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Uncle Sugar's try to stop China-sponsored AIIB was a fiasco and a failure

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The Obama administration’s vain attempt to prevent allies from joining China’s Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is feeding a growing perception that U.S.

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Good News doesn’t come down to the three of us and our ideas about happiness or news that we find positive. It’s also about YOU, because one of our goals is to have people create the website together with us. 41 more words

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Hey there! My name’s Julia. “Positive” hasn’t been a word I would use often until recently. I wouldn’t call myself sad nor depressed, but for sure I was not full of energy and smiling as I am now most of the time. 171 more words

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Hiya! I’m Angie. I’m the founder and the idea-creator of Good News. My journey with optimism and happiness started when I was 11 and …with a depression. 301 more words

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Hi guys! Here is a short story about me.
I’ve always lived with a need of doing more, a need of being a better person, a need of achieving my goals. 228 more words

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