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The best four lines

Here are a list of the best four lines that have either brought a smile on my face, a tear in my eye or have been an inspiration. 426 more words


A Raceme of Quatrain Poems

After Valentine

Can you see the azure stream, of which flesh is freshly clean?
Can you see the ivory papers, of which patterns slowly wither?
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Wounded stop bring help stop no stop stop

I will love you until whatever it is I’m planning falls apart and I drive back to your house

Beaten and frustrated

My left eye black

Holding flowers


it hurts

i called out leaving diamonds in my wake
they turned into plastic in your hands
if only i could hollow me out
let you crawl in, warm and safe


48) 10th November 2014

आज सुरमा जल काला ज्यादा

शत घटक घट लौटा प्यासा

मुड़ खुद नमन ले नाम मैने

कल ये आप विधाता सा

Ninety Nine

Four Lines

Get the tools

Hand me the wood.

Stand right there,

And be still.


Feel the air

Clutch your arms.

Breathe in the smell,

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