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In Response to Kirchoff

While the content of this post seems to be contrary to the most widely accepted notions of feminism as a social movement, there might be some merit to what… 318 more words


Raised with Manners

Editorial Musings

Lately, I’ve been giving considerable thought to the act of chivalry, and how it relates to gender equality and feminism as a political movement. 480 more words


Compare and Contrast

Editorial Musing

I’m often confronted with the question, “Why are you a feminist? What does it mean to be a feminist?” Far too many times than I care to admit, I’ve found myself using examples of things I’m not, or things I don’t do to advance my platform as a feminist. 414 more words


Donald Trump is Not Qualified to be President; Vote for Bernie Sanders

Just when you thought things could not get any more strange in American politics, Donald Trump noted while speaking at a Christian college in Iowa.   260 more words


Feminist Immigrants

Immigration and feminism are two phenomenon that generally aren’t coupled together, no matter from which country an immigrant might hail. In addition to attempted to prescribe and adhere to the ‘old world’ modality of thinking, first generation immigrants are often so immersed in attempting to learn a new culture, country, and often language, that the idea of feminism is often ignored. 151 more words


Reflecting on Feminism in 2015

Image credit: Huffington post/ Getty Images/AP

As we begin 2016 it is interesting to reflect on the year just gone. The Huffington Post published an article in December – ‘35 Inspiring Feminist Moments From 2015’ – exploring feminist successes of the year (link at the bottom). 634 more words

Popular Culture

Craven Images

I’ve been slowly working my way through Wes Craven’s oeuvre of films because I thought he would be a good example to teach with of a horror auteur. 851 more words