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Blog About It: The Adventures of MEL - Every Day In May

A mile a day in May has been easier than I thought. It’s a mile. It’s a walk at night with the dog. It’s a jog around the block. 1,232 more words

New Band: Major Leagues

Australia is good for more than just Fosters. Well, to be fair an awful lot of people would disagree with the idea that Fosters is a good thing, but it is, so deal with it. 169 more words

New Music

Day 128: muppet madness

warm again! =)

work again. =(

wasn’t as busy as Sundays normally are, probably because any sensible person was at the beach.

there was a guy who walked in at opening with a 4 pack of Fosters. 110 more words


we have had two foster kiddos (10 and 14) for about 5 weeks now. needless to say my spending freeze/attempt at a spending freeze has ceased. 9 more words