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Society Must Be Defended #readin

When I saw Paige West and J.C. Salyer’s call to mark January 20th with a read-in of lecture eleven of Michel Foucault’s Society Must Be Defended,  893 more words

Current Events

Dear UK Border...

I’ve come to this land full of optimism and hope. I’ve never felt more out of place in my life—the fact that I don’t “belong” to this country feels like I am always being watched by your citizens. 327 more words


Philosophy as a Horsefly

The definition of Socrates, about himself, as a horsefly brings us insight in our overlook to philosophy. We have witnessed that philosophers’ kind of  dealing with Socrates, throughout history of philosophy. 432 more words

A comment on "Society Must be Defended" Read-In

I decided to initiate an event bringing together social science students this coming April. I was inspired by my own research, contemporary political events and what I have been reading. 986 more words


Fuck, the Police! Foucault, Rancière, and Graeber.

The general image of the police is not nearly broad enough: in fact the proliferation of the image (truncheon wielding, horse riding, car chasing)is a subtle way in which society ensures control. 1,738 more words


Foucault, Scoundrel

(a joke continued from here, this is not a full post)


CXXIV. [... ] For we are founding a real model of the world in the understanding, such as it is found to be, not such as man’s reason has distorted. 

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Blockchain Technology: an emergent, political infrastructure

‘Blockchain’ is a digital, social and material network which is supposedly set to democratically restructure the movement and flow – but also the control and management – of data. 549 more words