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I am so tiny.

I feel like this should really be two separate blog posts.  The one in which I tell you that we met with our foster baby’s prospective adoptive family, and that they seem lovely and that we are so happy for her and for them, that it wasn’t hard, that yes it was surreal but not in a bad way. 640 more words


If only for a little while

I’m sitting at the Youth Court waiting to find out when I will bring my 6 month old foster daughter to her relatives in another state. 405 more words


A Quick Hello

Hey, it’s been a while! I’ve been meaning to write but we’ve been swept away with the usual summer business and all of our “free time” has been devoted to prepping the house for our home study and completing our training (13 hours down and 25+ to go). 105 more words

Foster Parents

Sex in Class

Channel 4 screened a programme last night about the parlous state of sex ed in UK schools, and the mission of  Belgian sexologist Goedele Liekens to change the situation. 538 more words

Clever coping mechanisms

I was struck today by the different ways in which our foster children cope with stress, shame and fear. It made me question how I cope with those difficult feelings, and it made me aware, as is often the case, of how lucky I am. 233 more words


its 3:30am and our little ms ‘Grace’ has decided that she needs to stay up tonight, so I thought I should really fill everyone in on what’s happening around here. 774 more words


Criminal injuries compensation

Two of our foster children were awarded criminal injuries compensation of around £8000 each, which was something of a surprise to us. Their parents, during a finding of fact hearing in the family courts, were judged to have sexually abused both children. 126 more words