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I'm sorry...

I’m sorry I’m not good enough for you. I looked up to you and always listened to you coz you never hurt me. You let me put sweet corn on the hook of the fishing line my big brother. 104 more words


How fostering changes your parenting style

My husband and I were pretty laid back parents to our birth child. There were boundaries and expectations and rules, but we all tended to go with the flow to some extent. 1,322 more words

Allegations of abuse - a foster carer's worst nightmare

An allegation against a foster carer can often spell the end of a placement. Trust is lost, relationships destroyed and even if the allegation is retracted it can prove almost impossible to recover from such a blow. 455 more words

Living with child survivors of sexual abuse

From around the second week that she was living in our house, Rose began to unsettle me. It wasn’t just the hypervigilance and the constant monitoring of my movements – although that felt invasive enough. 1,214 more words


Having not blogged since October, I wasn’t going to do a yearly round-up post, as it almost seemed disingenuous to sweep in with only a few hours remaining of 2015 and attempt to summarise twelve months worth of incredible highs and lows, and life in all it’s glorious messiness.   1,043 more words

Life In General

Esme & the kitten

This kitten was supposed to be mine. Trifle is stunningly beautiful, fluffy, her colouring a mix of smokey grey and peach. She has enormous paws and startling yellow eyes. 846 more words

First Placement. Accepted! 

Well at 8:15pm on 12/7, we got a call for an emergency placement. What would I do? I’m at work for a 12 hour shift, my husband home alone with no idea. 170 more words