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# HISTORY /// The Hospital as a Laboratory: The Production of Medical Knowledge Through the Bodies

Still from The Knick by Steven Soderbergh (2014)

The Hospital as a Laboratory: The Production of Medical Knowledge Through the Bodies, originally written for L’Architecture d’Aujourd’hui… 734 more words


for M.F. – 17 March, 1976


God help me.
Should be long ago gone
so they and I
don’t have to hear me my
aleatory breaths

why you just
smile at wisps of thought… 253 more words

The Skin Art Manifesto

The omologation, the transormation of living beings in things and destruction on a global scale of nature are prevailing.

Even if efforts are made to conceptualize and speculate about this, we have already started to feel it on our bodies. 439 more words


Images of Alterity: Heterotopia and Identity in Online Spaces

By Quinn McCallum


This article proposes a study of the internet not as a technology, but as a series of connected social spaces. It goes on to propose that some of these spaces constitute Foucault’s idea of the Heterotopia, and the implications of this on concepts of identity and alterity within these spaces. 1,351 more words


ICFA 36 paper: Here at the end of all things: An Archaeology of Return

Here is my paper from this year’s International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, on the problem of ending in fantasy and John Clute’s conception of return. 3,392 more words


wristy business: part1

So I broke my wrist while out skateboarding with my four year old daughter. Not a pleasant experience, especially waiting in a resource  starved NHS hospital running beyond capacity, waiting for  a second set of X Ray results after having my bones pulled into place by 3 nurses…. 599 more words

The ABC of Queer: B for Binary

Across a range of writings the saint and sinner Foucault (see FOUCAULT, see FOUNDER) considered the primarily binary nature, as he saw it, of Western thinking. 984 more words

The ABC Of Queer