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Inktober 2017 #20, #21 and #22

Still catching up. Super quick drawings and inking. Wow do I wish I’d taken an extra five minutes to get the glasses less wonky. On the plus side, the foreshortening isn’t so bad. 109 more words

Art Challange

Inktober 2017 - #23 Horace Slughorn

Phew.  After a weekend of drawing child characters, my prompt for today was to draw one of the Hogwarts teachers.  I definitely enjoy drawing the grown up Harry Potter characters more.  50 more words

Inktober 2017 - #22 Ginny Weasley

Having drawn the Weasley twins on Saturday, yesterday my prompt was to draw their youngest sibling and only sister, Ginny.  I have found that I much prefer enjoying the adult characters from the Harry Potter series.  110 more words

Inktober 2017 - #21 Fred and George Weasley

For the 21st day of Inktober, my kids presented me with a challenge.  The prompt was the Weasley twins, Fred and George.  I assume this is because those characters always seem to come as a brace and they either did not think to separate them or did not want to do so.  54 more words

Biomorphic Animal: Saola

Mickel Williams

Professor Pennisi Constance E

DGMA 1413 CRN 3934

23 October 2017

Biomorphic Animal

For this project, everyone was required to create a biomorphic animal that’s based off a species that’s on the endangered species list. 306 more words


Organics Studio Copper Turquoise (CU) Review

Ever since I first inked Organics Studio Nitrogen, I have been intrigued by their inks. So far though, I have only used their super sheeners. When I say super sheener, I mean so sheeny that the base color is sheen and the actual color is more of an afterthought. 233 more words

Ink Review

The Story of My Life

I was searching through old files in the Documents File and found one I’d started about a year ago – “Life Story”. I’d started it, inspired by various blogs, but had let it drop and forgotten all about it. 626 more words