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This Shouldn’t Be News: Second Circuit Affirms that Government Needs Warrant to Seize Property

The government’s aggressive methods to seize a defendant’s assets before he is convicted of a crime hinders a defendant’s ability to choose—and pay for—his lawyer. 1,583 more words


Hillary Clinton and Obama Want to Repeal our Defenses

Hillary Clinton and Obama are set to repeal our defenses and initiate more of the satanic agenda. Obama has already begun to institute the mind control program. 320 more words


Lancaster, Texas Chief on Administrative Leave over an Internal Affairs Investigation of a Lieutenant

On August 17, 2015, Alexander Tucker was walking down the street in Lancaster, Texas. He was on a sidewalk next to a main thoroughfare, and other than being black while wearing a hoodie, did nothing to arouse suspicion. 452 more words

Alexander Tucker

Bad Apples

In the course of investigating a credit card fraud ring, New York City Police Officer James Frascatore came across retired tennis star James Blake standing quietly outside his hotel. 1,376 more words

Obama 2.0

The Fourth Amendment And What It Means To You

The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution is one of 27 amendments, but due to being within the beginning section, is known as an amendment which is part of the Bill of Rights, which was argued by some in the founding of the US to be a vital part of the Constitution in order to protect and inform citizens as to the rights they have in everyday behaviors and situations. 300 more words

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Search and Seizure Under the Fourth Amendment: Where to Begin?

Often times, people want to know where they can draw the line with law enforcement when it comes to a search and seizure. What rights do you have to tell the cops they cannot search you or your property? 1,405 more words

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