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Craven Images

I’ve been slowly working my way through Wes Craven’s oeuvre of films because I thought he would be a good example to teach with of a horror auteur. 851 more words


Orr/Marxism and Women's Liberation

Feminism has come back into vogue, echoing the good old days of radical chic in the seventies. Women everywhere, across the universe of digital media and mainstream “celebrity” circles, are once again taking up the torch against a patriarchy which has unsurprisingly grown stronger after the “post-feminist” wave of the last century. 676 more words


I Am Not A Feminist.

I like cake. No, I mean I really like cake. You could call me what I shall christen a cake(ist). A noun with an ‘ist’ at the end of it like racist, egotist, anarchist, nationalist but cake(ist) has none of the unfavourable negative connotations that we’ve learnt to associate with these words. 1,937 more words


Need some inspiration? Read this!

In 2013 Kira Cochrane wrote an article about the fourth wave of feminism and described these as ‘the rebel women’. This current wave is defined by technology: tools that allow women to build a strong, popular, reactive movement… 241 more words


Childbirth's Women's Rights delivers sneering feminist punk with delight -- An Album Review

What would fourth wave feminism sound like if it were put to music? The answer came to me earlier this month when I heard Childbirth’s punk album… 611 more words


[VIDEO] Rebelené Goes to Olympia

In Greek mythology Olympia is the mythical home of the Gods, so it made sense that Olympia, WA was the place to visit Aztlan Goddess Lorna Dee Cervantes, poet, philosopher and professor. 837 more words


[LEADERS IN...] Activism: Gloria Steinem

Gloria Steinem is an example for many women today. Whilst the feminist world in the Internet Age argues over intersectionality and the absence of minority groups from the feminist movement, pioneers like Steinem, Flo Kennedy and Dorothy Pitman Hughes were already doing the work. 233 more words