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Childless Insights

A friend from high school has moved into town to do her residency.  She and her husband recently came over for brunch, and I have to say my kids were so, so incredible.   794 more words


Storytime: The Black Tooth Menace

We read “Franklin’s Pond Phantom” yesterday and my four-year-old daughter’s fascination with “scary” stories was rekindled.  (Franklin is a turtle.  He can “tie his shoes and count by twos”….and the Pond Phantom was a sailboat in the mist for all of you who are not knee-deep in Easy Readers.) 229 more words



My little girl who loves to laugh, how on earth did you actually just turn four? I blinked my eyes and the bump in my tummy has turned into a big girl, seemingly overnight! 223 more words

Baby Girl

A Conversation about Marriage and Equality with a Four-Year-Old

My four-year-old was talking about getting married recently. He’s soon to attend his first wedding so he’s curious about many aspects of marriage. We’ve discussed the day his uncle and aunt-to-be have planned – how the day will run (“Aw do I really have to go to the mass part?”), what people wear (“Cool, but not too fancy, can I have a dickie bow?”), what people eat (“I hope there’s cake”). 451 more words



I couldn’t ask for better boys:)
Shawn’s I.E.P education meeting went extremely well yesterday. He is going to be doing four, half hour sessions of tutoring each week through kindergarden next year to bring him up to par on his fine motor skills. 233 more words


Spring Photos!

I’m still learning about photography, and one of my favorite subjects to practice on is my three sweet kiddos! Here are some recent photos that I took with my Cannon 70D 28mm lens. 123 more words


Mason's Lego Birthday

Blogging has taken a back seat lately but I can’t forget to blog about an important milestone- Mason’s Fourth Birthday on March 11th!

Here are a few things about four year old Mason! 586 more words