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Trumping etiquette

A 4 year old girl I know, was round at her granny and grandpa’s house when she announced “I just farted!” The granny was quite shocked at the word and said “no, you just let out some windy pops.” 29 more words


Oh, Canada

Ellie loves Canada. She asked in the summer if her Birthday (which is in January) could be Canada Day themed.

We put a little shin dig together with her preschool buds & cousins. 225 more words

Almost Four: Frustrating and FUN

Mae will be four in about a month, and we can tell that she’s changing and transitioning. She no longer has the uncontrollable outbursts of three. 771 more words

What happened when I met Santa: a festive horror story

I met Santa the other day.

Yeah yeah, so what, I hear you mutter. You aren’t the first parent to suffer so: miserable Santa, long queues, yellowing cotton-wool snow, jingle bells over broken speakers, luke-warm mulled wine served in Styrofoam cups, ding dong, ding dong, yadda yadda yadda.  2,426 more words


Dear Santa : why you should still visit me despite the fact I bit Mummy's ear (Guest post)

Dear Santa,

I’m writing this letter to you from the naughty step.

Well actually, we’re not allowed to call it the naughty step, as Mum says the word ‘naughty’ is negative and reinforces unhelpful feelings about my own miscreant behaviour, but I’ll level with you. 860 more words


Leelee Knows

The day Daddy left, Scott and I left my parents’ house to go to our own and give our children (at the time, 9 and and 3) news that would make them know that bad things… 1,388 more words


Just Listen

I had an epiphany about my four year old son last night. He was over tired, and over sugared, because you know it was Halloween. Around bed time he started to throw a tantrum because he did not want to go to bed. 357 more words

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