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Freedom, Despair, and Mister Miracle

So I’ve been talking about movies and television and old funnybooks lately, and haven’t covered current comics much. I’ve abandoned the idea of covering the stack of unreviewed comics on my desk (partially because I filed them all away this weekend in a cleaning fit), but there is one book I held aside because I thought it was worth wrestling with all on its own… 2,043 more words


Submerged "Underwater" : Deciphering Chester Brown's Abandoned Opus

Unfinished works have dotted the comic-book landscape probably for as long as the medium has existed — how many Golden Age characters were one-off experiments, never to return? 1,974 more words



Kirby 100, 100 Top Creators Celebrate Jack Kirby’s Greatest Work.

I just walked out my front door and found this package waiting to be opened. What a nice surprise and just in time to close out what would’ve been Jack Kirby’s 100th birthday. 121 more words


Episode 115: The Fourth World (Jack Kirby)

Welcome to Journey Into Misery, where I explain complicated comics characters, continuity and concepts to the patient and perpetually perplexed Helena Hart.

There came a time when the Old Gods died! 160 more words


5 SFF Stories Similar to Every Heart A Doorway, Featuring Asexual characters: a Guest Post by Claudie Arseneault & Lynn O'Connacht

I am so psyched today to bring you this guest post by asexuality authors and advocates Claudie Arseneault and Lynn O’Connacht, bringing some stellar recs for ace SFF. 1,116 more words

Guest Post

Seed - The Alteration

Seed was a side project from Australian Paul Schütze, that was used for a sole album, 1995’s ‘Vertical Memory’. Much of the Seed album was like the output of his other moniker, Uzect Plausch, where his usual Fourth World Electronica became more streamlined, which put it ever-so-slightly more in sync with the Ambient Techno that surrounded him at the time. 27 more words


Paul Schütze - Deus Ex Machina (full album)

Paul Schütze’s debut album from 1989 sets his stall out from the start; with a cyber update on Jon Hassell’s notion of ‘Fourth World Music”. Schütze’s music always sounds like it could be an alternative soundtrack to ‘Blade Runner’ (be aware fellow purists, I did state “alternative”), and this album is probably THE perfect candidate if in some other dimension the Vangelis OST was no longer deemed satisfactory (such a dimension surely cannot exist). 39 more words