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How Creativity is Encouraged

These are some large birthday posters made by two or three of the youngest grandchildren.  Notice origami paper cranes and  ‘Happy Birthday’ in Chinese characters (Two of the children learned Mandarin from a very young age).   748 more words

Art And The Artist

What to expect when you have no expectations?

I used to think being spontaneous implied not preparing or planing, just jumping into whatever it is you are trying to be spontaneous in without any forethought. 90 more words


Mirror-touch synesthesia

The danger of empathy — if you THINK you know what another person is thinking or feeling you are much less likely to ask them how they actually are feeling. 696 more words


Enrichment through Creativity

Creativity feeds the soul! I am not sure where this phrase or expression came from but I absolutely believe in it. Last weekend, I spent Saturday at an art gallery in Northeast Iowa that carries my handcrafted jewelry for the tourist season. 457 more words


A profound title regarding emotions

I have tried writing this introduction sentence about ten times, but it ends up sounding too much like a line from a comedy act “Ever notice how….” or a self-help book “We would all be better off if …”  I think this is better, you get to see how I fashion this stream of conscious writing into something so profound it will become the required reading in the preface to the DSM 5 or 6 (look it up, both the reference if you do not know what the DSM is and the number they are on. 349 more words


Joining the Circles of Confusion

One of my favorite photography terms is Circles of Confusion the Wikipedia page I linked to will describe the various formulas used to calculate how the effect is created in photography, way better than I can. 307 more words


Creative process: The potential dangers in “fostering” creativity

By Dennis Mellersh

These days, newspapers, magazines, books, and the Internet are full of articles and presentations discussing the need for fostering and encouraging creativity; and this is all good. 100 more words

Creative Process