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GBH Boston's On Point Reveals Plot to Treat All for Depression

NPR last night played a show on On Point discussing a newly revealed government plot to treat everyone for depression. This will go well with the universal health care and the demonstrable ignorance of psychology and the demonstrated corruption of the prescription drug industry in America. 256 more words


Do traffic stops automatically justify pat-downs?

When police conduct an investigative stop (a.k.a., Terry stop) of a suspect, the officer is constitutionally permitted to conduct a pat-down of the suspect, as well, but only if the officer has reasonable suspicion that the suspect is armed and dangerous.  775 more words

Riley v. California and the Stickiness Principle

By: Steven I. Friedland

In Fourth Amendment decisions, different concepts, facts and assumptions about reality are often tethered together by vocabulary and fact, creating a ‘Stickiness Principle.’ In particular, form and function historically were considered indistinguishable, not as separate factors. 146 more words

Child Pornography Description Insufficient to Meet Warrant Requirements

The Washington State Supreme Court has held that a warrant failed to meet the “particularity” requirement of the Fourth Amendment because the description of items to be seized was too broad. 473 more words

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Linn State, a two-year technical college in Linn, Missouri, adopted a mandatory drug screening policy:

“Linn State Technical College will begin a drug screening program in the fall semester of 2011 for students who are newly classified as degree or certificate seeking and degree or certificate seeking students returning after one or more semesters of non-enrollment at the Linn State Technical College campus or any Linn Technical College location.” 1,077 more words

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Forgetting the lessons of the Church Committee

Paper prepared for presentation at the

2016 Annual Conference of the

American Politics Group of the Political Studies Association (UK)

Reading, England, January 7-9, 2016… 2,383 more words

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Extremist Republicans Plans for the Constitution

I read a comment by one of my uninformed readers. This person claimed the I should ‘thank right wing extremists for fighting for my rights.’ Really? 587 more words