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SmartWater is “inspired” by the way mother “nature” makes water, known as the “hydrologic” cycle.

Hillary Clinton “simulate” this process by vapor distilling “rain” water in her Chappaqua, NY home, making every drop as… 204 more words


Neverland / Terra do Nunca

“I don’t want to grow up”, said my niece Ciara, 5 years old, in tears the last time we were leaving Dublin. I am sure she felt a lot better about the future once I gave her that Percy Pig, but I don’t blame her: why would anyone want to deal with a world of mortgages, driving tests and heartbreak? 832 more words


Thomas Howard

I am fascinated about the families that felt the need to come to the new world durning the 1600’s. Thomas left England during one of the bloody battles between the Royalist and the Parliamentarians. 124 more words

Happiness Project


This week at the winery, we did lots of bottling, I mean all day long that is what we all worked on…bottling. We bottle several times a year. 158 more words

Happiness Project

Wade McKenzie

I met Wade while we were stuck on our 500 acre property. It was raining out, and we wanted to see the ranch after the rain. 233 more words

Happiness Project

“Know that I AM your inner sacred substance…God’s Divine decoction who sustains the Tree of all LIFE.

Know that I AM your stock of eternal youth…God’s bubbling breath who replenishes all the flesh fountains of the world”

– the Beloved Self