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The "Knowledge is Power" Cliche & Why It Holds Some Truth

When the British Commander-in-Chief, Geoffrey Amherst, ordered his troops to gift blankets laced with smallpox to the “hostile” Indian tribes, he made a power play. 509 more words

Viral Media

on words and voices...

Hello. Its me. I know I have been quiet for a while. Have you missed me? I’ve missed you.

What’s that? I look well? Thanks, I am. 1,330 more words


Who is watching?

I was interested in listening to Richard D Wolff’s podcast ‘The Game is Rigged’ which looks at the links between capitalism and democracy. For those of us interested in critical theory, he explores how to work towards deeper democracy in everyday life. 628 more words

Nicci Attfield

On Embracing the Strangeness Within

A new mystery sings in your bones / develop your legitimate strangeness. – RenĂ© Char

The clutter surrounding us has a way of frustrating many of our deepest longings, and is repeatedly even hostile to human flourishing; yet the clutter that bombards us does not have the power to contradict the truthfulness and worthiness of searching for wonder, awe and mystery. 796 more words


With Lenin against Foucault, with Foucault against Lenin

Unless the state, and its attendant state power, are grasped and demonstrated as the operation of the grammar of social relations –in other words, the structure of circulation of value, and exchange — all attacks on the state, whether envisaged in terms of seizure of state power or in terms of resisting the state, and withdrawal from it, will only result in its recomposition and reinforcement. 1,566 more words


Working in the Panopticon

I hear some educators now have to sign a log every time they leave the room even to go the toilet.

Incidents! they cry. Ratios! Evacuation! 164 more words