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humming happy tunes….la..la..la..

Do you notice that when you are happy, you might humming happy tunes?

When you are free, relax, happy, joyful, you are automatically humming happy tunes. 165 more words


"Lokah samastah Sukhino Bhavantu"

Are you happy in every moment of your life?

Do you need any special condition to make you happy?

Do you need any external material stuffs to cheer up your life? 333 more words


Discover the treasure within you...

We always think that we need so much in our life, then only we can be happy and satisfied.

As such, we are working extremely hard in order to pursuit our external wealth to ensure we are HAPPY. 152 more words


Fountain of joy

Here we are in the centre of Rostock, a few hundred yards on from the sex shop in my last blog. But whatever is going on here, and why are the local girls queuing up to have their pictures taken at the Brunnen der Lebensfreunde ( Fountain of Joy ) ? 61 more words


Spring in Tuscany 2012: Day 3—Siena (At Last!)

For years I’ve dreamed of visiting Siena. I thought I’d jinxed myself when I elected to visit San Gimignano (which was beautiful but not nearly so interesting) instead of Siena in 2006. 821 more words

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Luminata Daily Reflections—the Source of our Identity

Thought for the Day—the Source of our Identity

If you ask a person to point to herself she will almost always point to her heart, almost never her head. 189 more words

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