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Writing while taking a dump — No. 62

“Just stick a sticker in it—”
This is an arrogance of language. For it presumes that I have what I do not have within a magical and superstitious imperative: do that which is impossible to do, or else . 124 more words

Writing While Taking A Dump

Why marking essays is good for my soul

I came to university as a mature aged student. I was 26, hadn’t even finished high school. Now I’m ‘that guy': completed two degrees with distinction averages, got a first class honours, almost finished a PhD that’s heavy on the critical theory, got a giant brain crush on Foucault. 639 more words


Wendy Brown, Foucault, and the "programming" of liberal governmentality

  Wendy Brown’s new book Undoing the Demos: Neoliberalism’s Stealth Revolution (Zone Books, 2015) carefully reframes Foucault’s 1978-9 account of neoliberalism published in The Birth of Biopolitics… 789 more words

On Being Human: What this is all about!

Throughout our lives we are surrounded by bodies. Raced bodies, Queer bodies, Disabled bodies, Big bodies, Small bodies, bodies upon bodies upon bodies–an endless diversity of bodies–but the one commonality twixt each and every one of these bodies, is that we are surrounded by Human bodies. 130 more words

M. Foucault - The History of Sexuality

‘But then, what is philosophy today – philosophical activity, I mean – if it is not the critical work of thought on itself? And if it does not consist in the endeavour of knowing how and to what extent it might be possible to think differently, rather than legitimating what is already known?


About doing Honours


Who would have thought that Literary Theory could be so fascinating!

This book, The Courage of Truth, is the compilation of Michel Foucault’s last lectures at the College de France. 633 more words


Five Perspectives for EU Migration Policy Analysis

In their attempt to enter an inhospitable continent migrants perish at the borders of Europe. This tragedy can and is framed in several ways. Olivier Kramsch of the… 490 more words