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The 7 day Gbead

I just got inspired today seeing more of our new jewelry collection coming in. If you were a fan of my former g beads you will be thrilled at my new line called Fourth Dimension Jewelry and Company by Original Piece. 274 more words


Dobre darmowe płyty (marzec 2017)

Convulsia Darklove – True Redeemers (2017) (darkwave) (7/10)

Marilyn Manson w spódnicy. Choć czy nosi spódnice – tego nie wiem. A może Marilyn Manson nosi? Co do tego również nie mam całkowitej pewności. 279 more words


Fourth Dimension Part 2: Understanding 4-d space through strings

In the last article, we had used two different approaches to understand the structure of a tesseract by trying to define a direction other than the existing three. 2,138 more words


A basic look at dimensions and vibrations

You will have read or heard people talking about “transcending the fourth dimensions” and meditating to increase one’s vibrations. These concepts can sound complicated and foreign if you’re not into science and metaphysics. 671 more words

Fourth Dimensional (4D) Consciousness: Alchemical Purgatory, Dark Nights, And Profound Awakenings

By Jelelle Awen

Connection to other worlds and dimensions, the lift UP, the sense of I am HERE yet NOT HERE, I am THERE and HERE….this is arising now, coming now, available now. 771 more words

By Jelelle Awen

Your invisible visual.

Stimulate me with some visual
I’m tired of it being purely physical
My mind works in the lyrical
But my eyes long for something visible… 25 more words


You'd Think I Was High

Hello all.

I am well aware that i lack a following on here, so promoting a discussion is kind of a mute point, but this is something that randomly popped into my head. 356 more words