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Why THESE kids?: Adventures in Finding Our Children

“What drew you to THESE kids? Did you originally plan to adopt so many?” A friend of mine asked me recently. I had to stop and think. 1,264 more words


The Drug Addict's Baby - Excerpt from my Memoir

08/17/2008: It seems as though I’m hearing things amplified 1000x what they really are, yet I can’t hear anything at all over the feelings, thoughts and heartache inside. 694 more words


Peace in Transition

Moriah has grown and changed a lot this spring. Her legs are longer. Her face is slimmer. She is speaking more clearly (and confidently). She can keep her panties dry all day. 433 more words



Biscuit went for her exam on Wednesday and she is a good candidate for contact lenses. That’s exciting, unfortunately on Wednesday she got quite worked up because she couldn’t get them out during the contacts lesson, she cried and rubbed her eyes a lot and we were sent home because he eyes we’re irritated. 996 more words

Foster Fun!

(or, our first taste of “The System”)

We are 1/3 of the way through the Foster process. Or, just at the beginning, depending on how you look at it. 1,197 more words


As humble as a heartbeat....

The Tatertot woke up last night around midnight. This is something that rarely happens with him nowadays. He didn’t need a diaper change, and he was fine except that he just really wanted to press his heart to mine and fall back to sleep. 880 more words

When it isn't Your Choice to Welcome Foster Children

I was tossed into the world of foster care when my sister and brother-in-law decided that they wanted to grow their family using foster-to-adopt instead of having more biological children at this point. 627 more words