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Your Handy-Dandy Map to the Feminist Movement

“To discuss feminist theory, you first need to be able to visualize a roadmap of what the fuck feminism is.” Carmen takes us on a crash course on First, Second, Third- and now Fourth-wave feminism. 1,401 more words

Creepy male "journalists", word wank, and judging women by appearance while wearing a Rush tour t-shirt

Happy Christmas! Behold, misogyny combined with the worst writing this side of Twilight!

It all started when a certain sack of old balls named Owen Gleiberman… 731 more words


Good Girls Revolt... again

As I am sure you know in the modern age we live networks aren’t the only ones who create new television series anymore, Netflix and Hulu pick up show ideas and produce them all the time. 463 more words


Waves of Feminism: Explained

This blog is based around explaining feminism in the modern age (fourth wave) but feminism wouldn’t be what it is today without its history (the good and the bad). 532 more words


Fourth Wave Feminism

The beginning of first wave feminism began, what seems like, a millennia ago. Delaney (2014) marks the beginning of first wave feminism somewhere back in the 1830s and 40s when the abolitionist movements were beginning to gain momentum. 1,020 more words


On Free Will & Influence

To be reducee to a series of reactions has compelling and problematic effects. Prediction gets in the way of choice. Provocation superseeds your autonomy. Energy drains prevent action. 49 more words


Reverse Glorification

How much of dogma is currpted magik with pure intentions. To move backwards through the meanings of things like power and control, how do we claim it without purpetuating backwards that we know. 697 more words