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Screaming in the night...

We have had our boys for 4 months today. Officially our longest foster care placement. We have court tomorrow, and we are not sure what the judge will order. 580 more words


Bubba is two! 

This weekend was the ninth month-versary of having custody of my little whirlwind, and today he turned TWO!!! I’m having his party on Saturday at my church’s picnic area (still need a neutral spot and holy cow indoor playgrounds are expensive?!?!) This morning we had his first ride in a forward facing car seat! 79 more words

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Raising a geek

I have been a geek forever. We all have a fandom – might be tv, book, or sports based, but we all have one. This weekend I introduced Bubba to one of my fandoms – Doctor Who. 175 more words

Foster To Adopt

Adoption Paperwork

Oi, will the paperwork ever end?

I guess that’s where you really start. Sure, there is the agency research and the endless hours reading literally everything you can about fostering and adopting but the paperwork is where the ball begins to roll. 485 more words


Single parenting is tough

Everyday I feel like I’m on the brink of losing it. After teaching all day, and then coming home to be mom, I’m pretty much done with being productive at anything. 441 more words

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It's Autumn's Adoption Day!

Days like today are easily overcome with emotion.  We accepted Autumn into our lives and our hearts with only a silken thread of hope that she would one day be ours.   575 more words


Toddlers and behavior

I’m following several blogs, and they all have similar advice for keeping your cool with a toddler. I know I’m a control freak, so having a little tornado run through my life is a total game changer, but is it really not until kid 2 that you let it go? 188 more words

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