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What is the difference between Four- and Five-star Hotel?

I’d say that the differences can be in subtleties. In a 5*, usually, the quality and variety of food (as a breakfast-lover) is better, concierge is more likely to be in-house than an outside hired service and the standard of room is more luxurious with all the touches and facility to make it more homely – Kettle / Nespresso machine, mini-bar (sometimes inclusive), reading material and useful local info, in-room seating area. 54 more words

Guy Mariano, Nike Inc. Link to Provide Manna for Listicle Authors Hoping to Round Out a 'Top 10 Heaviest Roll-Aways Ever Filmed'

Indelible tricks can launch careers, shake the streets and leave marks lasting decades. Rarer are tricks that work the other way, taking their weight from years of struggle, a hallowed spot or some other type of heavy backstory. 42 more words

Dessert FourPlay Sweet Quartets from a FourStar Pastry Chef Swift

The moment you have found the pastry chef college of the alternative you are able to enroll inside the class that very best fits your talents. 227 more words

Minus Me by Ingelin Rossland

‘Hesitantly she lifts one foot. Then she jumps, even though her heart is stuttering so unevenly. Then suddenly her body pops to the surface like a cork, and the silence is filled with loud screams’ 239 more words

Action Packed

Fourstar Spring '15 miniramp session

Featuring Ishod Wair, Cory Kennedy, Mike Carroll, Guy Mariano, Tyler Bledsoe, Rick Howard, Lucas Puig & Brian Anderson