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Technology in the Shower and the Future of the Aha Moment

You can now watch TV while you shower. Surely touchscreen computers are not far behind either, to keep you even more connected.

It’s really pretty cool. 383 more words

Fostering Creativity

Sketching: a Tool for Sharpening Observation

A couple of weeks ago, the kids and I checked out a book called Sketching Outdoors in Summer.

It is part of a collection; the other books are the same except for covering Spring, Autumn, and Winter.  740 more words

Fostering Creativity

Creative Homeschooling- How We Homeschool on a Tight Budget

Some of today’s post was originally part of this post, but it was getting long-winded.  I took a closer look and saw I had, indeed, started writing about two things.  734 more words

Fostering Creativity

Creative and Intentional Learning at Home

I felt fine about sending S to public school.  Ben and I originally thought we would homeschool, but whereas Ben was fairly certain about it, I was not.  584 more words

Fostering Creativity


I procrastinated.  Or maybe I didn’t?  Honestly, It was hard to make progress on my knitting or start any art projects last week.

I would set Z down, and crying would commence.  369 more words

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Wake Up. Make Progress.

I’m a mom, and, kids, let me tell you- I am tired. A lot.

My alarm woke me up this morning, and I turned it off. 431 more words

Fostering Creativity

Photograph Friday...on a Saturday

I meant to share these pictures yesterday:

But I ended up sleeping in.

How did I manage that, you ask?  Well…

That’s right.  My older two got to go on an impromptu adventure to their Nana’s and Grandad’s home.  229 more words

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