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Full Frame vs Crop Sensors Revisited

A bit of a technical post this Thursday, on something I’ve written about before, but always meant to revisit. It’s taken a while, and though I upgraded to a full frame camera more than two years ago, this experiment has fallen down my priority list. 1,082 more words


RogueLike project: Giving vision to our future player

The first class that I worked on was the Field of View class.

This class will give vision to the player that goes around obstacles so that when the player moves around inside a building or maze , his vision gets changed so that the player only sees what is in his field of view. 596 more words

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Roguelike project: Building a RL

Project name: Discover Game programming/Roguelikes
Team members: Pieter Algera
Quick description: The idea behind the project isn’t to make the next best roguelike, it’s just to get my feet wet in the area of game development and implement all the different systems that I have built,  into a complete big…ish project. 388 more words

Programming C#

Words Worth Knowing: FOV

One of the most challenging aspects of video-games culture for a newcomer, especially for a busy parent, is trying to learn and understand the many, … 305 more words

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FOV Alliance

Reclaim your Vision in PC games

FOV Alliance has got a new home!



Change F.E.A.R. 3 FOV

Trying to complete the F.E.A.R. trilogy and I’m again smacked in the face with god damn narrow FOV. Can developers be less of a fucking lazy bastards and add this shitty setting in the actual game? 162 more words

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Thoughts on the Field of View

Daniele and I touched the issue of the Field of View (FoV) several times without actually taking a final decision. Just the other week the discussion arose again and I thought it was time to put my thoughts on paper by writing a post on the matter. 622 more words

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