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“2. Do we preach through books of the Bible in order to show the continuity of God’s Word?

Here’s what I mean.  Preaching through a book, if done properly, can never be done in isolation from the rest of Scripture.  

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Participating in Gathered Worship: Worship with Eager Submission | Founders | The Blog

In the last several posts we have asked the question: How are we to join in the gathered worship of the church? We must make an effort to come and gather. 130 more words

Participating in Gathered Worship: Worship in Spirit and in Truth | Founders.org | The Blog

What would you consider essential to worship? What is truly necessary if true worship is to occur? Is it a certain style of preaching? Is it a certain type of music? 85 more words

When to Leave a Church, Part II: Check your motives and guard your tongue | Founders | The Blog

A few weeks back, I asked the question, “When Do You Leave a Church?” here on the Founders Blog and promised to continue dealing with this issue in a second post. 97 more words

When Do You Leave a Church? | The Blog | Founders Ministries

It is the conversation with church members every pastor dreads but inevitably comes to every man who has shepherded a local flock: “Pastor, we need to meet with you and discuss our future at the church. 76 more words

“Those who are united to Christ, effectually called, and regenerated, have a new heart and a new spirit created in them; and by His Word and Spirit dwelling within them, this personal work of sanctification is indeed carried further.

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