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Safe Surrender Baby - Unfit Parents?!

Wow. My husband and I are completely shook. I don’t even know where to begin, but I’ll do my best.

We have had baby in our home for a while now, and the county has come up with a bunch of reasons why they believe that baby should be moved from our home to another. 541 more words


I Can’t

I can’t do it. I honestly just…can’t. It’s not that I don’t want to. It’s not that I’m sick of it. I just cannot. I’ve hit an immovable wall. 910 more words


Turning Thirty

I am entering in the last six hours of my twenties. Tomorrow morning when I wake up it will be the start of a new decade of my life, a new chapter of my story. 141 more words

Mother's Day and my Zachary.

Mother’s Day always sneaks up on me since Zack died. It sets right between the day he died and his birthday. It was the first holiday after he died and continues to be the hardest one for me. 703 more words

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"Are you a Mom?"

I stopped at the store this morning before work, and the cashier asked, “Are you a Mom?”

Uhhh… She gave me a funny look as I paused to think about what she thought was a simple yes or no question. 173 more words

Foster Parenting

Safe Surrender Baby - County Being Shady?

So, nobody was able to get a hold of any county workers until about 7PM yesterday. I called our social worker, explaining that we were really frustrated because the hospital is wanting to discharge the baby into our care, but the county has failed to come in like they said they were going to and sign the discharge paperwork. 438 more words



May is filled with so many amazing things. My son Jax graduated preschool and turns 5, my other son Josiah turned 4, and we just had Mother’s Day last weekend. 469 more words

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