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Jack Kirby, Goals, and Fear(lessness)

I had hoped to update this blog weekly for a while but it looks like I let things slide since November. Will things improve in 2018? 647 more words


Paul Schütze - Deus Ex Machina (Full Album)

Paul Schütze’s debut album from 1989 sets his stall out from the start; with a cyber update on Jon Hassell’s notion of ‘Fourth World Music”. Schütze’s music always sounds like it could be an alternative soundtrack to ‘Blade Runner’ (be aware fellow purists, I did state “alternative”), and this album is probably THE perfect candidate if in some other dimension the Vangelis OST was no longer deemed satisfactory (such a dimension surely cannot exist). 39 more words


Paul Schütze - Hallucinations (In Memory or Reinaldo Arenas)

Schütze brings his Fourth world electronica to Kevin Martin’s ‘Ambient 4: Isolationism’ (1994) compilation for Virgin records; though his material doesn’t really fit into the Isolationism “category”.


Justice League (2017) - Review

I honestly don’t know what else there is to be said about this movie. With all of the headlines out there, with all their takes both hot and cold, it really just falls to me that they’re all right. 1,394 more words


Accuser, Defender and Judge (Mister Miracle #4 Comic Review)

The time has come for Scott Free A.K.A. Mister Miracle to plea his case against Orion and convince him that he is not an agent of Darkseid, but Scott may need some help due to his overwhelming anxiety and PTSD like symptoms.

1,229 more words

Freedom, Despair, and Mister Miracle

So I’ve been talking about movies and television and old funnybooks lately, and haven’t covered current comics much. I’ve abandoned the idea of covering the stack of unreviewed comics on my desk (partially because I filed them all away this weekend in a cleaning fit), but there is one book I held aside because I thought it was worth wrestling with all on its own… 2,043 more words