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Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus: Volume Four - Jack Kirby

Of all the self-proclaimed villains in fiction, Darkseid is the one that scares me the most. Take a look at the above picture, I bet he’s creeping you out right now. 529 more words


Top Ten Comic Book Series

1 Jack Kirby’s Fourth World (New Gods; Mister Miracle; Forever People; Jimmy Olsen)

2 Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles

3 Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis

4 Grant Morrison’s Flex Mentallo… 821 more words

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FOURTH.WORLD explores ideas at the intersection of human rights and human purpose.

The articles here consider the impact on communities, both present and past, that are left behind when we achieve what qualifies by consensus as human progress, but fail to  381 more words


What It Means To Be A Native

In this time and age, you hear indigenous people saying, “This time is a good time to be a Native”.

What does ‘Native’ mean, and what does the statement mean? 1,109 more words

Allu Kuy

Prepared to Lead

Transforming the Values

During the first two weeks of December 2008, delegates from Indigenous nations around the world gathered in Poznan, Poland to share their traditional knowledge with the… 1,859 more words

A Different Set Of Problems

When we think about problems, we usually think in terms of mathematics or qualitative problems that can be solved through mathematical equations or mathematical strategies, or even through simple logic.   585 more words


February Reads

Every month I try and plan what books I want to read, and most of the time I get completely side-tracked by new releases or I cannot find the book I plan on reading. 108 more words

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