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An Essay on the Second Amendment: Part One- An American Militia

Over the course of the past week, there have been many calls to repeal the Second Amendment: it was not really meant for an American militia outside of a standing military; it has outlived its usefulness; it only covers muskets and/or the Founders never could have imagined the firepower that modern weaponry was capable of; no way could Americans armed with AR-15’s fight off the American military. 576 more words


UpWest Labs just raised $18 million to bring Israeli founders to the US

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The micro venture firm UpWest Labs was founded nearly six years ago in Palo Alto with one mission in mind: to bring Israeli founders to the U.S. 626 more words


Make this Mean something to you

Make this Mean something to you

Hopefully is the only word I can put in to describe the ugliness in the USA now as I type. 462 more words

Political Correctness

How the NRA Rewrote the Second Amendment The Founders never intended to create an unregulated individual right to a gun. Today, millions believe they did. Here’s how it happened.

“A fraud on the American public.” That’s how former Chief Justice Warren Burger described the idea that the Second Amendment gives an unfettered individual right to a gun. 1,135 more words


Correct Observation

Half the states in the Union have abandoned Washington’s Birthday on Monday for some variation of pin-the-apostrophe-on-the-word-President holiday.

We can all be proud that Arkansas is not among them. 841 more words

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette Columns

"What's In a Name?" Final Installment: There's a "Brother" in Brothertown

When “Brotherton” was founded in New York in the 1700’s and Brothertown, Wisconsin in the 1800’s, the Brothertown Indians weren’t just forming a town but a familial community. 663 more words

Brothertown History

The plague of rationalization

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There are many reasons startups fail.

Unfortunately, we just didn’t have enough time and ran out of money.

Unfortunately, the customers just didn’t care enough about our offering. 883 more words