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I spent the spring semester of my Junior year studying abroad in Perth, Australia. I’m obviously so cool and wear chacos, right? It was pretty neat. 288 more words

Down the pub

Me and my dad have gone down the pub and said I’m buying the first round, which I did to the tune of ¬£5.20. After a pint, my dad asked if I wanted a pint or a half-pint of Fosters. 33 more words



It is reported that the requirements for obtaining Australian citizenship are being toughened.

Now, Cobber, if you want to be,
A proper Aussie just like me, 139 more words


Meet the Fosters

Say hello to “Sulu” and “Uhuru”, the foster kittens! ¬†This is “Sulu”, the boy kitten, who can’t wait to get out of the carrier:

Warp 11! 330 more words



While comfortably lounging in my recent conquest, I have had much time to contemplate the most recent additions to my kingdom. These “fosters” are quite unlike the fosters before. 124 more words


The Beer Cafe

The idea of having upto 36 varieties of beers from all around the world under a roof and a weekday happy price of Rs 75 for a 10oz KF or Foster’s Draught are enough for a happy crowd to gather post work hours. 24 more words