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Case Study Synthesis

This semester I have been exploring how different theories allow me to explore the writing center as an object of study. Different theories allowed me to look at different aspects of the writing center, helping to approach big picture issues or more narrow foci depending on the theory. 3,709 more words

Grad School Explorations

The Hunger Games: Presenting the Self Under Surveillance

When I think of The Hunger Games, I think of control. I think of oppressive top-down power, resistance, rebellion. However, The Hunger Games also illustrates power in a different sense, as something that is not held by a powerful few but is rather infused throughout every layer of society. 1,907 more words


If Foucault Had Watched Game of Thrones

“Without even having to pronounce the word, modern prudishness was able to ensure that one did not speak of sex, merely through the interplay of prohibitions that referred back to one another: instances of muteness which, by dint of saying nothing, imposed silence. 398 more words


Thoughts on Michel Foucault

In Part Two of The History of Sexuality, Volume 1, An Introduction, Foucault provides an expected history of sexuality. For Foucault, the relationship between discourse and sexuality is significant and hence becomes the focus of his argument. 736 more words


Financialising Biopower (2): The Rise of the New Biopolitics

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

According to its conceptual inventor, Michel Foucault, biopolitics designate every political strategy that aims at governing, administering, modifying, directing, and modeling the life itself through intervention of it by means of truth-knowledge, practice, institution, and law.

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Alfred Hitchcock, Psycho and the Question of Madness

On the 29th of April 1980, Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock died aged 80 in Bel Air, California. Justifiably crowned with the title of the master of suspense, he produced and directed some of the most iconic films in the history of world cinema. 801 more words


Foucault and Giovannis Room

Foucault presents many great ideas through his writings in discipline and punishment. He states that institutions in our society are what mold us to decide what is and what is not moral. 983 more words