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Pure Aluminum From Melted Beer Cans

This is our second try to melt aluminum cans in our (unfinished) home foundry (the making of which will be in a different post). This run was semi-successful as compared to the first one. 292 more words


The Best Gingery Lathe Video Series To Date

has been working on a Gingery Lathe since September last year. His videos on the process are by far the most detailed, clearly shot, and complete series on making a Gingery lathe we’ve come across. 216 more words

Classic Hacks

Roasting Woman

At last year’s Texicon, I ran a Mission St. Mary game where each player controlled a group of explorers whose objective was to explore each section of the board.  926 more words


Gießereizug - foundry train

Dieser historische Gießereizug mit Torpedopfannenwagen und Schlackepfannenwagen steht auf dem Museumsbahnsteig in Oberhausen Hbf. Er gehört zum LVR Industriemuseum.

This historic foundry train can be seen at the museum platform in Oberhausen main station, germany. 86 more words

Nachtaufnahme - Nightshot

Somewhere in Brooklyn

I don’t know the vintage of the manhole cover pictured below. I took the picture in Brooklyn in early 1991.

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Custom Engine Parts from a Backyard Foundry

Building a car engine can be a labor of love. Making everything perfect in terms of both performance and appearance is part engineering and part artistry. 254 more words

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These Accessories At Spring City Bring Beauty Apart From Light!

Spring City has always been a keen provider of accentuated styles and most eccentric street lighting accessories. The eminent electrical system with banner arms and flag brackets along with a series of other features has no other substitute. 149 more words