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Perspective: Writer Version

I posted a cute (well, I think it’s cute, anyway. Blog posts are kind of like kids that way) story over on my other website about the day last week that advanced reading copies of my… 393 more words


The Week of Boredom

Maybe you saw this coming. In any case, it is probably long overdue.

I said this yesterday on Facebook:

“So. This morning’s walk to freedom was inspired by “boredom”.

682 more words

If this doesn't make you smile 

okay…if this doesn’t make you smile feel free to crawl back in your hole.

Had to share my little Leo’s sexy face


The Shortened Walk Home

There’s a story in my family lore about a time when I was in first grade.  The bus home from St. Catherine’s stalled or something, so my brothers, third and fourth graders, decided to walk home (I stayed on the bus).   470 more words


Ceiling Spider

Hanging from our dining room light is a styrofoam and pipe cleaner spider the firstborn made years ago. We don’t keep really any of the art he makes at school, but the little spider was cute and he liked to say “ah, spider!” when he saw it. 335 more words


Photogrpahy inspires my soul

“What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things. Long after you’ve forgotten everything”

Naturally as a mother I am drawn to photogrpahy. 141 more words