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VOGEL The Brooklyn Rail: Riding the Fourth Wave in a Changing Sea

Fourth-wave feminism: tech-savvy, gender sophisticated. Grew up with the internet. “Take Your Daughter to Work Day.” Online activism.

Goals: trans inclusion, reproductive rights, queer rights, intersectionality… 205 more words

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Tsunami Warning: Category 4

Seismologists have warned of a wave threatening to wipe out aspects of mankind along the east coast of Australia. Reports vary but from measurements and comparison of past waves hitting that area, this could be a disaster of catastrophic proportions set to cost the Government millions. 307 more words

Standing up for the 'F' word

I spent a large portion of my time at University writing about gender in literature. I’ve written essays on cross-dressing in Shakespeare, feminist and queer theory… 668 more words


Fuck You, Victoria's Secret. From an angry fourth wave feminist. (Hell ya I'm angry)

So, just to elaborate on a tweet I composed yesterday attached to this photo:

Note- I intentionally chose to say “fuck you” in the title of this post and not F you, or F*ck you, because the way it feels when someone yells an angry curse word in your face out of no where, is the jarring and scary way it made me feel to be confronted by this image. 386 more words


'My Recovery from Feminism': a review

Desiring God has a new ebook out about gender relations. It’s called “Good: the Joy of Christian Manhood and Womanhood.’ You can download it for free… 743 more words

Written By Tamie

Sunday Times Style Magazine, September 21st

The internet and social media have been significant drivers in what some social commentator’s are calling Feminism 4.0 or feminism’s fourth wave in a Western-context. As someone who has distinct memories of being the only feminist in the village prior to the arrival of widespread internet access in Ireland, it is great to see how new media is bringing like-minded women together here and across the globe. 69 more words

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Feminists Arise

Feminism (noun): The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.

Ever since Emmeline Pankhurst and her clan of suffragettes adopted the ‘Deeds not Words’ approach and then marched, rioted, chained and starved themselves, feminism has been seen as something of a taboo. 1,234 more words