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Joining the Circles of Confusion

One of my favorite photography terms is Circles of Confusion the Wikipedia page I linked to will describe the various formulas used to calculate how the effect is created in photography, way better than I can. 307 more words


Creative process: The potential dangers in “fostering” creativity

By Dennis Mellersh

These days, newspapers, magazines, books, and the Internet are full of articles and presentations discussing the need for fostering and encouraging creativity; and this is all good. 100 more words

Creative Process

The difference between photographing people and hanging out with them

Ok, time for some total fanboy stuff. I had the most amazing night Tuesday, my friend Bill Santiago was on the bill at a comedy show in Mill Valley. 920 more words


Take photos every day

I was talking with a friend today via email. He said we must create every day, or in my instance take photos every day. Crap, I don’t want to do that. 505 more words



My daughter made these Easter Eggs or Eggmojis. I think they are great.

Sometimes it is best for me to just be quiet and let the work of others shine. 41 more words


The usefulness and perils of jargon

My brother Gaelon asked me a question he thought I would know the answer to, it involved taking photos with a telescope. I said I do not know much about the subject, but would try to figure out what the was asking. 633 more words


How will we know when we are in the future?

Last night I had one of those “It is so cool to be alive” assignments. The photos were at an event called #designnight hosted by Autodesk. 214 more words