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Nipple Thing!

My son Milo is flitting in and out of the room while my wife is getting ready to go to her evening shift. He is four. 91 more words


What we do for preschool (part 2)

Since we have moved to Korea, I have paid more attention to when my friends get to go to conferences and conventions. I didn’t do a lot of that when we lived in Norfolk. 865 more words


What a week without my child has taught me...

Well first off, it taught me I quite enjoy not answering 68 questions before noon. That’s for sure.

Kiddo went to spend the week with his grandparents and I was supposed to spend that week relaxing and soaking in every dang second of him not being home. 608 more words


Crafting for a "little"

Kid birthdays are the best. Especially when the kiddo is a grandchild.

For my fearless little man, a celebration shirt to wear for his birthday party today.

The Studio

Learning to Love from a Four-Year-Old

Some days ago, as I tried to comfort your crying baby brother, with teary eyes you confronted me:

“I’m jealous at how sad you say ‘Why?’ when Elias is crying.” I tried to explain that I’m sad because it is harder to understand babies. 244 more words


Protecting yourself from racism

As a black person, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself from internalized racism. Not only for yourself, but also so that you can teach your children how to protect themselves as well. 77 more words

Love this

Questioning everything I do as a parent, carrying around an awful lot of guilt about who knows what, and worrying constantly about my daughter, seems to be what I do all day everyday. 7 more words