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Tyrannical, Violent, and Greedy for Tribute

Strabo, Geography 10.4.8

“As Ephoros has claimed, Minos modeled himself after a certain ancient Rhadamanthys, a most just man who had the same name as his own brother and apparently was the first to make Crete more civilized through laws, integrations of cities, and constitutions, insisting that he was simply introducing each of these ideas to the public from Zeus himself. 176 more words


Beer Prime - The Blog

Welcome to Beer Prime, a blog all about BEER!

If you’re hoping for something about Budweiser, Miller, Stella Artois, etc, then you won’t find that here. 206 more words


About Unity of Man

Dear friends,

Today we learn something about Unity of Man, its aims, founders and headquaters.
Peace and harmony in your heart.

Unity of Man is working as a spiritual, cultural and charitable non-profit-organization… 674 more words


The United States of America. Where we came from and where exactly are we going?

If you are old enough you got a smattering of the history of our nation and learned about some of the beliefs of the founders and what they hoped to accomplish once the nation had been secured with the end of the Revolutionary War in our favor.  1,355 more words

Acting on Ideas + Kamal Part 1 (Notes from Jan 21 - 27, 2019)

Changing the world (re: starting a company you believe solves a fundamental problem) requires, at the minimum, action. Nobody has an idea and can sleep through the execution of those ideas. 464 more words


Founder Story: Yost Labs

Yost Labs in Portsmouth, Ohio is revolutionizing the motion capture system. Using sensors that attach directly to the body, the software can track movement in open spaces, allowing for realistic animation. 77 more words

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