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Two Views of the Truncated Tesseract

The figure above, rotating in hyperspace, is an orthogonal projection of a four-dimensional polychoron known as the truncated tesseract. It is analogous to the truncated cube, one of the Archimedean solids. 69 more words


DeBuNe, Four-Dimensional Logo

Milo Baù posted (DeBuNe, Four-Dimensional Logo) on Milo Baù • MyLaw.it

Check it at: http://goo.gl/qXRs9J
DeBuNe is a Decentralised Business Network based which leverages the features of the blockchain to innovate and revolutionise the small and medium companies’ trading and market. 29 more words

Philosophy #1 on God, Interstellar, and the Fourth Dimension

Spoiler warning: this post reveals the plot line of Interstellar and the writer’s vast inexperience with theological and philosophical review.

The subject matter is all encompassing and beyond human understanding and, to be honest, pretty intimidating, so I will do my best to lend my meager experience with philosophy and literary critique to test the waters on this topic. 1,071 more words


Commandeering the Fourth Dimension

Last week, I traveled in time. In space, I traveled to Oklahoma City to stay with Jordan, my college roommate whom I wish I could keep with me forever. 499 more words

Exploring the Fourth Dimension

For a total amount of time that adds to maybe three weeks a year, Chicago’s weather is fit for human life. When I’m not working on a job, or combating another endemic bout of seasonal depression, I use these brief hours to walk. 1,125 more words


Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension: A Mathematician's Journey through Narcissistic Numbers, Optimal Dating Algorithms, at Least Two Kinds of Infinity, and More, by Matt Parker

Check out the latest new Math book on the Fourth Dimension! The Fourth Dimension is the mysterious dimension which cannot be seen. Check out also our previous post on the… 181 more words

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