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Nubes Pacem

a cloud shaped like a dragon
floats menacingly above
the spring wind gently strokes it
and leaves behind a dove.

My Dream

I had a dream unlike everyone else,
to remain chained to my desk
while my friends leapt 
and considered my inclination.

I had a vision unlike everyone else. 39 more words

Search for My Self

I ran on the shore
searching for my soul.
It stayed with my child
Sleeping on the bed.

I ran on the road
searching for my heart. 24 more words

Four Lines

chaos yawns mayhem swirls holy
dizzily dazzled color hue tone
sliding it shifts who is alone
near dawn when light creeps too slowly


Sound and Its Fury

A few more days than I expected have passed since my last post on quatrains mostly because there are more words waiting to be said than I ever expected. 1,099 more words


Koi khamosh hai itna, bahaane bhool aaya hoon

Kisi ki ek tarannum main, taraane bhool aaya hoon
Meri ab raah mat takna kabhi aye aasma waalon… 14 more words

Four Lines

Prompt for December 19: Four Lines of Prose about Cobwebs

It was a slow—agonizingly slow—journey through the house. Every corner and crevice was white lace, with the layers of dust overlaid by cobwebs. Ever the adventurer, Chester had no qualms about the disarray: he was far too busy tearing the cobwebs from their holdings and shaking them about as if they were his rope. 12 more words