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I have a variety of annuals in my back yard that I enjoy watching grow each year.  It is always exciting when the first new growth springs forth to let me know that winter is over (or at least close to it).   182 more words

Don't mind me, I'm a ghost

This happened… for reals.

Jake the almost 4 year old decided that he didn’t want to sleep. He’d already been out of his room a bazillion times already and knew that “if you come out of that room one more time, you’re in trouble mister”. 21 more words

Divorce Life

Croup and Pediatric Success!

I’m so glad I had Samuel in my room because of his sniffles. He woke up on Thursday night (12:15) and barked. I knew instantly that he had croup. 839 more words


"The Day of a Manic Mother & Her Tribe"

6.30 am – “Mummy, Mummy I need breakfast..chocolate crispies..Mummy, Mummy” this is how my day starts most mornings. Although 6.30 am actually only happens once in a blue moon it’s usually a lot earlier. 814 more words


Emersonisms XIII

* “I was trying to sleep but Tucker was distracting me!”

*My (stuffed) dog was being bad. He bit the puppies so I’m going to take him on a walk and leave him in the street so cars crash into him..” (umm.. 211 more words


Miss M

Our Miss M, currently age 4, is quite the thinker. Following are a few of the conversations we’ve had with her from the time she was three years old. 386 more words


Clever mom moments

I have been blessed with a beautiful, clever, delightful (most of the time) little boy.  Dinner time is not always one of those delightful times however.   578 more words

Mom Moments