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What do you mean Aussies don't drink Fosters?

Since flying out here to the grand land of Aus in February, I have noticed that I have done a few of these types of blogs, but I figured that I am learning every day, so why not make a new blog in the style of what I’ve learnt since I hit Australia shores. 492 more words


A bit of catch-up………….

Hello!!!! So glad you’re still around!! To continue a bit of itinerary……we took a tour at Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia…”Monticello”. So interesting and brings history to a reality! 236 more words

Beer on the Box - Fosters

Australia has a go at one of those national “aren’t we tops” ads. It’s not that good.

Beer On The Box

Foster story: Chutki and Jodhu

Chutki (black and white girl) and Jodhu (ginger boy) were adopted by this young, flakey couple a few months back. Jodhu was rescued by a friend (Soma) and then fostered by Nandini, while Chutki had been found and cared for by another friend. 555 more words



First of all yes, I know this relationship is problematic but come on how could you not be sailing on this ship. I was never to keen on this fictional obsession of characters. 20 more words

Foster Care Green

When we got our very first placement, we had some red flags. At the time, the situation was exactly what we were hoping for as it was one that was heading toward adoption. 376 more words


Together forever!

This is why I’m so happy they’re being adopted together:

I suspect there may be tears on Friday when they’re picked up.