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Days of Birth

TODAY is Hannah Arendt’s Birthday … tomorrow it’s Nietzsche and Foucault … seems to me that makes this weekend one for celebrating. I don’t think we have to agree with one… 40 more words


Presentation @ Digital Existence II: Precarious Media Life

Later this month I will be presenting at Digital Existence II: Precarious Media Life, at the Sigtuna Foundation, Sweden, organised by Amanda Lagerkvist via the DIGMEX Research Network (of which I am a part) and the Nordic Network for the Study of Media and Religion. 292 more words

Richard Keller: Life After the Nation-State: Biopolitics and Beyond – Response by Michael Uhall

Living with Biopolitical Nightmares
Written by Michael Uhall (Political Science)

Richard Keller raises an urgent question for everyone who wants to understand politics today: Is biopolitics obsolete? 1,530 more words

To what extent is sexuality regulated in the 21st Century? (One for all you Foucault fans)

The creation of ‘truths’ around sexuality and relations of power between nation-states and social bodies construct the foundation of a regulation of sexuality in the 21st century. 2,075 more words

Art and the Racial State

In 2016, the Swedish government allocated SEK 100 million to arts projects in the Million Programs. In this paper we conceptualize one part of this venture in terms of its biopolitical parameters. 39 more words

Cultural Policy

Question the Water

I often appeal to an old metaphor to describe how some of us can occupy such crowded ideological space and yet remain so apathetic. It’s not our fault, I say, we’re like fish with no reason to question the water we inhabit. 673 more words

Borders: When "Imaginary" Matters

Yesterday (October 9th), Turkey and the United States governments mutually suspended tourist visas. Why? Power. The United States blocked Turkish tourist visa applications after the arrest of a US consulate employee in Istanbul. 2,561 more words