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I drove through Charlottesville, Virginia a couple of summers ago on my way back from New York. It was a serene afternoon, and I had not set foot on Jefferson’s campus in over 30 years. 895 more words

A First Day: Space, Place, and Autoethnography [Republished]

In the following article, I shall be drawing on a number of theorists including Lefever and May, to discuss the concept of belonging, and Foucault to examine the school setting as an architecture of power, to theorize my experiences of space in my transition to secondary school. 3,124 more words


On Trump, Truth, and Poststructuralism

Maria Elena Torres-Quevedo | 7 July 2017.

The post-truth era, defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as a culture in which “objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief” (OED), has been marked by a right-wing appropriation of poststructuralist discourse. 922 more words

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An Analysis of Foucault's Order of Things

Foucault is a postmodern, post structural philosopher, credited with investigating the archaeology of knowledge and bifurcating knowledge into various epistemes (knowledge Systems).
The ‘Order of Things’ traces the development of Epistemes as predominant discourses starting from the 16th Century and going on up to the 20th century. 522 more words


Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault (1926-1984) is probably the single most influential figure in postmodernism, inspiring many later theorists and activists including queer theorists such as Judith Butler… 3,186 more words


[Support {needs] thought}

I read today that with the right kind of support, everything is possible.

I agree. And personally, I would be very happy to discuss my own evident needs – most particularly as the wants I now strongly desire. 302 more words

Thought Experiments

A Foucauldian Critique of Australia's Border Controls


Borders have become commonplace throughout the world. It is taken for granted that a person will usually require a visa and passport in order to travel across borders, and that their identity, personal details and biodata will be recorded. 1,828 more words