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Foucault e a Erotização Infantil como Estratégia de Poder

A erotização das crianças e a luta pela ideologia de gêneros são, em nossos dias, ecos de gritos que foram dados lá atrás, por pensadores e formadores de opinião. 1,116 more words

Foucault on Panofsky

“Les mots et les images” [“Words and images”]
by Michel Foucault
in Le Nouvel Observateur, n.154, 25 October 1967, pp.49-50.

This brief piece, nowhere available in English, that Michel Foucault wrote in 1967 for  1,213 more words


On The Battlefield:

The gates of hell suddenly opened, allowing legions of unholy terror to escape; sick creatures, with moral compass severely broken, devour innocents with murder and rape.  318 more words



Jodi Sita and Marco Amati, The Panopticons are coming! And they’ll know when we think the grass is greener, The Conversation, August 22, 2016 Eye-tracking technology helps us understand how people interact with their environment.

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10/1030: memories and monuments or Transnationalism and Literature 

When I started, this post was fueled by three cups of coffeee; albeit, that last one was decaf. Now, it’s a day and a half later and fueled by my personal drive to write something every day. 1,110 more words


A Poisoned legacy:

Drawn towards danger, like moth to flame, is a symptom of human nature, forever playing stupid games.  Humankind is never happy when things are going well, there’s always a surreptitious malcontent, who claim they’re clever, invoking occultism and spells.  205 more words


Plea For Innocents:

We’re in our twenty-first century

Geographical parameters

Augur change, like continental plates

Europe is besieged by refugees

World peace absolutely teeters

Hovers on brink of devils’ estates… 356 more words