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2016 Graduation!

Michael Hollinger, Quinn Eli and Jacqueline Goldfinger invite you to join us to celebrate The Foundry’s second graduating class of local playwrights: MJ Kaufman, Douglas Williams, Lena Bernard, Emily Acker and Sam Henderson.  135 more words


Bronze Casting

Since I arrived at SSW a couple of months ago I’ve been watching the goings on of the foundry in wonderment and excitedly photographing all the metal pours. 782 more words


Design/Bid/Build, Design Assist or Design/Build?

Bringing clarity to the three most popular methods of constructing a worship facility.

Starting a building or renovation project can be overwhelming.

How much is it going to cost? 500 more words


Painting a Republican Roman Army 1

With the review and nearly finishing the 2nd unit I was reflecting on how I want to record the development of the collection. I thought about just doing what I always do and put up posts with pictures of completed units, however, I already do that on forums and Facebook. 1,167 more words

Another historical building

Even though this historical building now looks dead , it must have been buzzing with commercial activities once. Named Beehive Building, it once housed one of the first department stores in India.At different times,it also housed a foundry (called Beehive Foundry), a ship fitting workshop, an auction hall and a hardware store. 39 more words


Bronze Brands

Travis Smith is also a foundry man and creates custom brands for people across the U.S. and even some other countries. He does the work sand casting the brands while his wife designs the brands and his daughter and another assistant help prepare the brands for the sand casting process. 401 more words