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Studio Space Fosters Innovation at Guilford Library

A 3D printer, pictured here, is one of the many advanced pieces of technology available to the public in the studio space at the Guilford Free Library. 103 more words

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Adoption Follow Up: Squirrel

On her first night at her new home, she jumped onto the sofa with her new papa. Color me jealous! It took months for her to approach us at that level. 133 more words


Abdication and Anarchy

Mother has decided to take a break from fostering cats. Or so she claims. The three infants have stolen the land of the bathroom from myself and my peasants. 81 more words


Update: Frosty Dragon

Frosty Dragon had his post-surgery follow up on the second day of the New Year. 328 more words



Apologies for being so bad with updates… I’ve yet to mention our baby boy Mancala. 321 more words


Happy Holidays!

It’s been insane in my kingdom. My mother has completely and totally lost her mind. Six! Six! Six, fosters at once. She is insane. Five of them are infants, toddling around the bathroom, crapping in the shower, making all sorts of noise throughout the night. 69 more words