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A Brief History and Definition of the Foundry Industry

Foundries have been facilitating the process of how people go about their daily lives. They have significantly eased this process by letting us form durable and rugged tools. 422 more words

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Skill up with Nuke: photorealistic compositing for mid-senior compositors

VFX Supervisor Victor Perez explores the process of learning photorealistic compositing in Nuke, emphasising the importance of experimentation with nodes.


What’s new in the Nuke family?

See what’s new in the Nuke family! Foundry are now adding features throughout Nuke’s release cycle. Get a sneak peek into what’s coming up for Nuke 11.2.


Why Sand Casting Is So Popular Among Cast Iron Manufacturers ?

Sand casting happens to be the most popular process employed by the lot of cast iron foundries out there. But besides that, a casting foundry… 465 more words

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Playing a 'role' in the STO-verse

Just how Much ‘RPG’ is there in the STO Experience? MMORPG right? I’m sure all the readers here know what that acronym stands for. Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. 755 more words

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Advantages of CNC Machines in an Iron Foundry

Cast iron manufacturers are increasingly preferring CNC machines for use in their foundries. But before we dive into why this may be so we need to know what CNC machines are. 388 more words

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Foundry Athera

Hey, so while at the FMX conference in Stuttgart this April, Foundry has launched Athera.  This new service is a cloud platform that allows VFX studios and freelancers to run their entire pipeline in ‘the cloud’.   574 more words