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Introducing The Indians

Here is to my first post! My name is Macy and I am a 25-year-old believer, wife & mother. I am a perfectly imperfect woman wanting an outlet, a hobby and a place to purge and get real. 698 more words


Jonah Tales 2

This little boy is hilarious. Clever, witty and smart. He loves to make people laugh. He has the sweetest tenderness… and every so often he says the funniest little phrases. 488 more words


Hell hath no fury like..

– A four year old who you dare say the word no too!

–  Like a four year old whos slice of toast was cut into squares when he wanted two rectangles! 101 more words


Summer is in full swing and bedtimes have flown out the window.

During the school year, M began her bedtime routine at about 8pm.  By 9pm, all of us were in bed and the kids were usually sleeping. 181 more words


The beginning of summer vacation...

We’re officially on summer vacation.


I have to say that these first few days without school have been a bit weird for me.  I keep waking up early thinking I have somewhere to go. 313 more words


Being four

I don’t really remember being four. I’m sure it was a fun time though, before school started for me, but was well and truly occupying my three older brothers. 323 more words


I am Sorry Harambe

I keep watching the video and what I see continues to enrage and makes me cry. There is little doubt to me that Harambe rescued the little boy from the water and when the mob continued to scream, he took him to safety. 793 more words

Travelling Crone