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I went shopping...

Online at least. And bought a couple clothing items for myself!

I needed to replace my go to black pencil skirt that had an unfortunate incident with a falling bottle of bleach. 129 more words

Foster To Adopt


Gold. I swear they are gold! I use them on him. On the table. On the couch. On the car. On his hair. On everything! … 41 more words

Foster To Adopt

The best laid plans

I had so many plans for the last two days of my Easter break while he was in daycare. I say had because he’s sick. Well, he might have pink eye. 369 more words

Foster To Adopt

Fostering: The Continuous Adaption to Change

On March 31 our licensor moved on from her current position to a position that better suited her life. I can’t blame her for I understand the need as I’ve done the same many times including quite recently. 467 more words

Foster To Adopt

Training Updates

We only have two more training classes to go! What felt pretty daunting at the beginning of this journey has actually not been so bad. Although some of the training topics have been heavy, I was really worried about all the running around and getting childcare but it’s all worked out so far. 261 more words

Foster To Adopt

The Affect Fostering has on my Bio Kids

When I entered the world of Fostering, I knew it would impact my bio kids, I wasn’t naive. But they were. I tried to prepare them the best I could, but they still had fantasies of new friends sleeping over every night; they thought it was going to be fun. 1,134 more words

Foster Care

First meeting with FDC

Our Family Development Coordinator came over on April 12th. She is a nice woman who was easy to talk with. I wouldn’t say that we accomplished much but took care of necessary business. 252 more words