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O Muses, Strike Me With a Fountain Pen!

I was thinking, “Hey, why not share how I write?” in terms of preparation and what I surround myself with.

First of all, I do usually use my laptop (and sometimes have to switch off the wifi because Pinterest, while handy, is very distracting). 187 more words

Fancy a Quickie: Quick look at the William Hannah notebook

Everybody loves a quickie, right? Especially those that include leather, suede and studs…

…on a William Hannah notebook of course!

I received a William Hannah (WH) beauty as a birthday gift from my better half, after much convincing, foot rubbing and dinner cooking. 828 more words


Magic the Gathering Deck List – February 18, 2017

This decklist was drafted on February 18, 2017. This was a blue/black deck. I’m starting to get some combos down. Since I didn’t have enough artifacts, my Glint-Nest Crane card was annoying. 86 more words

Magic The Gathering

Magic the Gathering Deck List - February 17, 2017

This decklist was drafted at FNM on February 17, 2017. It is a White/Green deck. It was an okay deck, not great. But I’m still learning. 37 more words

Magic The Gathering

Cleo Skribent Classic Metal, Piston fountain pen review.

It was a joy for me to find another German brand of very nice fountain pens recently. If  you have not heard of these pens before, then I recommend them to you. 1,397 more words

Fountain Pens

The Courtesy of Cursive

I’ve always hated my handwriting. Not the childlike printing that everyone seems to use these days, but the careful, flowing script we were taught in grade school. 697 more words

Quill & Ink

Frank’s note:
My father once has a Parker 45, a daily workhorse for an engineer like him. Later when I found out that Hero 800 is exactly in the same physical dimension and even interchangeable with Parker, I was quite amazed. 4,374 more words

Fountain Pens