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This is After The End: Foster's Home for Heirs 2

 (The Fours Be With You)

Okay……so maybe coming to Rosebank wasn’t such a good idea after all. My bad. We’d gone quite a few months without any sightings of mutant animals, and I for one was glad with that record. 3,266 more words


The Unknown

As we approach our final home study of the year,

anticipation is starting to settle in.

What is the age of the child?


What is the gender? 53 more words


Praying for What?

Today was our first court hearing over the baby. It was continued because mom and dad want lawyers (they are not married so they were appointed two different lawyers). 363 more words


a rude awakening

Do all 14 years olds not listen, not take responsibility, battle for control and yet have a sense of entitlement and think the world should revolve around them? 550 more words


Back in San Francisco Again (Roscoe)

Letter transcription:

18 Sept. 45

Dear Mother,

Sent the telegram about noon and had to get all the dope on the draft squared away so may not have time to write all I want to. 274 more words


Adoption Isn't Pretty

I get a little sick when I read articles about pretty families adopting a bunch of kids from difference sources (international, domestic, foster, birthmom, etc.). 867 more words


Don't Judge.....

Don’t judge someone just because they sin differently than you. I try. It’s hard. I go to the shelter and I see dogs who got left behind. 327 more words