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If a police officer starts it and you finish it, you cannot sue for excessive force

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals issued a somewhat novel and totally unsurprising decision recently in Geraldine Johnson v. City of Philadelphia, in which it denied a civil rights claim on behalf of a man who was killed by a police officer. 455 more words

Fourth Amendment

David Sweat and the Sliding Scale of Civil Rights

Forgive me for bringing up an old issue, but the New York Times had an article in yesterday’s issue that reminded me of something that has been irritating me since I first heard about. 974 more words

Due Process

Forget ‘Stop and Frisk’ — Cops Across US Collecting DNA of Innocent People in ‘Stop and Swabs’

By Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project

Without laws to guide them, police around the country have begun collecting people’s DNA — even when no crime has been committed — using private labs which then store the genetic material for unknown periods to make identification simple in the event a crime is committed in the future. 1,221 more words


Oklahoma Attorney General Calls for Limits on Asset Forfeiture

Aug 29, 2016 by  Steve Byas

The only type of asset forfeiture that is legitimate is “post-conviction,” Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt (shown) recently told an interviewer with the CATO Institute. 1,510 more words

The imaginary "check em out" exception to the Fourth Amendment

Law enforcement. Once in awhile needs reminders and refresher courses. On the constraints placed on them while on armed patrol in our communities.

There is no exception to the Fourth Amendment that permit hunches, generalized claims of lawlessness and disorder, broad brush strokes of “high crime area” that licenses law enforcement to check things out or perform a look see. 552 more words

Google takes Action against Pop-up Advertising

Google will now begin to de-emphasise sites that use pop-up adds, making these show up less in the searches. Pop-up adds violate the choice of the user, making him an instrument of the marketing computers, rather than the other way around. 319 more words


Amazon Spies On the Stupid Americans

Please pardon us for calling the American people stupid. Amazon now has brick and mortar stores where, in order to get the price for a book, one uses their I phone, so that Amazon may gather and sell personal information and give different prices to different particular customers. 227 more words