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Hell, absolute Hell

Two kitties may have gone back, but two more have taken their place. I have decided to protest my dismay by sneezing on my mommy. The big man with the white coat says I’m not sick. 9 more words


You CAN get a purebred through Rescue

Meet Frosty Dragon, a 9 year old male purebred Maine Coon. Look at that handsome face. 536 more words


Update: Sarah

My wonderful tortie foster Sarah was adopted over the summer. I got an update from her mom along with awesome photos.

Hi Dani,

It’s been forever and I keep meaning to write you and give you an update on Sarah. 

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What do you mean Aussies don't drink Fosters?

Since flying out here to the grand land of Aus in February, I have noticed that I have done a few of these types of blogs, but I figured that I am learning every day, so why not make a new blog in the style of what I’ve learnt since I hit Australia shores. 492 more words


A bit of catch-up………….

Hello!!!! So glad you’re still around!! To continue a bit of itinerary……we took a tour at Thomas Jefferson’s home in Virginia…”Monticello”. So interesting and brings history to a reality! 236 more words

Beer on the Box - Fosters

Australia has a go at one of those national “aren’t we tops” ads. It’s not that good.

Beer On The Box