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Compare Corner #1

Item #435 on the list of unnecessarily gendered things:

Women’s sports news vs … what even is it? “Sports” news??

I subscribe to both of these that are sent out by a certain news brand. 312 more words


What's Your Number?

So last night I went out with friends.  It was completely unplanned; I came home from work, felt like crap, and I was lying on my bed in my underwear staring at my phone when it rang.  831 more words


If Not Now, Then When?

A friend of mine has been at me for some years now to write a blog.  Not because I’m some wunderkind or anything, but because I’m an engineer, and I’m also a woman.  179 more words


My trauma made me Polyamorous..... Now I'm not

I stumbled into polyamory shortly after the death of my first boyfriend. I was with him when he died in the hospital. It haunted me, he haunted me for years to follow. 303 more words


Let Abusers Step Forward

I would give anything to hear him say “I did it”. Just a simple acknowledgement would go a long way towards healing.

In light of the #metoo hashtag, multiple men have started stepping forward with their stories. 169 more words


Unconventional Transition

I am overwhelmed with joy that my non-binary identity has been accepted and that I am well on my way to an unconventional transition.

I found out at my most recent psychiatrist appointment with a gender specialist that I’d be approved for testosterone and should be seeing an endocrine specialist by Christmas or the New Year. 396 more words