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Quill and Qipa Rockin' It!

Pet: Quill

Quill Loves Brushing

Quill’s tail is getting a lot more work these last couple days. With Deb’s help, we caught a nice brushing session. 930 more words


Quill's New Day(s)



As I left Quill last night he was being a little shy again so I backed off, pulled his food bowl, and left him alone for the night. 835 more words


A Fixable Problem

WARNING: This is not a happy or funny post. It might bum you out, or maybe it will inspire you. I’m taking my chances sharing my grief and frustration. 1,310 more words


The Grave Consequences of Being a Slow Learner

I’ve fallen down a lot over the past year and a half while we’ve been fostering dogs. I’m talking about physically falling down, though certainly I’ve mentally and emotionally taken my tumbles. 1,008 more words


Our Present Pack of Pups

My trusty co-pilot and helper (read: the only kid without a driver’s license or a job this summer) and I met the Lucy train in Hagerstown last Wednesday and picked up our latest charge. 946 more words


Whoopi Finds Her Family (and Ginger Claims Ours)

Whoop! Whoop! Whoopi found her forever family!

She left early Sunday morning for the 6 1/2 hour drive to her new home in Rhode Island! 742 more words


So it's official!

We’ve been approved to be fosters! We’ll get our first brachycephalic Foster after the we reinforce our side gates. Which is an easy project for my next off day, and another post do you guys. 320 more words