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To booze, or not to booze... That is the question

On Saturday, Monkey and I went to his friend’s birthday party and upon arrival I was a little more than stunned. Not just by the humongous jumping castle that could have housed five families of five but by the buckets and buckets of booze laid out for the parents…just so we’re clear – it was 10am! 205 more words

Things I Need My Daughter to Know

Dear Sweetpea,

I don’t really know how to start. It has been a rough day. I’ve been wanting to write but the way the last few days have been, I just haven’t had much to say. 566 more words

Blended Family

And Then It Happened... I Went in the Flea Market Helicopter

Two years ago – ish we moved to Florida. Saying that it was a culture shock to me would be an understatement. I’d never been further south than North Carolina and that is like the “border” of the south. 528 more words


Four years of BIG

Me: Are you going to be a new person when you are four tomorrow?

Her: Oh yes, a whole new person!

Me: Well, why? What can you do when you are four? 367 more words

Down Syndrome

Arddun's vintage birthday tea party

Question: How does one organise a children’s party at home in winter, while alone with two children?

Answer: Very, very slowly.

Arddun’s 4th birthday party has been and gone, but we are still stretching things out by opening a new present a day.  1,063 more words

Moments & Milestones

Down with Jams, Jellies, Preserves, and Fruit Spreads

There is a jar of Red Raspberry Preserves sitting on the middle shelf of my fridge right now with a sign tied to it with a black ribbon that says this: 291 more words


The "Stranger Danger" talk 

So our oldest son Shawn is almost five years old. Lately, he has been prancing around the front windows of our house. These windows are really massive, I would guess 8ft by 12ft long, and have street view to cars passing by. 667 more words