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3D printed flower-like objects that change in time based on a pre-programmed pattern have been created by American researchers.

The researchers described the technology as adding a fourth dimension to 3D printing. 49 more words


Predestination and Election arguments are unGodly; to Know Why, You Must Understand what Time Is!

Time…What is time? Thoreau says that “time” is the stream in which he goes fishing. Less colorful and more boring than Thoreau’s definition, we think of time as one minute, or one day, a day of 24 hours, a year of 365 days, 60 seconds in one minute, a lunch break is one hour, and a coffee break is ten minutes. 409 more words

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The Fourth Dimension 5/5

It has been true of many of the mystics of the religious world that they have had some knowledge of their past experience; and not only that, but have also had knowledge of previous contact with some of their disciples or followers on this path. 1,793 more words


10,000 years into the future

10,000 years into the future there won’t be humans. Or robots. Or aliens. Just human-robot-aliens that self-copulate and give birth to baby human-robot-aliens called _______________ because there are no more words or speaking and everyone communicates telepathically, and conference calls still last for one hour even though no one had anything to share after ten minutes and everyone on the call is multitasking in multiple dimensions, and even in the fourth dimension where there is no such thing as time those conference calls still seem like a huge, giant waste.

Disposable Poem August 29, 2015 - Metatron's Cube

Metatron’s Cube


In the quest for perfection,

failure after failure, circles

design a mechanistic confection

emulating seasonal cycles.


But what if the dots do not connect… 86 more words


100% Accurate Predictions and a Big Cube of Jello

From Ronda on ModernOracleTarot.com

Readings help you to own your choices so that fate and the future won’t own you.

Warning: Reading this post might make your brain tired. 488 more words

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