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Update #4


As all of you know, I will be going to the Dominican Republic and serving the under-served population of the Sabana in July. I provided a 30 minute video (shown below) about the types of people my team will be helping out and what kinds of situations we will see. 311 more words

My Opinion On Insurgent

Overall, I thought Insurgent was an extraordinary novel! It would give me mixed emotions; I would be excited and content at times, as well as, heart-broken at others. 116 more words


Day 4

Day 4: still no chicken in my chicken McNuggets….

Sweg! Mwahahahahahaha

Simulation Test

Would you survive the simulations? Find out by clicking the link below:



Faction Test

Which faction do you belong to? Find out by clicking the link below:



Setting Description

The novel Insurgent takes place in the large city of Chicago. This can be seen through several of the references and remarks the characters make regarding the area, such as the familiar buildings and other architecture. 130 more words