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Time crystals might be a real thing, according to new study

There might exist some crystals that extend into the fourth dimension.

Could theoretical time crystals actually exist?

They sound like some fanciful fiction, the stuff of fairy tales, or some Jim Henson-inspired concoction: time crystals. 536 more words


The fourth dimension

Health, abundance, peace, joy, harmony—all of these a man produces from inside of himself. All of these are activities of consciousness.

Outside reflects inside. We create the world we live in.

From The Counsellor

The Dodecagonal Duoprism

There are objects in hyperspace known as duoprisms, which have prismatic cells. This one’s cells are 24 dodecagonal prisms. It was made using Stella 4d, available here.


Resculpting Mondays

I’m prone to abstract amblings of the mind as soon as I wake up in the morning and, in my theta state today, I got to wondering “when was the last time Christmas Day happened on a Monday and did it feel the same?” In other words, was it in any way compromised by the fact a little part of me still knew it was still Monday, “that day” that tends to make us all feel a little bit… 1,848 more words


Google open sources Embedding Projector

Google announced that it will open source its data visualization tool, Embedding Projector. It will be used to help researchers visualize data without using TensorFlow. 81 more words


The Troiacord (El Troiacord) by Miquel de Palol

This review is the culmination of a decade-long obsession. I first encountered the name of Miquel de Palol in a book on contemporary Spanish literature in which there wasn’t a word on… 8,390 more words


Dark entities and the "Fourth Dimension"

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli

Recently, I was dragged into what I call the ‘in-between’ realm (sometimes called the fourth dimension), when I woke up and I felt like a dark entity was tugging on my legs insistently. 1,003 more words

Narcissistic Dynamics