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Longing for Home - Psalm 84

One of our foster daughters was Little Miss Sunshine. She bounced on her toes all day long with the joy of living, her curls dancing over her shoulders. 471 more words

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Living the Moment

Most of my posts are about my journey with Sweet Chunk.  This post will be about my family.  Those who know me well at all, know that I have a tendency to wax sentimental. 742 more words

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No kiddo and the workouts I did to deal

So, no, we did not have a baby placement at our house yesterday. The steps for a placement are complicated and boring, so I’ll spare you the details and just say: it didn’t work out as planned. 607 more words

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Foster Parent Brain Freeze

I just double-clicked on a picture in a magazine. With my finger. To expand a picture. Seriously. Tap tap. It’s not completely surprising that I’m losing it. 381 more words

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Disrupted: Angie's Adoption Story

This post is part of the Adoption Stories Series, which features the stories and insight of parents, advocates and others who want to give more perspective to the often-misunderstood world of adoption and foster care. 1,425 more words


Blogs From the Shower: Adventures in PTSD

I am naked. I am wet. I am soapy and I am blogging. At least I am alone. The shower is my refuge today. I feel that I’ve earned some alone time and this is the absolute last place of refuge where I can be alone. 1,652 more words


Things they can't teach you in training.

Becoming a licensed foster parent is no easy task. You’ll fill out hundreds of forms. You’ll go through hours of trainings. You’ll have more home visits than you’ll want to count. 1,395 more words

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