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La Senora

La senora calls at me from another space in time,

“Mija, venga. Necessitamos a hablar.”

She’s not my abuela, but treats me as her own. 121 more words

I Woke Up and Thought of You

I woke up this morning and thought of you

And cried

Tears over what might have been

Tears over what never was

Tears over lies… 12 more words


I haven’t posted anything since before Christmas 2017 partly because I’ve been really ill, and partly because I’ve been finding interactions on social media quite draining.   538 more words

Gender Based Violence

Sometimes the Road in Life takes an Unexpected Turn

“Sometimes the road of life takes an unexpected turn and you have no choice but to follow it to end up in the place you are supposed to be.” 136 more words

Looking for acceptance from everyone but God...

I’ve spent a lifetime seeking the acceptance of others…. frequently disappointed feeling like I didn’t measure up, like I wasn’t good enough.

The problem wasn’t/isn’t them – it’s me. 244 more words

ALL Things for a Reason

Saw this on Instagram this morning. What a great reminder that even those people who break our hearts are gifts from God. Each step we take leads us further down Life’s path, providing lessons along the way.

Always Do Your Best

Every morning I pick an agreement out of The Four Agreements cards by Don Miguel Ruiz to hold as a theme for the day.  Always Do Your Best is my favorite.  164 more words

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