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Pen of the Day: Kaweco Skyline Sport Metallic Violet

Kaweco Skyline Sport in Metallic Violet with medium nib. You know I love my Kaweco Sports, and here’s a great one.  The color is called Metallic Violet, but the pen body is plastic not metal.  57 more words


Cheap Fountain Pens and Expensive Pencils—and will either make me Feel Better about what I’m actually writing?

So, my pencil fetish has exceeded previously unknown heights as last week I bought one of these:

Yes, this is “Swiss Wood,” and it smells like a combination of burning something or other and sweetness that might just be the scent of a sappy tree burning to the ground. 765 more words

Noodler's Violet Vote (Final Run)

I picked up a bottle of Noodler’s Violet Vote from Goulet Pens (.com) and it was the last and final run of this ink. Formerly known as “Iraqi Indigo”, this ink has some political charge behind it. 275 more words

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Has Lamy Gone Too Green?

I am afraid the Complaint Department is going to be open today. I had a dentist appointment just before writing this, so you’ll have to pardon me if I’m in the mood to grouse. 605 more words

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Pen of the Day: Pelikan 400

Pelikan 400 with oblique double broad nib. I prefer modern pens to vintage. I like fine and extra-fine nibs, and I like nail-like nibs that let me quickly scrawl across the page. 163 more words


Long Time, No Post

Hello again. Its been over a year since I posted anything to this blog. I have never been a good blogger, and this foray into blogging has not really fared any better. 345 more words

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Callifolio Ink "Teodora"

It was one of those times where it was way past my bed time and I was internetting and reading blog after blog and I checked out a pretty neat place called Vanness Pens. 256 more words

Nibs & Scribs