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Designing HoloLens Apps For A Small FOV

In my recent VRDC talk I spent a slide talking about limitations of the platform. The most common complaint about HoloLens and just about any other AR or MR platform is the… 522 more words


NewBeeDrone BeeDuctrix DIY Build

** FYI : This article is a work in progress

The Blade Inductrix is a great little ducted fan multirotor with enough lift to carry a payload, specifically the transmitter camera combo of the…

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Put in The Work

I haven’t played Deus Ex: Mankind Divided yet. I plan to, but I’m on vacation and therefore on laptop aka pleb mode. I am sort of glad that I’m not playing it right now, because I’d be playing it on PC and lo and behold, the PC version wasn’t fully baked on release. 572 more words


No Man’s Sky Is Pretty Rough On PC

(Source: kotaku.com)

All this week, PC gamers interested in No Man’s Sky have had to patiently watch PS4 players explore the universe without them. Today, they can finally play the game for themselves. 524 more words


SL Photography: Simulating popular lenses in Phototools – Windlight Magazine

This is a great article (and series) on photography in Second Life.  I’m definitely going to be trying out these settings and see what impact it has on my photography!! 48 more words

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Resident Evil 6 PC = PS4/XBO Guide

The purpose of this guide is to show you how to configure the PC of Resident Evil 6 version to be as close as possible to the PS4/XBO version.  347 more words

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Fantastic Second Life Lighting Tutorial

I came across this tutorial video from Brookston Holiday about creating lights in Second Life.

Graphic resources are always an issue with Second Life – some are lucky to have super-computers that can handle anything SL throws at them.  158 more words

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