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On Support and the Morality of You

Dear ListKeepers,

I call you ListKeepers because I wrote a list just the other day; it’s a list of all the friends that I have made over my lifetime. 660 more words


Becoming a Racialised Subject: The Subjectifying Power of Tropes in Popular Visual Culture

This essay is a long read (8k words) and was published in Social and Political Review, 2016. By no means are these ideas original, as countless black theorists have written on this topic, but my aim specifically is to show how Foucault’s concept of subjectification works through different discursive mediums, this time, through images. 7,766 more words

Visual Culture

Robotic Producers

In the Soviet modernity, not only mechanisms should have been exploited beyond their limits, not only workers were expected and were trying to surpass themselves in effectiveness of their labor, but living beings, cared and mediated by humans, were also enhancing beyond belief the hidden capacities of their bodies. 716 more words


Civilising African Cities: international housing policy from colonial to neoliberal times.

Critical scholars of the ‘liberal project’ and global governmentality in Africa have elaborated important insights and strands of enquiry which could usefully be extended to explore the arena of housing and urban governance. 215 more words


One of my earliest BM-designs more than 10 years ago now. Perhaps a bit naive but I wanted to capture the unique BM spirit. I believe I succeeded: the rawness, its amoral and inhuman nature. 569 more words

Who you calling a sissy?

It’s meant to be derogatory, isn’t it? Calling someone a sissy. Sad to think that it started out as ‘sis’ meaning sister.

As an insult it’s usually applied to males displaying signs of fear, cowardliness, timidity. 627 more words

Thinking, Or Ranting, Or Both

Do You Remember:

Hanging tree is still here, of course

Witness to mutilation of blacks

So many lives taken by force

Things happened as matter of fact

Countless died just for running away… 167 more words

New Poetry