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Seed - The Alteration

Seed was a side project from Australian Paul Schütze, that was used for a sole album, 1995’s ‘Vertical Memory’. Much of the Seed album was like the output of his other moniker, Uzect Plausch, where his usual Fourth World Electronica became more streamlined, which put it ever-so-slightly more in sync with the Ambient Techno that surrounded him at the time. 27 more words


Paul Schütze - Deus Ex Machina (full album)

Paul Schütze’s debut album from 1989 sets his stall out from the start; with a cyber update on Jon Hassell’s notion of ‘Fourth World Music”. Schütze’s music always sounds like it could be an alternative soundtrack to ‘Blade Runner’ (be aware fellow purists, I did state “alternative”), and this album is probably THE perfect candidate if in some other dimension the Vangelis OST was no longer deemed satisfactory (such a dimension surely cannot exist). 39 more words


Paul Schütze - The Velvet Horizon

This is from 1992’s ‘New Maps Of Hell’ album, and is a companion piece to the track ‘Sacred Agent’, which comes along two tracks after this does. 27 more words


Jon Hassell - Mombasa

American Trumpet player and Composer Jon Hassell gives us music from the “Fourth world”; where the Electric Jazz of Miles is taken further into the interzone and implanted with cyberkinetics. 45 more words


Unknown and Imaginary Regions: Fourth World in the 21st Century

“According to the Senoi, pleasurable dreams, such as of flying or sexual love, should be continued until they arrive at a resolution which, on awakening, leaves one with something of beauty or use to the group. 35 more words


Review : Bug! : The Adventures Of Forager #1

Near as I can tell, Marvel is doing precisely fuck-all to commemorate the 100th birthday of the man who created pretty much their entire corporate universe, but  768 more words

Clipping: Paste Interview with Tom King and Mitch Gerads RE new Mister Miracle

New Mister Miracle hits a little close to home:

Paste: Tom, you’ve described this as “an epic about a harrowing tale trying not to be told.” That’s an amazing contradiction.

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