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An Ode to Recovery from Developmental Trauma

An Ode to Recovery from Developmental Trauma

By Colby Pearce

What happened to me, I cannot tell,

To make me think that life is hell. 155 more words


Dear Teacher

Dear Teacher.

I do not know what words to use to express my thoughts and feelings so I asked my psychologist to help me with this letter. 196 more words

Child Psychologist


That’s how foster toddler says, “Done!” She learned how to sign “done” at daycare, so she spreads her arms out, palms turned up, and says, “Daaaaa.” Her vowels need some work yet, but she’s got the consonant, and of course, we know exactly what she’s saying. 865 more words

Foster Parenting

What We've Been Up To

The month of March was filled with lots of breaks in routine, so my blogging habits broke as well. This month I am looking forward to attending my first ever dog training seminars, presented by Ian Dunbar! 177 more words

German Shepherd


10 days ago we got the call that we’ve been waiting for since the 6th of January- when we were officially approved as foster carers.  The call to say that there was a little one who needed somewhere to stay.   863 more words


Are we ready? Will we ever really be?

The caseworker for our son “needed to talk to me about something” during one of her visits. In the past when she’s said this phrase it had not been a good thing. 376 more words


Why I love being a Foster Mom

I realize that I am early in my journey of being a Foster mom (about 4 weeks into) and that I have heard enough horror stories to give me nightmares about it for a lifetime… but I must say that so far I love being a foster mommy. 564 more words

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