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Throwing the Tarot Table

I got run over by the Wheel of Fortune.

My husband and I were getting ready for bed. I was sitting up, getting ready to do my draw as he laid in bed, waiting for the inevitable meltdown to come following my “Tomorrow’s Focus” card. 294 more words

Daily Tarot

Do You Have To Believe in Tarot For It To Work?

I have often heard people tell me, “Oh, but I don’t believe in the tarot.” I’ve heard that almost as much as I’ve had people ask me: “But how does tarot… 975 more words

Tarot Cards

Tomorrow's Forecast

I almost don’t even want to… I never pay attention to how my decks go back into the box. I also do the “pool” shuffle method a lot, but this is just ridiculous. 339 more words

Daily Tarot

Daily Tarot Reading for 8-7-2017

Hi, All! Today’s card is the Four of Swords. This is a time to take a break from the daily grind. It is a great opportunity to quiet the many thoughts rolling around in your head and to create a bit of peace for yourself. 149 more words


Turn from Belief toward Knowing: Pleiadian Tarot, Week of July 26

Queen of Swords (reversed) — Page of Swords — The Star

Summary: Are you seeing that the truth has been turned on its head, that the knowingness you’ve been so sure of has slipped into emptiness as the wild storms of change have blown? 715 more words

A Simple Shift of Perspective: Pleiadian Tarot for week of July 19

Knight of Swords — King of Swords — Ace of Pentacles (reversed)

Summary: Fast-paced though your desire to see thing change may be, you have got to learn the art of getting a grip in the centrifuge of total change. 645 more words

inner light

today’s card is a reminder for peace, calm, finding quiet spaces, and channeling that inner light: the four of swords.

swords can be a stressful suit for me, and the more i work through the… 322 more words

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