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SL Photography: Simulating popular lenses in Phototools – Windlight Magazine

This is a great article (and series) on photography in Second Life.  I’m definitely going to be trying out these settings and see what impact it has on my photography!! 48 more words

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Resident Evil 6 PC = PS4/XBO Guide

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to configure the PC of Resident Evil 6 version to be as close as possible to the PS4/XBO version.  347 more words

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Fantastic Second Life Lighting Tutorial

I came across this tutorial video from Brookston Holiday about creating lights in Second Life.

Graphic resources are always an issue with Second Life – some are lucky to have super-computers that can handle anything SL throws at them.  158 more words

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Incorporating Geo-Tagged Mobile Videos Into Context-Aware Augmented Reality Applications

In recent years, augmented reality (AR) is gaining much attention from  the research community and industry. With AR, users look at the real-world space through an AR browser where the content is superimposed on the physical world as objects. 224 more words


What's the best CBCT for my practice? Part 1 - Field of View (FOV)

I often get asked this question by so many doctors during CE, seminars or presentations that I thought it would be best to write about the different things a doctor needs to consider before purchasing a CBCT for their practice. 841 more words


Full Frame vs Crop Sensors Revisited

A bit of a technical post this Thursday, on something I’ve written about before, but always meant to revisit. It’s taken a while, and though I upgraded to a full frame camera more than two years ago, this experiment has fallen down my priority list. 1,082 more words


RogueLike project: Giving vision to our future player

The first class that I worked on was the Field of View class.

This class will give vision to the player that goes around obstacles so that when the player moves around inside a building or maze , his vision gets changed so that the player only sees what is in his field of view. 596 more words

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