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Ace Parenting

might have told my husband just last night that I felt like I had it under control.  Because I did.  And also, because I’m an idiot who wanted to tempt the fates. 708 more words


Big Brave Girl

Today I was SO PROUD of my girl! Janie went to the dentist.

The last time she went she was two and doesn’t remember going, that time it was just about riding in the chair and having the dentist check that all her teeth were healthy and she had the right ones and the right amount. 230 more words


Turning FOUR


I haven’t posted in a few days, I have been really busy.  Yesterday my sweet little boy turned FOUR years old!  I just still can’t believe time has gone by so fast!   189 more words

Single Mom

JOY in not really knowing

I love what Alicia Bayer wrote for Huffington Post about What a Four Year Old Should Know .Her insights were liberating and such a relief for all moms like me who is always wondering whether my child is doing alright. 200 more words


And The Award Goes To

Tonight’s plan is to watch The Oscars. Azul, my six year-old loves award shows, so we watch most of them together. Thinking about this reminded me of when this happened… 98 more words


You heartless effing bitch.

My four year old threw one of her sister’s nappies at me tonight.

Thankfully it was a fresh one, straight from the box. Not a fully loaded one. 425 more words


Just Like His Daddy

You know those moments you look at your child and think, “yep. You’re mine alright” or “yep. you’re a mini version of your daddy”? Last night was one of those nights. 87 more words