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On Free Will & Influence

To be reducee to a series of reactions has compelling and problematic effects. Prediction gets in the way of choice. Provocation superseeds your autonomy. Energy drains prevent action. 49 more words


Reverse Glorification

How much of dogma is currpted magik with pure intentions. To move backwards through the meanings of things like power and control, how do we claim it without purpetuating backwards that we know. 697 more words


Privacy & Integration

For a while there, my own reflection on my Instagram page was what gave me hope. A selfie to celebrate waking up and a moment to bask in the glory of my gender fuckery when the mascara darkening my cursed moustache was perfectly applied. 1,190 more words



An Open Letter to The Woman Who Catcalled Me:


My name is Emma. I’m 26. I work for a Non-Profit and I’m going through a huge life change right now. 576 more words

Loving Feminist

Although there is plenty of injustice and violence toward women that goes unpunished or under punished in this country and around the world, the idea of feminism can be approached from a soul’s perspective and from a loving perspective.   1,963 more words


Quote of the Week - from Uprising: A New Age Is Dawning for Every Mother's Daughter by Sally Armstrong

Do you remember at what point in your life you realized that something was amiss, and that society played a huge, mostly negative, role in reinforcing gender bias? 


4 Reasons Why I Dislike Everyday Feminism

1.I don’t like to do this, so, I am only going to do this once. I’m not one for articles that categorise their points in a numerical fashion. 734 more words