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The adoption process is bittersweet 

They became completely free for adoption yesterday. It was a bittersweet court day. On our side it was extremely exciting. It could not have gone better as we got what was in the best interest of the children. 512 more words

Foster To Adopt

MMA Champ

Last night I actually said aloud, “Stop moving. Your ass is full of shit and I don’t want it everywhere.”

In the last week, I’ve had to clean the changing pad twice due to his decision to squirm all over during poop detail. 27 more words

Foster To Adopt

Poop everywhere

I’m on the phone with my sub, and Bubba comes out from his room….covered in poop. đŸ˜±

Apparently he started itching his butt after he had just pooped, and it got on his hand, so he wiped it on himself – front, back, other hand…. 53 more words

Foster To Adopt

He's sick again

The weekend before Christmas he started coughing. That Monday I tried to get into his doctor since we were leaving town Tuesday. They said they had no openings and to go to urgent care. 228 more words

Foster To Adopt

The Adoption Journey

I alluded to it on the last two posts but my husband and I are considering adoption. Two years ago we were well on our way – well, not really. 771 more words


Stealing Moments

2016 was about moments ….and how we went about capturing them.

Stealing moments with God. Asking through prayer for things wanted, not always needed. Mostly requested was hope, strength, healing, and closure. 634 more words

Change is good

54 long days had past since Baby Boy left our care. It’s safe to say I was going insane! We had taken some foster classes and listened to everyone talk about how busy they were in their counties. 419 more words

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