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The Lesser Arcanes - Five


Five is a number of discontent, the ‘spilled milk’, the period of trial, the darkest hour before the rising of the sun.

Four of Pentacles: 270 more words

New Moon Wellspring

I laid this spread out the night of the new moon, but I’m a couple of days late sitting down and interpreting it in detail. I found… 528 more words


Today's Tarot

” What do I need to know for today ? “

It’s Tuesday, March 29th and I am sitting here trying to put a post together, struggling against lethargy, tiredness, procrastination and a general feeling of being washed out. 419 more words


Til the Next Awakening

Four of Water:
Your physical health demands your staying  in the Now to take care of it everyday without any burden of guilt from the past or worry from the future. 56 more words


Frankenstein at Great Fulford

It was a dark cold night in St Leonards, there was a knock at the door, it was Gerry.  Gerry is a fellow ex-Croydonian (via Ireland) and Gerry had agreed to accompany me on an spooky adventure to the middle of nowhere in the dark. 823 more words


Tarotbytes: 4 of Swords

Self control, delayed gratification, incubating an idea before a well-timed reveal all can pay off in the end.

“Self-reverence, self-knowledge, self-control; these three alone lead one to sovereign power.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

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DOCR for 9 February 2016

Deck: New Century

Time: 00:26

Card: Four of Swords

Morning Interpretation: The Simply Tarot book tells me this is a card which represents a convalescence from illness and assures me things are in the hands of fate. 505 more words

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