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If you are not a fan of the idea of the Earthdawn-Shadowrun setting connection, then this adventure will probably not suit you very well, as this adventure hints very strongly at the history of the 4th World, as per Earthdawn.  1,290 more words

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The Human Equation - Shadowrun

I ran this at Phantasm in April.  It was a high-powered one-off.

The runners are contacted by Judge for a datasteal. The meet is at 8PM at the old Club Penumbra to iron out the details. 2,483 more words

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Fractured History

This adventure was run at Phantasm in April.

The team is contacted by Judge for a retrieval job. Mr. Johnson wants to meet with them directly at the Alabaster Maiden for 7PM. 1,296 more words

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Contraband by Nature

The runners are contacted through their usual channels for a meet with their fixer at 9PM.  The meet is on the third level of Dante’s Inferno.  1,737 more words

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Carnage and Lies

The runners are contacted by their fixer in regards to a sudden job that has occurred from a recent headline that has been all over the news over the past 12 hours. 1,372 more words

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Pinocchio Part 4 - Soul

Once again the runners are called upon by their fixer for a job.  The employer is allowing him/her to handle the meet and has indicated that time is of the essence.  1,632 more words

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Distorting the Design (Shadowrun)

This was the third and final event I ran during the 2012 Convention Season.

The runners are contacted by their fixer about a job in the South Pacific.  2,632 more words

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