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Let Abusers Step Forward

I would give anything to hear him say “I did it”. Just a simple acknowledgement would go a long way towards healing.

In light of the #metoo hashtag, multiple men have started stepping forward with their stories. 169 more words


Unconventional Transition

I am overwhelmed with joy that my non-binary identity has been accepted and that I am well on my way to an unconventional transition.

I found out at my most recent psychiatrist appointment with a gender specialist that I’d be approved for testosterone and should be seeing an endocrine specialist by Christmas or the New Year. 396 more words


Transparency & Suicide (How to talk yourself out of it)

I’m an open book, but not when I was struggling with suicidal thoughts. It was one of the most lonely periods of my life. I proposed to my partner so I would have something to look forward to, and kept looking to the future for answers. 1,312 more words


How my mental illness made me vulnerable to abuse (and how a bad acid trip saved me)

TW – description of sexual assault and discussion around psychosis

I was desperate for people that would understand me and what I’d been through. A psychosis is a very traumatizing event, one which is difficult to recover from. 489 more words


LOLcow Glory (or how I stopped caring and learned to give them all my milk)

Consumption changes everything. If I am advertising a product, and you keep watching the commercial, eventually it’s gonna affect you. I’ve had this happen lots. Trolls start to care about me. 428 more words


On Dressing As the Meme of Myself for Halloween

So it’s happening again. An almost 2-year-old meme of me is making its rounds on the internet. It all started with an internet fight when I was fundraising for my name change. 625 more words


Fourth Wave Feminism

Fourth Wave Feminists–What’s your observation???

Author Jennifer Baumgardner dated the Fourth Wave as starting around 2008; it “continues the legacy of the Third Wave and moves it into the tech-savvy, gender-sophisticated world of blogs, Twitter campaigns, transgenderism, male feminists, sex work and complex relationships within the media.” Baumgardner believes the Fourth Wave’s use of social media transformed politics and feminism. 362 more words

Global Youth Activism