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MasterBlog: The Black Female Subject

I find that Foucault’s characterization of the Panopticon – the surveillance-based system of imprisonment and self-discipline originally postulated by Jeremy Bentham – can be applied in a million fascinating ways to film analysis. 813 more words

Media Studies

The Philosophical Investigation of Mass Incarceration

“What is philosophy?” has been a controversial question throughout the history of academia. The original literal meaning of philosophy, the love of wisdom, comes from ancient Greece, but the understanding of it has varied from one individual to another. 613 more words

Feedback On Draft


«You are fucking, yes. But you are not fucking somebody, you are just fucking. … You are fucking a faceless whirlwind of bodies, a nebula of agencies. 1,091 more words


Non-constitutive Rhetoric: Or the Banality of Control

I prepared this paper for the forthcoming National Communication Association conference for a panel on affect. As with a much academic writing, I followed fairly strict disciplinary constraints; in this case, I am bridging rhetorical theory and advances in affect studies from other fields. 4,237 more words


Recent Papers On Kant, Ethics, and Foucault

Kenneth F. Rogerson

Kant and Empirical Concepts
Although Kant is most well-known for his arguments in support of pure or a priori concepts, he also attempts to give an account of how empirical concepts are acquired. 592 more words


Artefact 3

Modern Morality 


For artefact 3 we have to make something based on one of the paired themes in relation to modern morality:

  1. Power/Control
  2. Secrecy/Privacy…
  3. 4,881 more words
360MC: Research And Development

Nation-State Science: Lappology and Sweden's Ethnoracial Purity

My article on Lappology and Swedish nationalism just came out in Comparative Studies in Society and History. It covers 900 years of shifting classifications of the Sámi/Saami, linking those shifts to the geopolitical fortunes of Sweden in Europe. 182 more words