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Four Lines

Love of splash in shady corners
drives the lone graffiti artist
to spray graphics bold and shortest
heeding neither law nor orders.

Heeding neither orders nor law…

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Four Lines

Darkened abruptly eerie day
steps from the shadows in the room
and begins to sculpt shapes of gloom
spread outward through me and away.

Spread outward and away through me…

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Four Lines

Once lost our balance and graces
go for rides on big flying boats
around the oval balance floats
while graces assume their places.

While the graces assume their place…

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Four Lines

Head down in the weeds we are dropped
left to grope blindly through the roots
with no maps or clearly marked routes
drooping feet seeking til they’re stopped.

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Four Lines

If unearned wealth can get you caught
then it’s best to live on wages
bought hard in hourly stages
sweat of the brow work your hands wrought.

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Four Lines

Repeating an idiom is
the bane and curse of written lines
for non standard meanings need signs
about kicked buckets and slow fizz.

About kicked buckets and slow fizz…

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Four Lines

While in my yard standing alone
the unused furniture spills rust
on concrete that wants to adjust
to the shift of underground stones.

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