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Writer's Tools

As Writer’s we like putting pen to paper, so to speak.  Have you not wondered where the fountain pen, biro or pencil originated from?  These instruments which we use daily… 1,654 more words


Sunday Reads: Pens And Cats Are Cool

If you are not familiar with David Isaacson and Vacumania, now is the time to get acquainted. He knows more about pens than the rest of us combined and he always has beautifully restored vintage pens on offer. 99 more words

Fountain Pens

Some early thoughts on the Pilot metal Falcon (SF) fountain pen.

For the past two weeks I have enjoyed getting acquainted with this pen, bought new at the Cambridge pen show.

If you are new to the Pilot Falcon, as I was, there are a few things that might cause some initial confusion, as follows:- 1,684 more words

Fountain Pens

BIC Disposable Fountain Pen

BIC is often a word of disdain in the mouth of fountain-pen users. “Oh him. No, he uses a BIC”. “Oh I couldn’t possibly write with a BIC.” So when I was told that they made fountain pens, I was understandably dubious. 449 more words

Fountain Pens

Top 5 Pens I Would Like to Own

I’m running out of pens to review-and I knew this would happen-so I’ve decided to do this post on the pens I would like to own. 363 more words


Sunday Reads: Pens, Inks and Paper. Oh, my!

No lions, tigers or bears, but a few pen and ink links. Oh, and one piece about going to Mars for those who like to travel… 82 more words


Beaufort Roasted Red

  • Where to buy: Beaufort 
  • Price: £8.35
  • Bottle size: 45ml
  • Price/ml: £0.19 (2dp)
  • Colour: Red
  • Shading: Minimum
  • Sheening: None
  • Recommend?: If you’re looking for a more ‘autumnal’ red, this would be good for you…
  • 488 more words
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