Tantrum Tune

We have to be very intentional with our four year old foster son. He needs to know what’s happening tomorrow at night before bed, and first thing in the morning he needs another briefing on the day. 556 more words

Foster Parenting

Knowing When to Displace a Foster Child

No one becomes a foster parent because they want to welcome a child into his or her home, earn enough trust to be called mom or dad, and then decide that the child can no longer stay. 384 more words

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I'm not dead yet!

So on June 15th, we officially received our license and were officially a foster home. Six hours later I was about to get my hair cut when my cell phone rang and they needed  a place for a baby for one night. 1,124 more words

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Life's a Beach

This past week my brother-in-law died. He was a wonderful man who dedicated his life to caring for children. He was a good uncle to my (foster) babies, though they didn’t have nearly enough time to get to know each other. 815 more words

Foster Parenting

The Non-Argument: Adventures in Battling Trauma

It’s been a year since Sean left. He’s 15 now. Marcus left in August of last year and he will be 19 next month. I can go whole days without thinking about them. 1,421 more words


A Professional Parent

They’re carried in the door followed by several boxes with their stuff. It’s uncomfortable while the caseworker is sifting through their things on the floor: bottles in one pile, infant clothes in another, toddler clothes, toys, pacifiers. 947 more words

Foster Parenting

It's Time to Ask God to Do His God Thing

It has been two months since I last wrote here, in an article appropriately titled “The Waiting Game.” And that is, in fact, exactly what our family has been doing, as we continue down this journey of adoption. 1,093 more words