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Control and Coercion

Is it surprising that prisons resemble factories, schools, barracks, hospitals, which all resemble prisons?

Foucault, Discipline and Punish

In a society which is geared towards productivity, consumption and profit, driven by an unconscious ‘modern’ ideology commanding us to ‘enjoy’, imprisonment permeates all.

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Exploring Space: Heterotopias, The Cinema and a Time Geography Experiment

Despite the title of this post, I’m not about to delve in to anything astronomy-themed! Although, if you want to nerd-out on some cool space stuff, i’ve written about it… 1,123 more words

Media And Communications

Notational, No. 16

The elements are now reversed. It is no longer the end of time and of the world which will show retrospectively that men were mad not to have been prepared for them; it is the tide of madness, its secret invasion, that shows that the world is near its final catastrophe; it is man’s insanity that invokes and makes necessary the world’s end.

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Peeple, a new app bringing out the worst in people, whether we want it or not.

I hate to scaremonger on the internet. I’m generally of the opinion that we should let the internet develop as its own beast, and that we shouldn’t restrict what is possible online. 990 more words

Digital Sociology

Do Student Loans Produce Docile Bodies?

Foucault discusses a change in the method of discipline as “Discipline is no longer simply an art of distributing bodies, of extracting time from them and accumulating it, but of composing forces in order to obtain an efficient machine” (Foucault, 1979, p. 147 more words


Reassuring post-modern life as a sociologist.

What I have been always found reassuring is thinking about myself as being a sociologist. Alongside all the other categories I accord myself with – female, white, straight so far – I cannot think about myself if I take sociological aspect off from my identity. 1,092 more words


Fine Art Farnham Campus Take Over - The Institute of Last Lost......

UCA Farnham BA (Hons) Fine Art students across all three years, worked collaboratively over the last week to develop their own alternative university. 

The 1 week university named the “Institute of Last Lost” had 12 departments exploring different ideas in response to current affairs and critical theory.  52 more words