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Being a blog, I can ask questions that professionals won't go near due to lack of evidence

For instance, who made stone moulds used to cast pewter and perhaps bronze items? Having had a skim through several sources of information about stone moulds, such as the Museum of London books, the Historical Metallurgy Society journals and excavation reports, I can’t find anything about this question. 668 more words


"Crying Is OK in Yoga; Puking Is Not"

Wise words from our yoga instructor from Tuesday night.

Jon and I went to the Buffalo Foundry, one of the two locations of East Meets West yoga studio, to take part in the Beginner Vinyasa Flow class. 525 more words


Try something new!

Today’s Try Something New was the slightly more terrifying climbing! Sam and I popped to the Foundry Climbing Centre tonight for our first session…

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#STO Foundry: Rediscovering the Love of Exploration

The of exploration areas in the game left many with a bad taste in their mouths. Whether you used them for duty officer missions, to acquire resources, or to simply fulfill an existential need that Star Trek must have exploration… 657 more words

The rather important use of lathes by foundrymen

For 7 years now I have been thinking about all aspects of how medieval craftsmen made objects out of bronze or pewter. The method of manufacture of some objects is obvious, from the excavated stone moulds for pewter badges through to the methods of making bells, which are recorded in detail in the 12th and 16th centuries, with nothing much changing in between. 1,123 more words


Mini Foundry in Use

So here is some footage from my first run of the homemade mini foundry.

Oh and if you happen to have a steel fire extinguisher laying around that is about 3 inches in diameter, and you don’t need it any longer, I will pay shipping if you empty it and send it to me! 152 more words


Initial Footage of Our Aluminum Foundry and Casting Operation!

Here is the first few minutes of footage from our thesis project, dealing with aluminum sand casting processes. We built our own foundry, NBD.

Most of the footage doesn’t actually feature our large furnace, because we didn’t have enough people to safely run it the day we shot this video. 86 more words

Sand Casting