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Space Generating Bodies and Vice Versa

According to Foucault, racism is an inevitable tool of the nation state, which it uses to stratify and modify its citizen. Racism is not occasional slippage of the system, it is a part of the system, its integral, system-generating part. 410 more words


Hora da Coruja sobre Foucault com Salma Tannus Muchail

Os filósofos Paulo Ghiraldelli e Francielle Chies conversam com a filósofa Salma Muchail sobre Foucault.


Foucault's Influence on New Historicism

The anti-establishment ethos of New Historicism wasprofoundly influenced by Foucault‘s theories of Power/Knowledge and Discourse. Foucault observed that the discourse of an era brings into being concepts, oppositions and hierarchies, which are products and propagators of power, and these determine what is “knowledge”, “truth” and “normal” at a given time. 168 more words

Literary Theory

New Historicism's Deviation from Old Historicism

New Historicism envisages and practises a mode of study where the literary text and the non-literary cotext are given “equal weighting”, whereas old historicism considers history as a “background” of facts to the “foreground” of literature. 292 more words

Literary Theory

The 'F' Name

The ‘F’ Word

Reading Evil-William-Gibson’s aka Nick Land’s new article on fascism, “The ‘F’ Word,” published in what seems to be a perfect example of survivalistic popular interest lacking any skepticism, The Daily Caller, my mind was drawn towards a thinker perhaps as poorly understood as fascism itself: Michel Foucault. 

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New Lecture: Self-referential conflicts and the production of space

Based on insights from Actor-Network Theory (ANT) and Systems Theory, we conceptualise conflicts as self-referential modes of ordering that shape places. Conflicts can disappear or get resolved, yet they have a tendency to endure. 139 more words