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So I've only got 10 more months

Found this article that said it takes 14 months to get used to being a parent. I know I don’t have a newborn, but I think suddenly having a toddler is a challenge enough. 73 more words

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I'm glad I bought wine

Bath time went something like this:

He really loved splashing tonight. I’m soaked.

Getting him out of the tub, he decided he didn’t need to be still while in the towel and almost wiggled himself into a head injury on the bathtub edge. 129 more words

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Our Hopeful Adoption

So I wanted to give you an update on how our journey to our next babe is going.  The short story.  It’s not.  We have had the wonderful privilege of fostering 4 babes since February. 655 more words


To be continued...

Since my adoption social worker wasn’t able to get my home inspection written and approved before the court date, the judge continued the termination of rights until November. 86 more words

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We can't have nice things

I have a flat screen…well I HAD a flat screen. Bubba likes to use his drum sticks and other toys to hit the tv. He gets one warning, and if he goes after the tv again it gets taken away…I should have taken away the hammer after the first love tap. 55 more words

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Bubba had a court date to begin termination of parental rights on Thursday…and my adoption social worker didn’t get my home inspection done in time to be approved for the court date she knew about for months. 193 more words

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9/11 and my little boy

I posted this on my Facebook page today…

It’s always sobering to think of this morning in 2001. Getting ready for work and not really comprehending what I saw on tv (the 2nd plane hitting), going to work where everyone was just going through the motions waiting for word to close (from corporate in NYC, so it took a while before we got official word), sitting at home and watching the news for what felt like days (still not really having the ability to comprehend what happened). 166 more words

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