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Build it, and they will come...

The kids played at “decorating” this morning. I certainly have my work cut out for me now. Ha!

At least one of the members of the family appreciates their approach- 71 more words

Fostering Creativity

Fostering Creativity #2

Promoting intrinsic motivation and problem solving are two areas where educators can foster creativity in students. Students are more creative when they see a task as intrinsically motivating, valued for its own sake. 90 more words


Fostering Creativity #1

The conventional system of schooling is sometimes seen as “stifling” of creativity. The pre-school, kindergarten and early school years are often the only ages where there is an attempt to provide a creativity-friendly, rich, imagination-fostering environment for young children. 49 more words


Around the Corner, Autumn

Summer grows long.  My favorite season is autumn, so I imagine summer’s length is due partially to my excitement for the coming of cool, crisp breezes, falling leaves, sweaters and scarves, and pumpkins.  447 more words

Fostering Creativity

A Renaissance Woman and Her Children

I often sit down at a table with a blank paper or computer screen in front of me, prepared to write or draw, but nothing happens.  584 more words

Fostering Creativity

5 Ways To Fuel Creativity

Fostering a creative mindset can be a difficult task in our busy lives. Often times we arrive to our desks and favorite writing spots brain-dead empty. 387 more words


I greeted the day with chills (no illness, I just got cold and couldn’t warm up again), so I’m pushing my planned post to another day, and instead sharing a photo of my completed colored pencil drawing “Bella”, which I finished earlier this month. 9 more words

Fostering Creativity