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Update on the Hedge Fund Founder David Ganek's Lawsuit Against Preet Bharara

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the lawsuit filed by Level Global founder David Ganek. Mr. Ganek sued Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, as well as other prosecutors and agents, claiming that they had harmed him by obtaining and executing a search warrant based on false information. 323 more words


Americans Should Be Mad as Hell For Government's Eradication of the Fourth and Ninth Amendments

If you watched Fox News’ Hannity last night, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Devin Nunes, confirmed there was surveillance of Donald Trump and the Trump transition team, but it was all legal.   1,552 more words

In 2014 the CIA Director was Caught Spying on the US Senate

Remember when the CIA was caught hacking into SSCI computers and Obama understood because, you know, “we tortured some folks…”

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) has recently been investigating the interrogation techniques of the CIA under U.S. 525 more words


Stealing from the Citizenry: How Government Goons Use Civil Asset Forfeiture to Rob Us Blind

Mar 20, 2017 By John W. Whitehead

“Civil forfeiture laws represent one of the most serious assaults on private property rights in the nation today. Under civil forfeiture, police and prosecutors can seize your car or other property, sell it and use the proceeds to fund agency budgets—all without so much as charging you with a crime.

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County of Los Angeles v. Mendez: The Ninth Circuit Going Rogue or Applying Conservative Legal Principles? (Wait, What?)

The case of Los Angeles v. Mendez, scheduled for oral argument this week, asks whether law enforcement officers can be held liable when they reasonably used force on a citizen, but nonetheless unreasonably created the scenario which gave rise to the need to use force in the first place. 1,817 more words

A Right Without a Remedy

Late in 2016, the Supreme Court of the United States held that a detaining a man without a warrant and without reasonable suspicion or probable cause did not require the exclusion of evidence seized on his person because an outstanding municipal warrant “attenuated” the search of the man from his unlawful detention. 1,128 more words

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FISA in the time of Cholera

I recently came across a Yale Law Journal Note from 2003 entitled Leaving FISA Behind: The need to return to warrantless foreign intelligence surveillance. It is brilliantly researched and worth the read for the footnotes alone. 458 more words

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