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The Moon Day Forecast, 8.25.15

I know I know, I missed yesterday but seriously though I have a good reason this time! See, I got a new cat! And that totally distracted me because, you know, cats! 549 more words

The Moon Day Forecast

Trying a relationship spread 

This spread, with the Wild Unknown tarot, made me laugh. (It comes from Barbara Moore’s book Tarot Spreads.)

So, briefly (since I’m on my phone, at my sister’s house). 323 more words

Major Arcana

Week 1 Reading: The Reader's Reading

1.   About you in general: what is your most important characteristic?

The Hanged Man

I have some feelings about this. It was hard for me to interpret, to accept. 1,027 more words

Major Arcana

Gamer Spread

Yes, you did read that correctly. While thinking about advertising options for the business side of the tent, I thought about how many friends of mine are gamers. 440 more words


Deck Interview: In Love with the Mythical Goddess Tarot

The Mythical Goddess Tarot is my very first deck. I was immediately drawn to its emphasis on engaging the divine feminine as well as the beautiful art that I could see myself in. 319 more words


Tarot Fours

Four of Swords:

Repose.  Resting after an emotional ordeal.  Regaining one’s emotional and physical strength.  Healing inner wounds.  Hiding.  Retreating from the world.  Wisdom (as seen by the card’s raven) gained from time spent alone in contemplation. 204 more words

Bohemian Gothic Tarot

Daily Draw: Four of Swords, The Volva

Today’s draw is about going within in search of Mother wisdom, that deep kind of knowing that we’re all born with but that many of us get separated from for whatever human reasons. 136 more words