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Storage in the Foster Room

As promised, today I’m sharing what’s underneath the art display boards in the Foster Room that I showed you yesterday.  I created a fun storage cubby system with simple wooden crates which can hold books and toys.  519 more words


Rest In Peace, Spikey.

In April of 2014, merely a month after our sweet girl had been plucked out of her real life horror movie and place into our arms, we got Spikey. 939 more words


Love after loss.

Lonesome wasn’t the kind of guy that makes it in most shelters. He’d have explosive diarrhea if anyone tried to touch him, and was understandably difficult to show on the adoption floor. 607 more words


Need a Break

Erin is sick.  She’s been sick for well over a week now.

It started when my dad could no longer obtain samples of her nasal steroid from his office.   1,057 more words


The Bagel of my Eye

February 9th, 2016

10:06 AM: me at work, waiting for meaning in my life

10:07 AM: text from my girlfriend, “Nicole. Look up, ‘when is National Bagel Day?'” 662 more words

Psycho Shower Tales

Hitchcock’s shower scene in Psycho is classic terror.

And because this is a family blog, I give you….the LEGO version.

Maybe this scene rings so true because we all have a bit of shower insecurity. 1,046 more words



“I was put in foster care at age 3.
I was in many foster homes all my life and then was adopted at age 16. 100 more words