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Foster Care the Dr Suess way

I’m in Melbourne today at a training and planning day with Ark Australia. So excited about the day and what it could mean.

But just wanted to pop this quote here. 64 more words


Does God care?

I had a chance to speak at King Eddy last year and as a part of my talk I shared that the midwives were there because of The Church. 390 more words


Stop saying this

Without a doubt the most common comment a foster parent will get from a new person they meet is, “I would get too attached, I couldn’t give them back.” 210 more words


Are you going to Adopt him?

I stood outside my children’s school on a gorgeous, sunny afternoon cradling a chubby 2 week old baby boy and the school Principal walked past. She stoppedĀ  and looked at the dark skinned baby in my arms and my little blonde toddler at my feet. 510 more words


Leading with a Yes

I was half way through writing a little post yesterday about what it looks like when a child is brought into care and had to abandon it when a phone call came in at 9:30pm about a ‘3’ year old girl (turns out she is 4) who needed a safe place for the night. 668 more words


So how many kids are we talking about...

Foster Care?
Surely there are only a few extreme cases where kids are needed to be removed from their parents. Right?

Here are the stats (taken from a Wanslea Presentation in October 2017) 155 more words


A family like mine

Sometimes it is nice to hear another voice in the Foster Care Community.
I came across this story written by an 18 year old ‘Homegrown’ daughter. 676 more words