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Writing a Garment

I read a blog post a while back, maybe two or three months ago.  I don’t remember which blog, just the point the writer made – great writing happens when you have something great to say; don’t force it because you have to meet a word count quota or a certain number of posts a week. 659 more words

Fostering Creativity

Autumn Leaves

I was meditating about trees yesterday, how the leaves fall off in order for the tree to survive long, dark winters. Then, as light returns, they sprout anew. 163 more words

Fostering Creativity

Fostering Creativity in the Workplace

A proven leader and an effective communicator, Diane Kaern is an accomplished sales operations professional with experience working for multinational companies. Having worked for the Hewlett-Packard Company and Siemens, Diane Kaern leverages her creativity to provide companies with strategic perspectives in such areas as cost reduction, productivity, and business procedures. 198 more words

Diane Kaern

I Finished my September Challenge

Yesterday, I doodled my last pieces for my self-challenge of 30 doodles or drawings in 30 days.

I can’t say every one was magnificent; none were meant to be final pieces.  104 more words

Fostering Creativity

Beauty, the Praying Mantis

A couple of weeks ago, my kids went to their grandparents’ house to spend the night.  They found an awesome praying mantis with a very full abdomen.  379 more words

Fostering Creativity

Week Two of 30 Drawings in 30 Days

This last week’s drawings and doodles were all done at night, after the kids were in bed.  I’m enjoying the challenge because it is helping me to flush out some ideas for bigger projects, as well as practicing some techniques for pieces I already have planned.  7 more words

Fostering Creativity

Green and Frugal: Wipe-Clean Planner

Green and Frugal is a series of ideas taking ordinary activities that use a lot of resources, and turning them into more sustainable options by reducing, reusing, and repurposing. 499 more words

Fostering Creativity