RFT Classics - Best of RFT - the 230s

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Don’s Rant:

Don’s Rant’s about Harper’s redefinition of Antisemitism and his twisted logic of criticizing ‘apparent’ moral relativism but stating moral acts must be judged relatively…you cannot condemn Israeli actions with weigh them compared to Arab/Palestinian actions. 149 more words


Begging for School and Career Advice

So this quarter is almost over and I’m once again stuck trying to decide what to do with the next quarter.  I know this is a decision I have to make for myself but peoples feedback and input is always welcome. 753 more words

Being Human

Three important notes regarding the typhoon tragedy in the Philippines

1.   An ideal way to help

Thanks to Foundation Beyond Belief, I found an aid organization that claims to use 100% of all donations directly to help the survivors of the typhoon.  351 more words

The stories of Typhoon Haiyan and the ensuing chaos and suffering coming out of the Philippines are heartbreaking. Different US secular freethought orgs have arranged for ways to donate to various relief efforts. 64 more words


Magic of Reality to Auction

I’m willing to Auction off my signed book of Magic of Reality by Richard Dawkins to someone willing to donate to my teammates for Light the Night to help them get over a $100. 83 more words


My Selfish Reasons for Fundraising for Light the Night

I would be a liar if I tried to claim that my desire to help others was completely noble, without personal gain.

I help others because I can not help myself.   319 more words

Being Human