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Success Requires Patience and Perseverance

I am a very patient person explaining things to kids but that is probably the extent of my ability to be patient. Once I make up my mind about something, I need things to move quickly. 340 more words

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What Are You Asking?

I will preface this rant blog post by saying, I am the most open person I know.  I am more or less happy to tell anybody anything, if I know the person asking, and the question is appropriate…y’know, sometimes even when it’s not, I’ll give people the benefit of the doubt if it seems to be coming from a genuine place. 1,467 more words

Life In General

If She Was Mine

If she was mine

she would have been born in this room, before dawn’s light could creep through the blinds

If she was mine

her name would not be her name, but something else that grew over time, as she did inside… 227 more words


Fostering issues

I found the prep’ course that adopters go through to be quite comprehensive and of great value, it’s hard to imagine that in the past adopters were offered none of this information to prepare them for what in some cases are huge challenges, but for everybody is something new and unknown. 968 more words


I’m your baby, mummy

Recently, our son’s foster mum was visiting with her son. A much-loved, plum and delicious boy of six months. We all hunched over the little miracle, admiring his being. 732 more words


An Ode to Recovery from Developmental Trauma

An Ode to Recovery from Developmental Trauma

By Colby Pearce

What happened to me, I cannot tell,

To make me think that life is hell. 155 more words


Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher.

I do not know what words to use to express my thoughts and feelings so I asked my psychologist to help me with this letter. 196 more words

Child Psychologist