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Odd Criteria

You who look in here with some regularity will remember that a while ago I was mulling how to dispose of a gift certificate I got last Christmas, and somewhat more recently there was… 530 more words


6-Pen Lineup for the Week

I’ve been a very good girl. I haven’t breached my self-imposed “6-pen at a time” rule. Seeing that I have a few new iro inks, I decided to use all of them in my lineup this week, plus a Noodler’s ink because I did not think of buying a green iro ink (facepalm). 71 more words

Fountain Pen

Conklin Duragraph Fountain Pen Review by Inktronics

Conklin Duragraph Amber Fountain Pen, Stub Nib

The reintroduction of a previously prominent name in the fountain pen business of yesteryear seems to be a trend as of late.I guess with enough money, those famous names that fell by the roadside can be brought back to life. 728 more words

Fountain Pen

Pen wrangling

I have run into a bit of a problem with my fountain pen, the Duke 209 with the bent ‘fude’ nib. Having used up the ink in the cartridge provided I was keen to change over to a different colour and brand of ink. 340 more words

Clearly colourful: A review of the TWSBI 580 RB

Hesitation is the enemy of progress, or so they say… To be honest I’ve hesitated a fair bit about reviewing this pen simply because apart from the different finial, coloured cap, section and piston fill cap, it is basically the same pen as the 580 about which I’ve already waxed lyrical… 410 more words

Fountain Pen

Force Majeure

A confession, which doesn’t reveal much inky blackness of my past:  I was a serious Star Wars freak when I was a kid.  I was at just the right age when the first film came out, and already inclined to the genre.   211 more words