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Azure Valley 2

This is the same valley in the Rocky Mountains seen in this post a couple of weeks ago. The brown is walnut ink from a fountain pen, which is not waterproof and in some places I used a wet brush to blend it. 83 more words


Noodler’s Creaper Flex Nib Pen

I have been using Noodler’s Standard Creaper Flex Nib pen for several years now. It is my first (and only) fountain pen and has a nicely tapered body which is a more comfortable size for my hand than the Ahab. 226 more words

Fountain Pen


A friend in Germany sent me this pink ballpoint pen from Faber-Castell some time ago. It’s a good quality pen, like all other stuff they make. 135 more words

Fountain Pens

Day 14 - Keeping it Going

Today’s letter is headed to another new penpal in Kentucky. She’s another person who contacted me as a result of my penpal post on Reddit, and I suspect I’ll be writing to a lot of those folks over the next few weeks. 7 more words

Winter Robin

A couple of weeks ago I saw this American robin in the aspen tree in front of my house. For some reason birds always act like they think you’ll reach up and grab them, even though my arms clearly aren’t that long (and I wouldn’t, anyways). 53 more words


Spine-tingling Writing!

As a gentle distraction from the flaming horror of what’s happening in Washington DC today, here’s four nice people showing how letter-writing in a group setting can look.   38 more words