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Stella is a foster dog, probably part Shih Tsu.  I am an adoptions coordinator and foster for For the Love of Dogs/Vermont Dog Rescue. Stella arrived on a pet transport last July. 395 more words

The Tao of Bassets

So, it has been four months since our once foster, now permanent, bassets joined our household.  They say things happens for a reason.  Things.  People.  Animals.   483 more words

Fostering rescue dogs is a win/win

I used to think I was just a big-dog kind of person—Labradors, golden retrievers, German shepherds, Rottweilers, huskies, hound dogs, or any mutt over 60 pounds caught my eye. 599 more words


Marley's Legacy

Since my last foster dog, Marley arrived at my house, Coals eating problems solved themselves!

As you may have read in my previous posts Coal was blind from birth until the Dogs Trust gave him two cataract operations to gain his full sight which was great but the result of this blindness was that he was ever so picky about food. 775 more words


Marley has gone HOME! Final foster update

well that is Marley away to his new home, 1 day shy of being with me for 5 weeks. The last update he was going to spend an overnight visit with his new family but their own dog and Marley didn’t get on with each other whilst in the house, even though they had been getting better with each other with every visit. 776 more words


A Journey into Fostering

All my life I have wanted to work with animals.  In more recent years I especially wanted to do more for animals in need.  It’s been a ‘when I’ve got more time/money scenario’ but the years keep ticking by and I decided to do something about my dream this year. 228 more words


I like dogs more than most people. They have their priorities in order, live in the moment and teach us what it means to be human.  266 more words
Empty Nest