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We Didn't Foster For The Money

We didn’t foster for the money.  Surprisingly this topic had come up quite frequently during our foster care time (we are currently taking a short break for some major life changes).   857 more words


Hank is going home!!

For anybody who has not heard the news, head over to the Save Hank facebook page :)

BCC have said Hank is ‘a pit bull type’ 436 more words


Indiana Methodist Children's Home

Lebanon, Indiana
Phone 1015
Mrs. J. C. Coons, Supervisor

February 13, 1946

Mrs. R. S. Yegerlehner:

I received the box of Valentines and gave them out to the children this morning. 49 more words


Why Hiraeth?

When trying to choose a name for this place, something I am not good at AT ALL, I pondered many different options. Not going to go into the whole list, but to give you an idea of how horrible they were, the top of the list was “Foster Kids Rule!” Yeah, catchy right?! 166 more words


The Doll, Part 2

Continued from Chapter One.

First part of the second chapter.  I’m submitting the book idea at the end of the month, so if you have editorial commentary, now’s your chance.   2,190 more words

A response to the council update on Hank

Here is an updated report BCC posted on their page:


After Pixie woke me up in the early hours for the loo, I wrote this comment…which they will probably never, ever read :P… 768 more words

Rescue Dog


It is eleven-thirty on a Wednesday morning. I am at home, having gone to work earlier today even than this morning person cares to. My career obligations at a satisfactory point to wait until tomorrow, I sit at the chair in front of my computer, an old piece inherited by K and made from quality wood worn smooth by hands running across it, arms resting upon it and socked feet perched upon its lower supports, the padding where I sit long collapsed to a thin suggestion of cushion. 462 more words