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It’s Day 25! For today’s challenge, I’ll be talking to you about the Top 3 makeup products that I can’t live without! I guess this won’t be tough because these are the products which I’ve been consistently raving about on my blog here. 384 more words

30 Days Of Beauty Challenge


In Contextual Studies we watched Metropolis, the seminal 1927 feature length sci-fi film, written by Thea Von Harbou and her husband Fritz Lang, who also directed. 144 more words

Art And Design

Developing film.

Today (25th January, I’m still catching up with this blog) in photography I developed my 35mm film and made a contact sheet. I’d walked to the Crematorium and taken 24 shots of angels and other interesting things on the way. 217 more words

Art And Design


I don’t feel like I’m improving, but I think I’m getting more confident and that may help me improve. My left-handed and continuous line drawings are still the best. 18 more words

Art And Design

Textiles: experiments.

Today I was introduced to smocking and made a nice flower shape. I also splashed ink onto a linen napkin and made a set of circles using different techniques. 97 more words

Art And Design


Today I stitched some suns, moons and stars to go with my illustration and printmaking ideas. I’m trying to make a personification of each for Tarot Cards. 67 more words

Art And Design

In the darkroom.

Textile replicated with photogram

I’ve been busy/slack so playing catch-up now. So this is a blog from Monday 11th January. I replicated some textile samples with photograms. 111 more words

Art And Design