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How many Dimension are there in world?

How many Dimension are there in world?

Okay, So Here is the Interesting topic of today.

So how many Dimension we have searched or said to be we know so far? 236 more words


Somehow I forgot about these Mid-Acts Denominationalists...

The ones who believe that unbelievers, i.e., the unsaved, enemies of the cross can be reconciled to God without being saved….. no you aren’t reading that incorrectly.   473 more words

Grace Movement

Hyperspace and La Grande Hypercube

Hyperspace.  What does it mean?  Science fiction has largely hijacked the word but its real foundations are embedded in the mathematics of higher or n-dimensional space pioneered by Bernhard Riemann in the late 19th century.   1,373 more words


New Galactic Spin, Traveling Into The 4th Dimension Through the Tzolkin

We are in the time of the changeover of worlds and cannot continue on the devil’s time. In 1972, the Honorable Elijah Muhammad summarized his divine teachings in a series of 22 lectures, within 3 years of his departure entitle the Theology of Time. 2,003 more words

Review of Fourth Dimension: Ch 1 – God impregnated David Yonggi Cho?

This article will be looking at how David Yonggi Cho tried to dupe three youth into believing his lies in his book, “The Fourth Dimension”. The reason why we think it is worth quoting from his earlier works is simply because he still peddles this teaching to this day. 1,224 more words

David Yonggi Cho