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Hush little baby...

For about three weeks, Bubba has been waking at 2 AM. For the most part, he will only settle with milk. I don’t want to give him milk since he won’t get up for another four hours. 512 more words

Foster To Adopt

Beginning of the Journey

Our adoption journey has just begun.  There is so much involved that it can be overwhelming at times, but around every corner God has been there showing us the way and reminding us that our child is out there somewhere.   66 more words


How long can clean clothes stay in the basket?

It’s been much more of a challenge to keep up with life…who knew kids did that to you?

Sunday it was just warm enough to play in the pool until mid morning, which earned me an hour plus nap from Bubba that allowed me to grade a test and two sets of reading quizzes, as well as some planning! 108 more words

Foster To Adopt

Becoming a Foster Parent:5 Things We Learned Through FACES

So we finally followed through and signed up for the required FACES course to become a foster parent in NH.  The great thing about these courses is that many of them are taught by foster parents, they bring a lot of insight and experience to the class.   540 more words


So I've only got 10 more months

Found this article that said it takes 14 months to get used to being a parent. I know I don’t have a newborn, but I think suddenly having a toddler is a challenge enough. 73 more words

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I'm glad I bought wine

Bath time went something like this:

He really loved splashing tonight. I’m soaked.

Getting him out of the tub, he decided he didn’t need to be still while in the towel and almost wiggled himself into a head injury on the bathtub edge. 129 more words

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Our Hopeful Adoption

So I wanted to give you an update on how our journey to our next babe is going.  The short story.  It’s not.  We have had the wonderful privilege of fostering 4 babes since February. 655 more words