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from the web: Jack Kirby’s Darkseid wants to come to your house -...

Jack Kirby’s Darkseid wants to come to your house

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toysday: Mattel Justice League Unlimited Kalibak

I bought this figure in a two pack with and because of Kalibak’s Dad, Darkseid.
But seeing it in person changed my attitude towards it. He looks soooo much better in person than on the promotional material provided by Mattel. 43 more words


1970: Jack Kirby's Return to DC and Darksied's First (cameo) Appearance

Jack Kirby is best known for co-creating many of Marvel’s superheroes including Hulk, The Fantastic Four and Captain America. In 1970, he ended his 102 issues run of Fantastic Four and with it his work with Marvel. 1,002 more words


Schedule For Duquesne University Human Rights Film Series

On Jan. 22nd, Duquesne University will kick off their eighth annual Human Rights Film Series. With a focus on this year’s theme, Oppression and Opportunity… 723 more words


a page from: Earth2: World's End no.12

I have to admit that i am getting tired of this title. The weekly release rythm does not make the story feel more sluggish. Perhaps it feels faster when read in a collected edition. 11 more words