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Many phone calls, no kids

I haven’t felt much like recording every little twist and turn as we wait for foster placements. But I got the urge today, so here I am. 677 more words


First week of school done! 

Made it through my 10th first week of school, and first as a teacher-mom. Trying to play catchup with the house while Bubba attempts to nap…ok really I decided to sit down with a bowl of ice cream which I don’t let him see. 130 more words

Foster To Adopt

3 Reasons We Became Foster Parents

I never visualized myself married or a mother when I grew up, children never even crossed my mind, it’s not something I talked about. 14 years ago when my husband and I started dating we talked about children, we both agreed it wasn’t a priority at the time. 574 more words


Hands outstretched 

While he does his fair share of tracking me down in the bathroom, there is the time where his outstretched hand actually warms my heart. On our trip to Arizona, my mother’s car didn’t have any mirrors for his rear facing car seat to see us in the front seat, I reached across and over the back of the car seat to comfort him so he knew we were still there. 79 more words

Foster To Adopt

Being a Teacher Mom

A friend posted this great article, which spoke to me:


While I ended the last three weeks of school as a mom, this is the first year I am starting as a mom. 149 more words

Foster To Adopt

The process is moving forward

Had what is supposed to be my last official meeting with the adoption social worker. Still a few more forms and hoops to jump through. … 150 more words

Foster To Adopt

My little helper

Bubba has discovered the power of putting things “in”…

So when a cup is remotely finished, he will walk to the kitchen gate and say his version of “done”, with the plan to put the cup in the sink. 167 more words

Foster To Adopt