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Guys, this is Tito. He’s our newest foster. I’m going to cry so hard when he gets adopted. He is Foster Gold. He is small, mostly potty trained, gorgeous, and has the best personality. 237 more words


Fostering an Animal: What to Expect

So, I’m assuming you’re either considering fostering an animal or just took home your first foster pet and are freaking out on the inside. No fear! 937 more words



Today marks one week since we have brought this little girl into our home. It has been an interesting, yet great experience all at the same time. 957 more words

Wholesale garden robbery

Cabbage and broccoli? It wasn’t kids then. In the Western Gazette of 29 Nov 1867 we read the following:

Some time during the night of Tuesday, the 19th inst., a large quantity of cabbage, broccoli, and other vegetables, growing in a garden at Staplehay, in this parish (Pitminster), and belonging to Charles Clarke Mattock, coachman to T.

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Welcome to Making Ackers_2

It will be a little over 6 years this new year that Vance and I have been struggling with fertility issues. Six years is a long time to struggle, to hope, to pray, to be disappointed, to question why not us, to wonder what God is doing. 190 more words

Foster Fanny

The moment I saw your picture, my heart skipped a beat and I gasped at your wonderful, thick bulldog-ness.

I knew I had to meet you and just as certainly I knew that upon meeting you I’d be compelled to foster you, which is exactly what happened.  665 more words



Love to me is when all three kids snuggle up to watch a movie, and sit quietly without arguing for two hours.

Love to me is when Ava offers to help her little brother test his blood sugar. 228 more words