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Black and Blue: Lives Matter

A recent statistic making the press is that black men are 18 1/2 times more likely to shoot a cop than a cop is to shoot a black man. 531 more words


Putting Innocent Americans on ‘Trial’

Dec 8, 2016 By Ed Feulner

(AP Photo)

“Let’s not make a federal case out of this.” Nearly all of us have heard someone say something like this at one time or another. 609 more words

Following the Fourth Amendment Would Help Make America Great Again, by Kelli Sladick

The federal government might want to shore up the Fourth Amendment out of sheer self-interest. From Kelli Sladick at tenthamendmentcenter.com:

During the last eight years, the Obama administration failed to live up to its promise reverse the Bush era’s mass surveillance of American citizens. 277 more words


How A Lawsuit Over Hot Coffee Helped Erode the 7th Amendment

Photo by Bruce Marlin

In 1992, an elderly woman in New Mexico bought coffee at a McDonald’s drive through, spilled it on herself, and successfully sued for nearly $3 million.

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Murdered Dogs: Among the Consequences of False Reports to the Police

I signed a petition recently in support of Brandee Buschmann, a 43-year-old mother of two, whose dog, Sierra, was shot by the Kansas City police… 1,360 more words

Brandee Buschmann

Campaigners bid to delay Rule 41 'legal hacking' bill

Two weeks before a December 1 deadline for a federal rule that would let feds hack you wherever you are, lawmakers made a last-ditch effort to push it back for six months. 756 more words


How Many Constitutional Amendments Are There?

The short answer: the number of times the Supreme Court has ruled on a constitutional question. Every time the Supreme Court grants certiorari, allows a case to move ‘upwards’ from state and Federal courts to its chambers, and then proceeds to rule–keeping in mind the supposedly relevant precedents, and on the basis of a coherent theory of the interpretation of legal texts–it offers us an amended constitution. 470 more words