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The Four Agreements

In case you aren’t familiar with the 4 agreements, here ya go. I read the book a few years ago and although I didn’t care for it, I absolutely love the 4 agreements themselves and continue to remind myself of them during difficult or trying times. 9 more words


Getting Butt Hurt and Angry Yelp Reviews (Breaking The Second Agreement)

I was driving down a one-way street in downtown San Francisco. The light was green and I proceeded to make a left turn, but first I stopped short of the crosswalk to allow the pedestrians to finish crossing. 1,960 more words


Being honest with yourself and others

I always try my best to be honest. After reading The Four Agreements it just made sense to me, If I want less problems and drama in my life, have open relationships with people and be myself, then I must be honest. 1,075 more words


First Inspiration, First “Real” Post: Self-Help Books

I love self-help books. I find that they hold beautiful truths and allow you to be quietly vulnerable within the safety of a book. I have had many transformative “aha moments” (thanks Oprah) that have happened within the pages of a self-help book. 479 more words


Why We Lie (Breaking The First Agreement)

If you’ve followed my writing for any time at all you know how I feel about the book/doctrine “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. 1,845 more words


Super Mom.

I am raising a seventeen year old teenager, along with two other strong, determined women. And, on most days, I feel pretty competent at how I parent. 494 more words