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Brewster v. Beck

A California Vehicle code section requiring police to impound a car for 30 days when it is driven by an unlicensed driver is an unconstitutional seizure violating the Fourth Amendment since there is no justification for retaining the car after a licensed owner claims it.  176 more words

Constitutional Law

Leo Strauss on Solitude

…the philosopher cannot possibly desire to rule. His only demand on the political men is that they leave him alone…(p.207)

   That’s why I yell at my cats- even the “gentleman,” Mr.

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6 months for abuser caught in FBI’s Playpen snare

On Tuesday, one of more than 200 suspects being prosecuted nationwide in cases stemming from the FBI’s Playpen operation – an investigation into child abuse imagery being shared via Tor – was… 605 more words


It is not OK to break the law to catch criminals, judge rules

It was a single warrant, issued in the Eastern District of the US state of Virginia, but the FBI used it to justify the worldwide hacking of computers to identify tens of thousands of people who wandered into its honeypot: a dark web site called… 965 more words


Supreme Court to rule on warrants for cellphone location data

In 2010 and 2011, there was a string of armed robberies in the Midwest.

In April 2014, Timothy Ivory Carpenter was sentenced to 116 years in jail for robbing six cellular telephone stores at gunpoint. 818 more words


Twilight of the Courts: The Elusive Search for Justice in the American Police State, by John W. Whitehead

Read this one to the end and it’s almost guaranteed to ruin your day, which is why you should read it to the end. The truth can be difficult. 460 more words


Is Tide Turning Against Civil Asset Forfeiture?

June 5, 2017 by  Steve Byas

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling last week in a case involving a 72-year-old grandmother offers hope to opponents of the practice known as civil asset forfeiture. 1,330 more words