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Beneficiary Revenge (or Get that Shit away from me)

Not in my name, not for my healing, not because you think I deserve justice and somehow you’re qualified to dole it out.

I’m talking about revenge in behalf of others. 337 more words


Recovery & Catching Up

When you are in the middle of coping you forget all the things that you can do to make life run smoothly. It’ s four years post psychosis and a few years past the assaults and abusive relationship which followed. 430 more words


Weigel/Labor of Love: The Invention of Dating

Marxism is Feminism, and vice versa. Or at least these two strands have been coupled for so long that the difference between them, while not negligible, is still pretty minor. 566 more words


Podcast: "Resident Evil."

I read a editorialization about Parasite Eve II that noted a toned down vendetta against American politics was necessary in the wake of September 11. 93 more words

Feminism, Post-Women's March on Washington

On the eve of the finale of what had been a long, brutal, and demoralizing election cycle, I, like most people, was anticipating a comfortable victory for Hillary Clinton… 1,067 more words


What is Glitterpunk?

Glitterpunk is loving without giving a fuck. Glitterpunk is dancing till your bones fall out then dragging a broken butterfly chair out into a standing only dance floor and rocking out more. 191 more words


Your Handy-Dandy Map to the Feminist Movement

“To discuss feminist theory, you first need to be able to visualize a roadmap of what the fuck feminism is.” Carmen takes us on a crash course on First, Second, Third- and now Fourth-wave feminism. 1,401 more words