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The Frightening Four and a Halfs

You always hear about the terrible twos- how your toddler suddenly turns into an unrecognizable creature who screams, cries, falls to the ground in utter devastation at the drop of a hat. 927 more words

Cleaning Pennies -- A Science Experiment

“Experiment” is a huge word. It sounds as though we actually took notes, observed the properties, and spent more than five minutes doing it. But we’re talking about a 4 yr old here… 354 more words


True Confessions: Why I actually miss my kids when they’re in school

Whenever we’ve had an extended time away from school – summer break, Christmas break, the week home during Thanksgiving – people always ask me if I’m ready for school to start again. 372 more words

Heart-warming news

I first heard this news item during the Jeremy Vine Show on Radio 2 today, but it’s also available on the Mail Online here: [ 16 more words



(How to put together a birthday party, something like that)

My son Noah loves dinosaurs! It all started when he watched parts of Jurassic World- and since then, he’s been nuts about them. 941 more words

My first born is 4 tomorrow & I'm just trying to hold back puke! 

I think birthdays are pretty special and I like to make a big deal about them for the people I love. The little people I birthed even more so. 452 more words

Off Topic

Tommy, 4, Mourns for Bug’s Life Characters (Even P. T. Flea)

He hasn’t left his room in three days, and the Ritz cracker crumbs are starting to pile up. His thin preschooller hair sticks to his scalp in sweaty, unbathed clumps, and the odor of rancid baby powder hangs heavily in the air. 641 more words