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An Open Letter to The Woman Who Catcalled Me:


My name is Emma. I’m 26. I work for a Non-Profit and I’m going through a huge life change right now. 576 more words

Loving Feminist

Although there is plenty of injustice and violence toward women that goes unpunished or under punished in this country and around the world, the idea of feminism can be approached from a soul’s perspective and from a loving perspective.   1,963 more words

Near Death Experience Posts

Quote of the Week - from Uprising: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother's Daughter by Sally Armstrong

Do you remember at what point in your life you realized that something was amiss, and that society played a huge, mostly negative, role in reinforcing gender bias? 


4 Reasons Why I Dislike Everyday Feminism

1.I don’t like to do this, so, I am only going to do this once. I’m not one for articles that categorise their points in a numerical fashion. 734 more words


Is feminism the cult of our time?

If you have no idea what feminism is, and you look it up on the Internet, you’re almost guaranteed to find it as the rallying cry of vicious social justice warriors, status-seeking professional victims (such as Anita Sarkeesian), and the left-wing media outlets who take their side. 1,154 more words


The Virtue of Not Substituting Virtue Signalling with Actual Discourse

I read a really disturbing article in the Washington Post today about raising cats by talking and referring to them by gender-neutral terms.

Charitably read, the article was less about the cats and more about the author’s attempts to lessen the use of gender-binary specific descriptors when dealing with people. 638 more words


The New Feminism; Embrace Being A Woman

We live in an age when a woman does not have to hide her beauty and femininity to be taken seriously.

Women, all women, are sexy, sensual, and sexual and demand to be taken seriously. 366 more words