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How Does Foster-to-Adopt Work? Flowchart

Some of our friends have asked us about how exactly does foster-to-adopt works?

It’s complicated. And because each case is so different, it can be hard to generalize. 87 more words

Foster Care

First Foster Placement: Day 1

Saturday morning at 10:08 am, we got the call from our foster care agency (the nonprofit we worked through to become licensed) for our first placement. 642 more words

Foster Care

who are we?

Some of you may know us; some of you may think you know us; and some of you might not really care to know us. Either way, read on, or move on. 556 more words


dropping anchors

My husband, Justin, and I have started the long, emotional, and life-changing journey of becoming foster parents. It is important to us that we document this chapter in our life; to share our trials and tribulations and to have transparency with our friends and family. 810 more words


Perfect love ... How we adopted three boys!

“As soon as we saw the boys, we knew they would be part of our family. FOREVER!” 1,587 more words


The Beginning of our Journey

Our journey to become resource parents (also known as foster parents) began the first week of October 2016. My husband was texting me while he was at work and said we should look into becoming foster parents. 339 more words


Daylight savings is a pain! 

For my first Daylight Savings with a small child, it was relatively smooth. I’ve had cats, and I’ve been woken up at obscene hours for daylight savings because the cat was hungry. 193 more words

Foster To Adopt